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05 Aug 2019

TJ Maloney and Linconshire Management Inc. a Brief Overview  0


TJ Maloney serves as CEO of Linconshire Management Inc., which is a type of middle-market private equity firm. This group is in the industry of investment management. The President of the firm is Michael J. Lyons. The firm focuses on investing and obtaining companies that are growing in the middle-market. For thirty-three years, they have built up a track record of investing in the forms of several business and economic cycles and creates value through a hands-on operational focus.

Introduction Continued

The firm has several companies in its investment portfolio, such as Nursery Supplies INC. There was also Desch Plantpak which has gained recognition from 2017-2018 as one of Deloitte’s best managed medium and large companies. Also, Linconshire Management has invested in many different kinds of industries. Something notable they have done was in thirty years finish over eighty-five acquisitions in those industries.

Before Linconshire

TJ Maloney attended Boston College, where he got a BA. He joined Linconshire Management Inc. In 1993. He would then go to Fordham Law School and get a JD. At both those schools, he served on their board of trustees. In all, he served on 13 boards such as Wabash and Polaris Pool Systems. Before he went to Lincolnshire, he worked at New York City where he would practice merger, acquisition, and securities law.

Working At Lincolnshire

TJ Maloney joined Linconshire Management Inc. in the year 1993. Here he serves on the firm’s Investment Committee. Also, he has an active involvement with the investment companies. Maloney has also engaged in many deals with several companies. Some examples are AMPORTS, Prince Sports, Credentials Service International, and Kathryn Beich. TJ Maloney joined Linconshire Management Inc. There are many ways that he enjoys spending his free time. For example, he likes to read and swim and to do things with his family.

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14 May 2019

Perry Mandera  0

Perry Mandera is the founder and CEO of The Custom Companies, Inc. incorporated in 1986 and headquartered in Northlake, Illinois, United States. He became passionate in the transportation industry while working as a marine in the motor pool department after graduating from high school in Chicago. While venturing into the transportation and logistics business, Perry Mandera worked for multiple transportation companies in the United States and later founded a company which he sold in 1985. He also served as the Republican Ward Committeeman for four years and established The Custom Companies, Inc. while in office (Dailyfoxreport).


During his time in the military and a leader, he utilized the knowledge and skills gained to grow his company during its early stage that led to its success today. The Custom Companies, Inc. began with a two-truck service offering local transportation amenities locally and grew into among the largest logistics company in the country. Perry Mandera utilizes customized planning strategies which have also made him to become among the top recognized individuals.


Planning and Personal Ability


Planning is among the crucial elements in a business which contributes to success as attributed by Perry Mandera at first steps in developing The Custom Companies, Inc. Similarly, personal capabilities of entrepreneurs such as being committed in undertaking company activities are also essential. Planning is beneficial as it is economical in spending additional resources and time as well as improving your focus to specific objectives. As s businessman, Perry also highlights how he maximized his abilities such as waking up early and sleeping late which substantially led to the growth of his company over time.


Philanthropic Work

Other than focusing on his career, Perry Mandera also values the need and gives back to the community through charity organizations and involving in donations. Besides, he spends much of his time with family and friends while away from work. Under Custom Cares Charities, Perry Mandera has managed to establish different charity organizations and to fund various institutions enabling him to be listed among the top philanthropist in the greater Chicago area. He supports sports such as baseball, athletics, and boxing through funding and donations, and development of disaster relief programs for affected victims.


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20 Apr 2019

Isabel Dos Santos on Empowering Other Women from Africa  0


Isabel dos Santos is among the few billionaires in the world and currently the richest woman in Africa. During a United Nations Debate held in New York, Isabel dos Santos talked on the importance of creating employment and other opportunities to women in Africa as a way of transforming the communities. She believes that Africa’s entrepreneurial spirit has led to some of the most successful and promising entrepreneurs globally. However, this entrepreneurial spirit has been weighed down by women being stigmatized in the workplace, hence robbing the continent the economy of valuable go-getters.

Isabel dos Santos believes that by giving African women equal opportunities when it comes to education, jobs and a chance to grow as men, then women will be more confident of achieving their ambitions. Her philosophy “first the seed, then the future,” encourages slow but steady growth. The seed that she talks about in her philosophy of reform revolves around the economic freedom of African women by providing training, creating employment, and breaking gender stigmas. She believes that women can have financial stability as well as give their countries more impact on the global economy (Geeksnews).

Following her philosophy, Isabel dos Santos has been planting a lot of these seeds in Africa, especially in Angola where she speaks with young people about the entrepreneurship power. She is always encouraging young women to leverage the increased global reliance on artificial intelligence and technology. She is a firm believer that working towards technological advancements is key to improving Africa’s presence in the worldwide economy while increasing unique job opportunities in the continent.


Young African businesswomen see Isabel dos Santos’s success story as a beacon of hope. This is because she has been able to rise to riches in a male-dominated market. Isabel dos Santos invests in a lot of projects and charity that focuses on increasing local economies and improving small societies. An example is the strawberry field that she established in Humpata, in Huila province, to empower the local citizens that led to the employment of 120 women. She asks other African business people to give back to their home countries by taking on projects that will eventually improve the economy.


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08 Jan 2018

Significant Work of George Soros Philanthropy in the Community  1

George Soros, a philanthropist who has played an enormous role in the community. He donated an amount worth $18 billion with the intention of promotion that projects that were being carried out by Open Society Foundation. Soros donation was one of the most significant contributions ever by the private sector.


Open Society Foundation has been ranked among the most prominent donors that are playing a huge role in the society. The organization was set in place with the aim of promoting the rights and the democracy in the entire United States. The body has a team of experts that are set in different areas that are well coordinated. The move has placed the group to flow along the expected line through various achievements that in the United States and other more than 120 countries across the globe. It has been in place for more than 30 years, and this has placed it in a better position with its experienced team members to handle the arising challenges with ease. The decision that the organization has made has gained support from various parties that are fighting for the human rights in the society. One of the crucial moves of the team that has been lauded by many is the role that has played in assisting the countries that have been hit by the Ebola outbreak especially in the developing nations. The support was through the financial aid. Another project that the organization has been involved in is the Roma art and culture. The step was intended to promote its development. The person who has been on the front line in funding Open Society Foundation is George Soros. This has been taking places for many years, and the estimated amount that his has channeled to support the projects of the group is between $800 and $900 million yearly. The significant year that was marked by the considerable contribution was 2017 where he donated $18 billion. This was meant for injection to support the programs that will boost the society, and more information click here.


Open Society Foundations has gained a lot of trust from the public eye through the pragmatic skills that Soros is applying through its leadership. There are several; groups that are advocating for the human rights in the community that have become beneficiaries of the funding of the organization. Additionally, Open Society Foundations has extended their support to the community by helping the less fortunate people access education through the scholarship offers. This was seen in the year 1979 when George Soros elevated the potential of many students in the Republic of South Africa through scholarship. Most of the students that had been affected by the regime of apartheid were the one that was being targeted by Soros. He has also shown concern in extending his ideas to the west through his 1980 visit to West at Communist Hungary. He also funded Central European University which had a mission of making the society defined by the high level of critical thinking.


George Soros is one of the great philanthropists whose work is marked by a lot of legacy in the community, and

16 Apr 2017

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. Experiences Record Growth  0

In 1991, Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. was a small, local title company who served its local area. Today Nationwide is the leading national post-closing provider of documents in the nation. Eight out of the top ten retail lending and mortgage companies use Nationwide as their choice provider of wholesale mortgage documents.

Nationwide can reach into all of the counties and jurisdictions in the country to retrieve the proper documents for any mortgage transaction that is needed. That is over 3,600 places where records are retrieved and instantly transmitted to clients. The key factor in any wholesale operation is the speed at which the document can be transmitted and the accuracy of that document.

Nationwide has a 99.98% compliance ratio and only a .78 failure ratio. This means that nearly 100% of the time the records are arriving very fast and with a great deal of accuracy.

Nationwide has over 600 employees working in three states, and the reason is for the safeguarding of the companies processes and ability to operate. If a problem or an emergency were to occur in one part of the country, the other areas would more than likely remain intact, and the company would continue to function.

The headquarters are located in Palm Harbor, Florida where the bulk of the employees work and pay attention to getting the information out to the clients. Most clients have direct access from a digital standpoint with security passwords to gain access. This allows for nearly instant retrieval of documents.

Employees are very well trained, and they can handle just about any situation that comes up. They have continual ongoing training as well, as the keeping track of a national abstracting and document service requires a lot of technology. The investment required to bring up to date all of the technological connections is a big one, but it has been well worth it. It has made delivery and audited a no-brainer.

John Hillman, the CEO of Nationwide loves to talk about the employees and what they mean to the company. There is a real togetherness with the employees, and they pitch in and help one another when the pressure gets to the higher levels. Hillman adds that there are procedures in place for that and they have been very helpful in situations where things start to get hectic.

Nationwide is growing very fast, which is an indicator of what to expect in the future. And if the past is any indication, the future is going to be just as exciting as the past few years have been.


17 Oct 2016

How To Choose The Right Online Reputation Management Tools  0

The mood present in people’s lives today determines to a large extent the kind of choices they will make in the next instance. This in many ways reflects how the reputation of a business at any instance affects the choices customers make. It follows that having a well-coordinated online reputation management campaign allows a business to avoid some instances that may bring about losses or conflict with customers.

To make the process easy and a success, one can choose several tools that are able to deliver results within a short period since the online business world is complex and there are virtually no guarantees a campaign may work without some backing.

The first step when managing online Reputation Defender is to understand what people are saying about your business. This should guide you to choose tools that can alert you whenever mentions of your business are made online. Having instant feedback allows you to understand what problems could be underlying so you can respond immediately before the case grows beyond your means.

Social media monitoring

Social media monitoring, as a Biz Community publication explains, is a vital part of any business that aspires to beat competition and remain relevant in the market. Social media holds some power that can either elevate your business or kill it in few days. What you need to understand is how to respond to any issues that come up because this is what will determine how potential customers will view the business.

Why you should never ignore ORM

People take what others say seriously and this explains the reason someone is likely to trust a product after getting referrals from others. Therefore, if the reputation of your business is tainted by anything chances are you will need to spend a lot trying to erase the notion that you don’t offer value for money, which could take a long time.

Poor reviews and comments can damage the reputation of a company, something that comes with low sales in the long run. Therefore, every business needs an online reputation management strategy to ensure bad mentions are watered down before they explode into huge problems.