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16 Aug 2019

Vijay Eswaran : Deal with your ego so that you can be successful  0

The entrepreneurial journey is tough for everyone, regardless of the preparation you take. To achieve your goals in business, you will have to learn how you can deal with the many issues you face every day. Vijay Eswaran and few other executives have grown their investments from scratch, and they have the kind of advice that will work for you. According to Vijay Eswaran, business owners have to deal with external factors such as hiring the right workers, raising capital, acquiring good customers and dealing with negative publicity. Some distractors will always be present to make your journey worse. Although these issues need your attention, Vijay Eswaran believes that the most complex challenges business owners have are the internal ones. When you can deal with your internal issues, then you can easily navigate the market and become a leader. This is the success secret individuals use to make ends meet.

Success has various meanings to people. Before you can reach your successful place in life, you will have to fight your internal battles every day. The most shocking thing is the fact that these battles are not against other individuals around you; they are only against yourself. You have to constantly deal with your ego so that you can remain a leader in the tough market. Vijay Eswaran, a renowned business executive and book author, discovered that his ego was one of the enemies of progress. The executive discovered the importance of keeping his ego in check every day so that he could create room for growth. The business leader wants other people in the community to fight this mentality and enjoy profits in their businesses. Everyone should have confidence and believe in their abilities. However, when this is exaggerated, things start falling out of place. Vijay Eswaran wants his followers to differentiate ego and confidence when in business. These two terms can make all the difference in your business. Confidence will make your journey easier, but the ego will destroy everything.

05 Aug 2019

TJ Maloney and Linconshire Management Inc. a Brief Overview  0


TJ Maloney serves as CEO of Linconshire Management Inc., which is a type of middle-market private equity firm. This group is in the industry of investment management. The President of the firm is Michael J. Lyons. The firm focuses on investing and obtaining companies that are growing in the middle-market. For thirty-three years, they have built up a track record of investing in the forms of several business and economic cycles and creates value through a hands-on operational focus.

Introduction Continued

The firm has several companies in its investment portfolio, such as Nursery Supplies INC. There was also Desch Plantpak which has gained recognition from 2017-2018 as one of Deloitte’s best managed medium and large companies. Also, Linconshire Management has invested in many different kinds of industries. Something notable they have done was in thirty years finish over eighty-five acquisitions in those industries.

Before Linconshire

TJ Maloney attended Boston College, where he got a BA. He joined Linconshire Management Inc. In 1993. He would then go to Fordham Law School and get a JD. At both those schools, he served on their board of trustees. In all, he served on 13 boards such as Wabash and Polaris Pool Systems. Before he went to Lincolnshire, he worked at New York City where he would practice merger, acquisition, and securities law.

Working At Lincolnshire

TJ Maloney joined Linconshire Management Inc. in the year 1993. Here he serves on the firm’s Investment Committee. Also, he has an active involvement with the investment companies. Maloney has also engaged in many deals with several companies. Some examples are AMPORTS, Prince Sports, Credentials Service International, and Kathryn Beich. TJ Maloney joined Linconshire Management Inc. There are many ways that he enjoys spending his free time. For example, he likes to read and swim and to do things with his family.

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31 Jul 2019

Reasons to Invest and Taking an Example from Igor Cornelsen  0

Investing is one of the most talked about topics when it comes to finances. However, a lot of people do not know why people invest. There are quite a few factors that drive people to making investments. One factor that causes people to look into markets that they can invest in. One reason is that working their jobs only brings them a certain amount of money which is enough for them to barely pay their bills if even that. Making ends meet is one of the hardest challenges for people. This is one of the reasons that they have to look for alternative ways to make income.

For people that decide to invest and look for passive income, they have to take from the examples of some of the more successful investors. One such successful investor to look at is Igor Cornelsen. He is an example of someone who used his wisdom to make the right investments and manage his money well. He understands the market and the general concept of finances. One thing that he knows how to do is keep track of the money he spends so that he can avoid going broke. He also tracks his investments closely.

One thing that has inspired Igor Cornelsen to make investments was the years of experience he has gained from investment banking. One thing about being an investment banker is that a lot of experience with the markets come with it. Therefore, it is only natural for an investment banker to want to be an investor. When one has knowledge about something that can be beneficial to his success in his career and life in general, it makes sense to use it. With Igor Cornelsen’s experience in managing stock market funds and other financial accounts, he was able to make a success of his efforts in finances.

Given that Igor Cornelsen is someone who is very generous about the information he has, he is often speaking on the topic of finances and offering his insights to aspiring investors on not just how to handle investments, but money in general so that they can avoid running themselves into financial trouble.

29 Jul 2019

Serge Belamant Made History In Financial Technology  0

In the last few years, the concept of blockchain has been brought up a lot lately when it comes to talks about cryptocurrency and other digital transactions. While you may have only recently heard about the technology, the concept behind blockchain was created and patented years ago by Serge Belamant while working with a major credit card company. The computer scientist was not new to financial technology when he and his team from Net1 began working with what became known as blockchain. Prior to this creation, Serge Belamant was known for the creation of a welfare distribution system that was being used in South Africa, Russia, and other countries around the world. The system that he created was a big improvement on what these countries had been using in the past and there are still parts of the world that rely on it.

In essence, blockchain technology can be described as a digital ledger of transactions that is very difficult to alter without the right permissions. This is why it has been able to play such a large part when it comes to making digital transactions more secure. The technology behind blockchain that Serge Belamant is known for involving a smart card that included a blockchain-enabled chip. This technology could be used whether the card happened to be online or not and is still frequently seen on the smart cards of today. Financial transactions may be one of the big implementers of blockchain, but it has been found useful in a wide variety of industries throughout the world and is helping with the transparency efforts of many different companies and organizations.

While Serge Belamant is partially retired these days, he is still working with his son on a new project known as Zilch Technology Unlimited. This company is also is the financial technology sector like many of his positions in the past, but it is aimed at helping young adults become more financially knowledgable and secure. A lot of the marketing that takes place for his company is done through word of mouth. He and his son created a product that is useful and their users want to talk about it.

28 Jul 2019

Nitin Khanna is a Tech Entrepreneur  0

Nitin Khanna is the CEO of MergerTech and brings a wealth of experience to bear as he sets about helping companies find the right fit for expansion. It is matchmaking at a high level as he is an astute analyst regarding strategic partners and financial fit. He is based in Portland, Oregon which he passionately calls home.

The background of Khanna includes engineering credentials obtained at Purdue University at the Master’s level. Following this, he made several stops at notable corporations such as EDS. His ambition, however, was greater than being a cog in a corporate wheel.

He and his brother co-founded Saber Corp. in 1998 and they are a tech company that helps streamline and improve state governments. Their initial success came in the wake of the Bush vs. Gore Presidential election which highlighted the pressing need for serious upgrades in election systems. They eventually helped 21 states modernize and improve the security of critical voting systems. Their efforts aren’t limited to voting as they are also involved in many other government functions.

Nitin Khanna became adept at the sensitive endeavor of Mergers and Acquisitions during his time with Saber. He successfully oversaw eight such transactions during his tenure there and this helped lay the foundation for his next venture. MergerTech was the result of his skill and expertise and they are mostly involved with Tech businesses.

An average day for Khanna involves him staying up to date regarding all of the most important aspects of his organization. He also spends a significant amount of time with clients and prospects. Making sure that ongoing projects are on track is an essential part of his day as well.

The nurturing and sustaining of business ideas is one concept that Nitin Khanna finds paramount. He’s definitely focused on the long term and achieving fruition with every client that he works with. An effective mix of the big picture and more ordinary details help Khanna and MergerTech bring about excellent results with their projects.

One trend that Khanna highlights as critical to business success is social media. In a recent interview, he emphasized its importance as a make or break factor.

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26 Jul 2019

What Is Steve Ritchie Doing To Change The Culture of Papa John’s  0

Papa John’s became a favorite in American households and businesses more than 23 years ago. It’s still popular after Steve Ritchie accepted the role of Chief Executive Officer in January 2018 while serving as President. He made a new commitment to Papa John’s International, Inc. of changing the culture through extensive training. At the time of Ritchie stepping in as CEO and Director, the company received $200 million from Starboard as an investment. He plans to use the funds to help with cultural changes throughout the organization and all stores.

When Steve Ritchie made a promise to cultural change, he meant it. In a recent news release, Papa John’s International announced its marketing investment initiatives for providing financial assistance for domestic franchisees, until the end of 2020. The company is making a significant investment which includes $80 million to strengthen the brand and the franchises. It began in June of this fiscal year with plans to make more contributions to the National Marketing Fund for activating Ambassador Shaquille O’Neal and to expand the different positions of Papa John’s.

Franchise Advisory Council (FAC) is supportive of the financial assistance program while improving Papa John’s and its partnerships with franchisees by providing investments. This program offering is to extend support to the traditional domestic franchisees through lower royalties, service incentives, and specific relief. It’s a support package to help them manage their companies efficiently and plan for the future.

Steve Ritchie holds several executive roles in Papa John’s including CEO, Director and President. He joined the company in the mid-1990s working as a rep in customer service and a delivery driver. With hard work and determination, Papa John’s promoted him to the general store manager. Experience in management taught him how to run the business and become an entrepreneur and a leader.

22 Jul 2019

A New Era for OSI Food Solutions  0

OSI Food Solutions is a company that has refined what it means to be a company in the 21st century. They have expanded far and wide across the world, bringing new food into new places all along the way. It all began when a meat shop in Chicago opened to the public, and it quickly increased its scope of production and networking. At the core of this modern day corporation is OSI Food Solutions. Sheldon Lavin’s presence with the company and its influence are recounted in a recent Path article. After several decades of growth, OSI Food Solutions had developed a framework to become a global corporate empire in the near future.

They just needed someone to put everything into place. This is when Sheldon Lavin stepped into the scene as a investment manager and bank executive for the company. His work in the company became so pivotal that by the end of the 1970s he became Chairman and CEO of OSI Food Solutions. He saw something big in the company and wanted to be a first hand player in realizing that reality. This period was marked by the company’s embrace of technology. Between a renewed vision and a renewed passion, the company had no limits stopping it. OSI Food Solutions had indeed grown into something completely profound under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin.

They have expanded operations to 17 countries with 65 facilities in the entire distribution network. A majority of their operations are in the United States, and Europe where current expansion plans are already underway. Sheldon Lavin has gone above and beyond to uphold the company’s creed of always looking for a better tomorrow. There is always something that can be done to improve the lives of people around the world. If a simple act of introducing a new food to a different region brings smiles, then he has done his job. The power of technology and innovation has completely reshaped the economic playing field of the 21st century. This is an era of competition where an individual has to work harder than ever to truly succeed.

28 Jun 2019

Richard Liu Qiangdong – Advice to Young Entrepreneurs  0

Richard Liu Qiangdong has become one of the most popular names in the business and e-commerce world across the globe in recent times. It is due to the business and marketing strategies that he successfully implemented at his company,, which helped the firm become one of the biggest e-commerce companies of all times. As of now, it is the fourth largest company in China and the second-biggest e-commerce companies in China. Richard Liu Qiangdong had been interested in starting a business and becoming wealthy from a very young age, and it is what inspired him to study business administration from the China Europe International Business School after graduating from Renmin University with a degree in sociology.

Richard Liu Qiangdong knows what it is like to fail, and he failed several time before finally getting success out of He worked for a company named Japan Life, which is a herbal and nutrition firm from Japan, as director of computers for a couple of years before leaving the firm. Richard Liu also tried his hands with the restaurant business, but even that didn’t work out. However, the streams of disappointment he got before didn’t de-motivated him, but actually encouraged him to do better and search harder. When the retail business of his chain of stores in China wasn’t doing good during the SARS outbreak in China, Richard Liu decided to take business online. It wasn’t easy at the beginning, but in due course, he was able to understand how the e-commerce business structure and management should be like. Richard Liu made marketing and advertising plans accordingly, and it went on to give good results and profits eventually.

Richard Liu offers excellent advice to entrepreneurs looking to enter the e-commerce industry. Richard Liu feels that the competition in the sector is high and they need to set themselves apart from others by providing excellent service to their customers. If the customer is not happy with the customers, nothing else will is essential that the customers get value for money by shopping at your e-commerce website.

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11 Jun 2019

Gracie Farms Is A Hopeful Space  0

Sharon Prince is one of many people in the world who are engaged in the fight for social justice. She has founded an organization that is based on the ideas of peace and equality. Her Gracie Farms Foundation, founded in 2009, helps to forward her cause. In 2015, the organization opened a building for performance artists. The building, Gracie Farms, has been a beacon of social justice ever since.

One of the most recent performs to have made an impact at Gracie Farms was Carrier Mae Weems. Weems did a performance called Past Tense, which took on the issues of race, inequality and violence. She worked with a group of artists to convey her beautiful messages about society. She also used a variety of texts, images and words to convey opinions. Her work also expressed ideas about how human might make themselves go extinct through violence and intolerance. Of course, her performance resonated with the mission of Gracie Farms. Weems’ work took on themes of human and animal trafficking. The interdisciplinary nature of her work has made it into a great masterpiece.

Gracie Farms is a hopeful space—a place where social justice and good morals can thrive. It is a space where artists can express their observations about the inequities of society. It is also a place where people can educate each other about the topic. It is a place where people can take a breather, relax and become more educated about the struggles of others. Gracie Farms is also great because it supports various artists and is an avenue for them to express themselves.

Sharon Prince Grace Farms is a very educated person. She earned a Master of Business Administration from the University of Tulsa: Collins College of Business. She also earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Tulsa.

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31 May 2019 An E-Commerce Success Story  0

A true self-made success story, Liu Qiangdong is the CEO and founder of, the leading e-commerce company in China. Using innovative technology, intuition, and business acumen, Qiangdon has created an empire that is worth over $12 billion dollars. Serving more than 100 million shoppers, he uses his entrepreneurial talents to create solutions for the economic environment worldwide.

Experiencing a typical childhood among families in the Jiangsu province of China, Liu Qiangdon grew up in the town of Sugian. Witnessing hard work from his parents, Qiangdong was encouraged to study and do well in school. He attended The Peoples’ University of China earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology. It is here that he realized how important it was to broaden your horizons to become a competitive employment candidate.

After graduation, Liu Qiangdong’s began working at Japan Life, a large provider of natural supplements. Using the skills he had learned earlier in life, Qiangdong was successful in becoming the Director of Computers. Eventually, he chose to follow his entrepreneurial desires renting a small retail space where he sold magneto-optical products. He quickly set himself apart by exclusively selling authorized products and giving customers easy transactions with outstanding customer service.

After five years, Liu Qiangdong was able to turn his one store into a chain of twelve. After a change to the retail environment in China thanks to the SARS outbreak in 2003, Qiangdong’s found a need to adapt to changing shopping habits. He took this opportunity to completely focus on e-commerce.

Liu Qiangdong closed his retail stores within two years and opened his online store 360Buy Jingdong. Using an incredible customer service experience model, Qiangdong created the perfect user experience with a proprietary shopping platform that providing fast shipping options that allowed him to service the needs of his customers.

Eventually, grew large enough to provide high-end luxury items as well as daily essentials and brand names from the largest retailers in the world. The e-commerce site uses an easy to use interface and shipping services that include drones to deliver products to remote villages. became the first company based in China to be traded publicly on the NASDAQ and has also expanded into Europe and Thailand.

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