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15 Nov 2018

Sunday Riley: The Start Of A Skincare Favorite  0

Sunday Riley launched her skincare line in 2009 and companies like Barneys became interested in her products before they were even manufactured. When she presented the concept of her products they were a hit even though she only had a few prototypes like that of the product that would become Good Genes. At the time, these products didn’t even have an official name and she was unsure of what she would do.

The main buyer of the brand suggested to her that she use her own name on her products. While she was extremely hesitant about doing this at first, Sunday Riley (@sundayriley) eventually decided that it was the best thing for her company that would show that she truly stood behind every product that she sold. Riley’s products reflect on her in a real way and initially, she was mortified of the concept. As customers began expressing their happiness with the brand, she realized that choosing her own name was one of the best things that she could have done for branding.

Branding isn’t the most important part of the Sunday Riley line. Instead, it’s the quality of the ingredients that she uses and the products overall. Every detail was considered during the development process including the sophisticated packaging. It’s not glossy and instead has a minimalistic feel with everything labeled in a clear way for their customers. She doesn’t want to just sell her customers a brand. Sunday Riley wants to sell her products because people know that they work and are of great quality that can be trusted.

While Sunday Riley was able to get into huge, upscale retailers like Barneys early on, she still didn’t have much money for marketing. She came up with a solution for this product using social media. While there weren’t that many companies doing this at the times, it turned out to be a great business move that made a huge impact. By making sure that social media influencers had these products to use, word spread quickly and people began to happily tell their friends about the results that they had achieved with them.

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14 Jun 2018

Jeunesse Entrepreneurs Vision  0

Jeunesse Company is the type of an Organization that is set to change the lives of people. It’s dedicated to make their daily events full of confidence and bearable. Today, Jeunesse is a world-renowned brand that is highly appreciated in most households. The company was founded by the vision of two entrepreneurs: Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray. The two entrepreneurs had earlier worked in other enterprises where they achieved tremendous success. Wendy and Randy worked for several years until they reached a point of retirement. However, their retirement was short-lived as they teamed up to establish Jeunesse.

The company was founded in the year 2009, September, 9th, at exactly 9:00 PM. The two decided to have the number nine in their establishment date, month and time. This was meant to be a sign of the company thriving and becoming progressive. The duo was eager to share their ideas to the world. They were looking forward to that day when they will distribute their revolutionary youth enhancement products to the world. Just before they did so, they had first set out to create a compensation plan that will be used to reward consumers in the direct selling industry. They also needed to come up with a new technology that could have the power to share and market their innovative products.

Jeunesse is a team that is dedicated to see that everyone feels youthful once more. So far they have already created a movement that has assisted and empowered different individuals to reach their full potential. Jeunesse has developed products for everyone. There is no restriction in terms of race, rank, income and age.

The Organization has plenty of products that fit all your desires. An example is the Luminesce. The product restores a youthful liveliness and adds plenty of radiance to your skin. The item is made up of anti-aging ingredients that immensely reduces the presence of wrinkles, and other fine lines revealing your glowing and youthful skin. The antioxidants elements dissolved in the cream ensure that your skin cell membranes are protected from all type of radical damage. When applied at night, it gets past the skin repairing any damage that may have occurred.