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09 Jul 2019

Talkspace Honest Review  0

Talkspace is a unique app and website for providing therapy and mental health services through a digital space. With Talkspace, you go through a unique sign-up process that is unlike any other comparable service. On this app, you fill out some basic profile information, as you would on nearly any website. Following this, however, you are placed into a live chat with a counsellor. This person is not your counsellor, but they will ask you a series of questions about your goals for therapy. Using this information, they will place you with a counsellor that they feel is best suited to your needs. Visit talkspace on Instagram for updates

This is not the only unique feature offered by Talkspace, however, as they also have an interesting process for changing therapists. In real life, as well as on most online mental health help services, switching therapists can be an arduous ordeal. You must re-explain everything that you have been through as well as how far you have come in working on any issues. With Talkspace, your entire chat logs and other history are transferred to your new therapist. Thus, after some catching up, your new therapist will be entirely informed on all your prior work – meaning that there is no explaining for you to do.

Cost-wise, Talkspace is priced competitively, especially when regarding both the online therapy industry as well as the real life one. The most basic plan, which allows for unlimited SMS and MMS messaging to a therapist, to be answered once daily, costs $196 USD monthly. Conversely, the most expensive plan costs $316 monthly. This plan gives you all the unlimited messaging, as well as a video therapy session every week. If you pay for these plans in six-month increments, you can receive 20% off. This makes the cheapest plan $157 USD monthly and the most expensive plan $253 USD monthly. Visit:

14 May 2019

Greg Blatt Talks About The Success He’s Had In The Business Of Online Dating  0

When it comes to online dating, Greg Blatt is one of the biggest names on the business side after years of experience in the Match Group, Tinder, and IAC. Over the years of working with these companies, he has learned that customer service is one of the most important things when it comes to any business, but this is especially true when it comes to online dating. By being able to attract and keep a large user base, Greg Blatt and his companies have been able to create a larger pool of potential matches for the users that are hoping to find someone special online.

One of the big reasons why Greg Blatt is so well known in this industry is his leadership style. It is something that many people see him as a role model as they look up to his talent and persistence. With a Juris Doctorate from Columbia Law School, some people may be surprised that he chose to go with a career in business and not one in the legal field. While his choice of education may seem off, Greg Blatt insists that it has met his needs in business and helped him for a strong foundation for his career. There is a sense of discipline that flows through each field along with many other ways that the 2 tend to intersect. The degree takes a good amount of time to pursue compared to other options and he has shown that he has the perseverance needed (Crunchbase).

There are a lot of people who like to emulate the success that one of the long-time leaders in online dating have had and Greg focuses on one sector that has a lot of potentials. By working for so long in this single field, he has been able to learn a lot about it and knows how to approach a variety of different issues that he may come across. It’s important to keep in mind that there are no guarantees to success in any field that you may choose which is why it’s important to keep going.

Find out more about Blatt´s resume at

03 Mar 2019

Talkspace Changes the Way People Can Get Mental Health Care  0

Michael Phelps’ partnership with Talkspace shows that anxiety and depression can affect anyone. As a world famous athlete, Phelps would not be someone you would associate with terrible depression. At his worst, Phelps could not leave his room as the anxiety was so severe. There was even a point that he thought about killing himself. He knew he would not be able to carry on without getting help. He eventually got the courage to ask for that help, and he credits that decision with saving his life.

Phelps knows that not everyone has that access to professional mental health care. For many, it is too expensive. There is also the issue of accessibility for many as some areas of the country do not even have local mental health care doctors or therapists. Talkspace has found a solution for both issues. The company offers a monthly low rate for people to talk to licensed doctors and therapists. Users can contact them through the company’s app. Find out more about Talkspace at

The app allows people to contact their doctors though text, emails, the app itself or video chat. It can be used wherever someone could use a phone, computer or tablet. For people who do not feel they can talk to friends or family, it is way for them to get confidential and professional help. The stigma of mental health still stops people from being able to talk to people close to them. Talkspace has doctors and therapists who are experts in a wide range of issues including anxiety, depression, addiction, PTSD, and OCD. They can also offer help and counseling for people dealing with LGBQT issues.

Talkspace knows the health crisis that mental health issues is, and the company has found a way to make top quality care affordable and accessible for over million people and counting.



15 May 2017

Whitney Wolfe Announces Her Dating App’s Success  0

What The App Is Bringing

Bumble is a very unique dating app. Dating apps have been a craze since the first smartphones came out, but as our mobile devices have become a more important part of our lives we have not necessarily improved the way that we deal with each other. Many of the issues of sexual harassment that have long plagued our society are now making their way into the web. Bumble challenges all of that by making sure that women are always the ones to initiate contact with men.


What This App Changes

Online dating is well within the mainstream, but there are so many issues left unaddressed in online dating. We haven’t properly dealt with all of the mishaps that are common in online dating and nobody seems to have a clear idea of how to handle inappropriate behavior. This all changes with the work that Whitney Wolfe has put into her app. You can use this app without worrying that you’ll have to deal with less than savory types because you can always choose who you want to contend with. It gives women power and freedom.


A Young CEO With Ambitions

Whitney Wolfe is certainly one of the most celebrated CEOs of our time. She isn’t even 30 yet but has already created something that won’t be forgotten ever. There is something about her ability to raise funds and to lead that separates her. Hatch Labs, where she originally worked, has given the world plenty to think about with the likes of Tinder. This doesn’t change the fact that women are dealing with harsh realities when they use the internet daily. Whitney Wolfe understands this better than most due to her young age. Bumble is how she plans to solve it.


26 Apr 2016

SKOUT Provides an Innovative Way to Meet New People Around the World  0

Social media is expanding in every way, and one of the latest and most common is SKOUT, a free social app to meet and date people around the world. SKOUT is not a new app, but it is recently being used by people taking a second look at apps. SKOUT was recently ranked 31st in the Top Free Social Networking Apps., 16th in the Top Grossing Social Networking Apps and 319th in Top Grossing Apps, which makes SKOUT familiar and easily accessible.

SKOUT was designed by Christian Wiklund and founded in 2007 in San Francisco. It is similar to other social meeting apps, and is easy to relate to. Several features make it easier to use than most, though, such as the opening screen that displays the pictures of those on chat at that moment. The user can tap on any picture and see their profile. Then, they can “wink” at them, add them to their favs list, send virtual gifts, and block or report them.

Going into the chat room is the quickest way to gain attention from a user, and with their personal information and more pics, a user can make a decision to chat and eventually meet them.

The point system is another unique feature of SKOUT. The points act as currency, which may be purchased or acquired from other users by offering to viewing backstage pictures, seeing who checked out your profile and sending or receiving gifts.

The drawer on the left of the app shows the user different ways to browse the network. “Look at Me” feature allows users to bid with points and “Shake to Chat” is an innovative way to start a conversation with an anonymous stranger. This feature displays both user’s profiles after 40 seconds, so a connection can be made if desired.

SKOUT is an easy-to-use social networking program that allows more people to develop friendships and romantic relationships online. SKOUT provides a competent way of meeting new people with common interests as well as staying in contact with friends.

12 Apr 2016

Securus Technologies’ Survey Reveals Important Trend  0

Criminal justice technology solutions company Securus Technologies recently conducted a survey at its newly built technology center located outside its Dallas, Texas headquarters. The new facility is located in Carrollton, Texas and allows Securus to showcase the latest innovations, gadgets and tools available to prison and correctional facilities. After representatives from inmate facilities from around the country and abroad toured the facility they were asked a series of questions about their facilities and future plans.

The survey at the technology center revealed interesting insight into the mentality and plans of prison management staff. More than half of the respondents, approximately 56% say they would be looking into upgrading technology at their facilities. In addition, 55% also said they are looking to expand prison and inmate phone calls services in 2016 and that it was a top priority for them. Interestingly, about 15% of respondents say that cutting costs was their main approach to successful prison and correctional facility management.

Securus Technologies’ chief executive officer Rick Smith said that after reviewing the survey results “there is a clear indication that prison operators are feeling the effects of budget declines and less funding.” “As a result” Smith continues “management companies are looking for ways to increase productivity and get more out of existing resources.” Research conducted by Securus shows that many prison facilities can benefit from automation of services and tasks, as well as from upgrades in technology. “Securus offers both new technologies to increase productivity and automatize tasks, thereby helping facilities lower expenditures and deal with budgets” says Rick Smith.

Securus Technologies, headquartered in Dallas, Texas is a leading innovator in criminal justice investigation, monitoring, and inmate communication technology. The company is known to create and patent the highest number of new products and ideas in the criminal justice and law enforcement sector. Securus serves over 3,000 facilities in North America including correctional facilities in Canada and Mexico. More than a million inmates are served by Securus Technology products in three countries.

One of Securus’s most popular products is the video visitation services it provides to inmates and their families. Securus recently pioneered a video visitation app so that family members of inmates can communicate with their loved ones through their smartphone. Find Securus app on Google Play or download it from iTunes. A recent survey done by correctional facilities showed that Securus Technologies’ video visitation services were considered to be instrumental to the success of the operation of the facility by 66% of all facilities who took part in the survey.

Securus Technologies is not a part of the Amazon health product Securus nor is it affiliated with the Securus America web domain for agents.

06 Apr 2016

Securus Technologies Delivers Enhanced Telecommunication for Inmates  0

Based in Dallas, TX, Securus Technologies is a company that offers various telecommunication and Information Technology solutions for the criminal justice industry. This company serves more than 3,000 clients in law enforcement throughout the United States of America. Additionally, over a million inmates have also benefited from the communication services by Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies specializes in phone and Internet connections that are optimized specifically for prisons and jails.

After conducting a survey among correctional institutions nationwide, Securus Technologies has found out that more than half of participants wanted to upgrade their IT infrastructure. For 2016, the goal of such facilities is to significantly improve their logistical efficiency and satisfy the inmates. Approximately 15 percent of the surveyed facilities also expressed their plans to reduce operational costs. The CEO of Securus Technologies understands that correctional institutions often operate on tight budgets that must be managed precisely in order to avoid wasteful spending. He also enthusiastically mentioned that such clients can set up automated communication service that is affordable in the long term.

About two thirds of surveyed correctional facilities acknowledged the success of video visitation that is offered through Securus Technologies. In a virtual visitation, family and friends can communicate live with their loved ones who are locked behind bars. About a third of the correctional institutions also have a strong preference for giving tablets for inmates to use in order to communicate remotely with virtual visitors. Securus Technologies delivers high-quality audio and video in the virtual visitations. Such a service saves visitors precious time, money and other inconvenient hassles that are associated with going through security checkpoints at prisons or jails. It is also more personal than traditional inmate phone calls which means incarcerated members can feel closer to their families in times of celebration, mourning, and for mile markers in life as well.


With a 1.5-million dollar investment in a contemporary technology center, Securus Technologies is ready to come up with innovative IT solutions for all of its clients in North America. Situated in Carrollton, this modern center essentially serves as a research and development venue for the company. There is nearly 10,500 square feet of floor space that is designated specifically to store the latest innovative technology designed for law enforcement. Clients from the criminal justice are invited to explore the large selection of hardware and software offered at the new technology facility that’s operated by Securus Technologies. This company even offers video conferences for clients who are interested in buying certain products or services but cannot visit the actual facility due to budget restraints and other restrictions.

Securus Technologies is not affiliated with Securus America, the website for agents nor is it a part of the pain reliever, Securus used to treat aches and soothe anxiety.

You can download Securus video visitation app from iTunes to integrate with your Apple devices or, to work with your Android tablet and/or phone find the free app in the Google Play Store.

14 Mar 2016

Talking With Loved Ones Is Easier Than Ever Before  0

Don’t let incarceration impact how you stay in contact with your loved ones. Securus Technologies is a top communications solution for many families in this very situation. They offer a wide range of solutions to fit a variety of needs.

For myself, I personally love the flexibility Securus offers. They have been making headlines thanks to the popularity of their mobile applications. They released their Android app just six months ago. In that time, it has already been downloaded over 60,000 times. Securus’ application is perfect for using my Android phone to call my loved ones. It allows me to make inmate phone calls from the comfort of my own home.

Securus recently released an Apple version of their mobile app. It was released just last week. The application has already been downloaded over 5,000 times. I love this app just as much as the Android one. It is very easy to use, and it allows me to use a wide range of devices.

The flexibility that video calling gives is priceless. It allows me to make my calls whenever and however I want. Thanks to their video visitation mobile apps, I am now able to make and receive calls while traveling.

Securus is BBB-accredited and based out of Dallas, Texas. They provide service to over 2,200 correctional facilities across the nation. Some of the services offered include email, telephone service as well as their new video chat service.

Securus also features convenient payment methods. I personally love the automatic payment feature. This allows me to keep my account at a preset balance at all times. It is the perfect solution to easily keep your account funded at all times.

Securus has changed the way I talk with my loved ones. The flexibility their product selection offers are amazing. Thanks to their mobile apps, talking from the comfort of your home has never been easier. Check out their popular video visitation service here.

Note: Securus (the product) and the website, Securus America are not affiliated with Securus Technologies in any way.

13 Jan 2016

What Parents Should Know about Social Apps  0

A parent’s job has become much more difficult as technology continues to produce more ways for your child to connect with others. Social apps are being developed at a rapid pace and it can take some effort to keep track of which sites are safe and which should be avoided. Like most things, knowledge is the key to keeping all of your family members safe and happy members of the online community. Investigate all of the relevant social apps and know how they work, the advantages and disadvantages of them.

Communication with you children is vital to keeping them safe, they need to know that they can trust and depend on you if they do make a mistake. Rather than spending their effort hiding their problems, they can be more productive in getting your input and advice searching for a solution. It is vital that children know they can trust the reactions of their parents when one poor decision on social media could have a long term affect on their lives.

Skout was originally considered a “flirting app” that allows people in the same region to communicate and connect. This app is relatively safe as it gives the option of signing up as a minor or an adult and then pairs a person with a group of age appropriate potential connections. Like all social media there is the danger that a person can be dishonest about their identity, but if you teach your children common sense of internet safety then their Skout experience will be positive.

Another great feature of Skout is that it provides a travel feature that allows anyone to plan a virtual trip to a distant location. People use it all the time to plan an ideal vacation, meeting local people and getting ideas of what sites would be interesting to experience. Often these virtual trips have become real trips and many people get to meet their Skout guides and experience these places with someone who has local knowledge. Open communication and assistance from parents can help all children get the most out of this app.

Social media begins with Facebook. The majority of people in the world have a Facebook account because it is a great way to connect with people from all areas of your life. Parents need to be careful with children using Facebook because your child may be exposed to people and situations that should be avoided. Often too much self esteem is tied to the number of likes a post or picture gets on Facebook as well. Open and clear communication with your child about personal values can be a huge help in overcoming this problem.

Instagram is the most popular photo and video app out there today. It allows for the quick and simple sharing of events both large and small. Children take “selfies” and images of events or more likely pictures of the food they are about to eat. One of the dangers of Instagram is that all pictures and videos shared are public unless the settings are adjusted appropriately. Instagram Direct is an option that allows posts to be sent to up to 15 friends and not show up on the public feed. This could be an area that is unmonitored by parents and can lead to sharing of inappropriate material. Again it is when parents communicate what is appropriate that children will recognize proper boundaries.

Social media is continually going to evolve and develop in the future and this will provide a challenge for all parents to stay informed about what the new apps do and how they should be used to keep children safe and happy throughout their childhood.

22 Oct 2015

Handy Becomes Social: Is Mobile Cleaning The Future?  1

Handy’s keeping up with the face-paced social world. With its modern home cleaning service marketplace available on tablet and mobile, on-demand ordering is a breeze. It’s remarkable how the creators Mr. Umang Dua and Oisin Hanrahan has kept ahead. Home maintenance isn’t the easiest job, but with the right professionals, it’s definitely not as time-intensive and expensive. Handy has become the go-to provider, given its reputation of expert matching.

It’s celebrating three years of industry success since inception back in 2012. Everything started from the confines of a Harvard dormitory where Mr. Hanrahan and Dua became roommates. Amazingly, Handy has consistently made $1 million weekly in home maintenance bookings after just two years. Users need not venture elsewhere since it’s a fully integrated marketplace. Handy handles everything from scheduling to processing payments. With investors such as Highland Capital Partners and General Catalyst Partners supporting the home maintenance phenomenon, it’s raised over $12 million. Profit margins show impressive appreciate as much as sixty percent according to Handy’s principal.

Based in New York, Handy has a workforce of about fifty. Impressively, the marketplace provides regular home cleaning gigs for a vast Freelancer population. The masses complete multiple gigs monthly and remain active throughout the year. A recent study revealed that freelancing home cleaners complete 10,000+ gigs monthly. The Handy marketplace has expanded across thirteen U.S. cities and recently confirmed four new outlets. Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco and Chicago are the newest addition.

Last year, Handy acquired Exec Cleaning, another home maintenance champion. Reports revealed that Handy bought it for less than $10 million. It’s since rebranded the company and continues to extend excellent cleaning services. The greater cleaning service population aren’t concerned about quality, reliability and added convenience. Handy’s setting the trend by incorporating the said features as standard requirements. It’s maintained an edge in doing this and encourage freelancers to embrace the culture. The platform boasts a simplified interface allowing freelancers and customers connect easily.

Customers that use Handy app from crunchbase aren’t concerned about being overcharged. Additionally, it allows secure, convenient online transactions for home cleaning services. Freelancers always get paid for a gig completed satisfactorily without delay. With a feedback rating system in place, Handy can track each freelancer’s progress and ability. It has a high regard for quality, thus giving relevance to its tough screening/hiring policy and criteria. Successful candidates survive comprehensive background checks, in-person interviews, and reference scrutiny. With the website receiving a high influx of applications monthly a mere 3% of the said are successful.

Handy Money-back guarantee policy is fair. Should a freelancer fail to produce quality cleaning service or has damaged valuables, Handy charges 20% penalty fee which is quite reasonable. Initially, operating costs was a mere $3 million, but it has increased to $52 million after just two years serving the industry. Housecleaning gigs generate the highest revenue while plumbing and handyman services represent a lesser value. Mr. Hanrahan and Dua are already focusing on maximizing productivity efforts to optimize the home cleaning side of the business.