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27 Apr 2017

Thor Halvorssen Gains the Assistance of People from All Walks  0

Thor Halvorssen is someone who is turning out to be a force to reckon with when it comes to human rights. For one thing, anyone that is tyrannical and involved in the violation of human rights is going to experience bad news from the Human Rights Foundation. Thor is very intense and persuasive when it comes to the fight for human rights. He has a lot of people involved in making sure that the world is closer to a more humane world. The goal is to bring the dictatorship countries into a more free status for people that are living there and read full article.


Thor Halvorssen is not only someone who takes the time to speak on the issues of human rights violations in other countries, but he also takes the time to experience some of the work in the field. He has gone to different countries and has faced some opposition. He is also someone who talks to celebrities. He himself has gotten the help of Christian Bale of the Batman movies from Chris Nolan. Christian Bale himself believes that human rights is something that everyone should be able to experience. He is one of the people that are working towards uprooting the bad influences of the country and bringing forth a greater world for people who have never got to experience it and the generations to come and learn more about Thor.


Thor is also getting the help of plenty of other people who are interested in human rights. One of the reasons that he is so effective in his campaigns is that his family was involved in the fight for human rights. Therefore, he is only the latest in the generation of human rights activists. For one thing, the fight for human rights is a long fight. Therefore, it is important to have people who not only have the knowledge, but the passion for fighting.


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19 Oct 2016

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Helps Target Breast Cancer  0

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics line of fitness apparel, including sports bras, is all too familiar with the importance of supporting breasts and now the company is taking that commitment to a whole new level. The Council of Fashion Designers (CFDA) recently announced that they are partnering with Fabletics for Fashion Targets Breast Cancer (FTBC), a U.K.-based campaign designed to raise money and awareness for the fight against breast cancer on Facebook. In addition, Fabletics co-founder Kate Hudson has been named an FTBC Ambassador for this year.

In keeping with these honors for Hudson and her company, Fabletics has revealed a new FTBC-branded outfit. The Passion Pink three-piece set, called Hope, features the Sebastian Seamless capri, Samana Seamless sports bra, and Neema tank and will benefit the campaign and honors National Women’s Health and Fitness Day, September 24, and Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. All proceeds will go to support Fashion Targets Breast Cancer.

The partnership is an ideal fit for the fashion athletic line at whose mission is to inspire everyone to stay active and therefore healthy. Serving as an ambassador for FTBC blends perfectly with Hudson’s mission to support and inspire passion in women.

This desire is also what motivated her to co-found Fabletics in 2013 after she saw a hole in the market for fashion-forward yet functional workout wear. The line features not only athletic wear but also practical, fitness-inspired casual wear including dresses and rompers and accessories including bags and scarves.

Fabletics now has over a million subscribers. Each month the website offers members personalized outfit suggestions based on their lifestyle and fashion preferences. It also features “Kate-approved” outfits from which customers can choose their favorites. In 2015, the company added a men’s line, known as FL2, and retail locations. The athletic wear is now available in stores in 16 cities in the United States. The website also features the FabKids line for busy, fashion-forward kids on the go.

Millions of dollars have been raised by FTBC since its inception in 1996. Legendary designer Ralph Lauren founded the organization after losing a close friend to the breast cancer. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the campaign that looks to use fashion to help fight the disease.

10 Apr 2016

Exploring the Current Trends in Athletic Wear  0

One of the most difficult things about staying in style is staying current on all of the new fashion trends. In her article on, fashion blogger Kelly Dougher explains some of the challenges and solutions to looking great with modern athleisure trends. Kelly explains that there are two kinds of people, the ones that have a very set fashion style and those who are constantly shifting and adapting their fashion.

Kelly details what it was like finding her fashion sense and how her style evolved as her situations changed. The majority of her high school experience was spent wearing casual clothes such as jeans, sneakers, and hoodies. Essentially, she did not have very much interest in fashion on Twitter. Things started to change when she went to college. She became more interested in the different styles that were out there and enjoyed browsing the local thrift store and Etsy. Finally, after college she got a job working from home and became less adventuresome with the clothes that she wore.

While Kelly found it easy to wear comfortable and casual close while she worked at home, she still desired to where the fashionable clothes that she did while she was at college. Luckily, Kelly found the new athleisure trend. Athleisure combines the comfort and practicality of athletic wear with the fashion sense and style of more formal clothes. The blend of these two designs gives a unique look that many people are now taking advantage of.

One of the great things about the athleisure style is that it allows for people to feel confident in what they wear. One of the most popular athleisure clothing makers is Fabletics on wikipedia. Fabletics is an active wear company that specializes in creating stylish clothes that are both comfortable and affordable.

Fabletics was founded on the principle that high-quality, stylish athletic wear should be affordable and accessible to all. Fabletics founder Adam Goldenberg partnered with Kate Hudson after the notice that there were many luxury brands of athletic wear but none were at an affordable price point. Companies such as Fabletics on thekrazycouponlady help people find high-quality and comfortable athletic close clothes at a great price.