Carsten Thiel was born in Berlin and studied chemistry in Marburg. He later moved to the United Kingdom to study at the University of Bristol, and received a Bachelor of Science degree. His studies included biochemistry and organic chemistry. He later earned a PhD in molecular biology from the exclusive Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry.

After completing his formal education, Carsten Thiel started working in pharmaceuticals at Hoffman La-Roche, a leading biotechnology firm. He started his career as a Communications and Product Manager. Through scientific knowledge and integrity he quickly advanced through the ranks.

A few years later he spearheaded the product launch of Xenical, a new weight-loss pill. He decided to market this product on a steady incline instead of a mass marketing scheme. Carsten Thiel wanted to preserve the reputation of the product by not making false claims that would lead to fast sales at the expense of product integrity. He wanted to find the right stakeholders and customer base that would utilize a proper diet in conjunction with Xenical. This led to a very successful first year in sales.

Carsten Thiel has observed how compassion and empathy are important during the treatment process. In 2015, his company launched a new product to combat hypophosphatasia, a degenerative bone disease. The treatment requires injections three to six times weekly. There was a young boy who was terrified of needles and didn’t want to participate in the treatment. The nurses found a young girl who was willing to let the young boy observe her receiving the treatment. She made the treatment look easy and encouraged the boy to receive the injection. While Carsten was observing this, he realized how important moral support really is. This encouraged Carsten Thiel to consider the human factor in all new treatments.