Bruno Fagali is a professional lawyer in the Sào Paulo area in Brazil. He specializes in law, compliance, ethics, administrative law, urban law and regulatory law. With 20 years’ experience, Bruno Fagali runs his own firm known as Fagali law that focuses on anti-corruption issues, public law and compliance. He helps developing business and ensures that all activities are done in accordance with the law.

Bruno Fagali studied in the University of Sào Paulo where he acquired a masters in state law, administrative law and anticorruption law. He also studied administrative law at the Pontifical Catholic University. After his studies, he began his journey as an intern at a law firm office model Dom Paulo Evaristo Arns.

In his internship, he specifically dealt with cases concerning domestic violence and issues pertaining families He worked with two more firms, within a period of three years. The internships build him a foundation and enlightened him about regulatory law, administrative contracts and bidding.

After a long wait, Bruno Fagali finally became a fully certified lawyer in the year 2012. He worked with Radi, Calil e Associados law. He worked there for a period of two years, dealing with public civil action, contracts and other related areas in public law.

Bruno Fagali has been involved with the law firm since 2006 and since then, he has practiced different disciplines. He has created an exemplary reputation of himself due to his professionalism manner of handling issues and his long term experience.

Bruno Fagali later became an integrity manager and worked for advertising agency known as Nova/sb which is an accredited firm that is guided by ethics and it also has strict rules and guidelines. His role in the business is to make, implement, and manage companies’ corporate integrity program.

He is familiar with various dialects such ads English, Spanish, lingo, Portuguese and French, which will help him in interacting with clients from various parts of the world. Bruno Fagali was also the primary legal advisor to the concord “code of conduct”. This has highly promoted his firm and put him on the spotlight as the best lawyer.

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