NBA stands for National Basketball Association. The association consists of the men’s professional basketball league in North America. It is the most developed association in the globe. The basketball league has a huge following given that the games are exhibited through different television channels across the world. The NBA is an active member of USA Basketball that is recognized by FIBA, which is the world governing body in charge of the sport. In total, NBA has 30 franchises that constitute its rooster of teams. Twenty-nine of the teams are found in the United States of America and one has its base in Canada. Toronto Raptors is the only team that comes from outside the USA that plays in the league.
As much as most of the NBA teams are from the United States, they have players from other countries outside North America. Signing in of new players started in the 1980’s when Vlade Divac from Serbia and Drazen Petrovic from Croatia joined the NBA. Other notable names that have joined the league and had successful careers are Paul Gasol from Spain and Dirk Nowitzki from Germany. Both players have been NBA champions with their respective teams. Competition has led to improvements in basketball across the world with many players getting exposure to the game at the top level.
Basketball players in the NBA rank as the highest paid in the country as compared to other sports in terms of average pay. Subsequently, the NBA franchises are among the richest in the globe compared to other sports. Over the years, several NBA teams have changed ownership. This has contributed to the development of the league with improved performances on field and off field. A good example of the ownership change that turned the fortunes of a team occurred when Bruce Levenson acquired the Atlanta Hawks and the Phillips Arena.
Before Bruce acquired the Atlanta Hawks in 2004, through his company Atlanta Spirits LLC, the Hawks were having a bad run on the court. The team had not reached a major competition final in a long time. Under his management, they were able to reach the conference finals. The club realized much success on the field registering over sixty wins. The value of the team also increased from $250 million in 2004 to about $800 million by the end of 2014. Bruce Levenson of is a respected investment banker and hedge fund manager.
The improvements on basketball teams in terms of finances have resulted in many teams becoming title contenders. Last season saw massive competition between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Worriers. The Warriors emerged the winners. From the early 2000’s the competitive final has witnessed teams that have not played in the final before. In 2005, featured the Miami Heat that was led by powerful, Guard Dwayne Wade, and the Dallas Mavericks. Miami Heat was the overall champion. They broke the dominance that had been witnessed in the NBA from teams like Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers.