Equities First Holdings, LLC, a world leader and lender in alternative shareholding financial solutions, is noticing gain in stock-based loans and also in margin loans in an economic state that banks and other financial institutions have become more strict with their lending requirements. For borrowers that require capital to rise quickly or those who do not meet the qualifications for normal credit-dependent loans, Equities First Holdings’ lending is raising in popularity as an alternate route to borrow.

Although there are still other options that are available for these people, recently a lot of banks have decreased their lending choices for borrowers, increased interest rates, and tightened up loan requirements. Al Christy Jr., CEO and Founder of Equities First Holdings, views loan collateral through stocks as a new borrowing alternative for people that are in need of working capital. Loans that are stock-based usually have a higher loan-to-value proportion than that of margin loans and also offer a static interest rate which provides certainty through the course of the transaction.