Barbara Stokes is the CEO of an exceptional organization that is there for the community when a tragedy hits. The forceful blow, impact and arising needs are habitually unique. Numerous disasters are immediate. Read more about Barbara Stokes at Chronicle of the Week.

While others recovery efforts frequently are stretched out in a time period of weeks, possibly months, or even years. The company Green Structure Homes is a certified disaster support development contractor owned and managed by Barbara Stokes. GSH has quickly extended to building facilities in eight states. Because of their outstanding achievement GSH has meet the requirements to win them a 28.5 million dollar FEMA, Federal Emergency Management Agency agreement. Read more at Business Insider.

Barbara Stokes organization contracts included such businesses as the Department Of Defense and the Department Of Homeland Security. Barbara Stokes acquired immense knowledge in government contracting after her remarkable careers with two major companies, Pisces Corporation and Boeing. Barbara Stokes takes command along with other women in Huntsville, Alabama. She and GSH are committed and are anxiously anticipating the astounding difference they are going to create in enriching the quality of people’s lives. These people lives have been shattered by these horrific natural diseases. GSH’s homes, are engineered to provide the maximum comfort as well as being superlative quality.