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14 May 2018

Ricardo Tosto opines on the Repatriation of Assets Law  0

There is no doubt that Brazil is greatly endowed with resources. However, the fact is sometimes subsumed in the action by leading business people closely associated with politicians and politicians themselves. Many reports have indicated that there are assets worth billions tucked away in foreign countries. The law number 13254 of 2016 was enacted to make it easier for the country to recover the illegally acquired assets. In his view, Ricardo Tosto, who is also a Founding Partner at Leite Tosto and Barros, a large law firm in Brazil, the new framework is going to help to speed up the process of repatriating assets , apart from providing a platform to lawyers from Brazil and other countries to share and exchange legal ideas on how best to implement the repatriation of assets.


Other legal Experts Supporting the Law


Nelson William Advogados is a partner at Leite, Tosto, and Barros. He also thinks that the law provides an avenue for faster implementation of the intended action of returning Brazilian assets. Similarly, Gil Vicente of Advogados Associates says that the law offers a chance to bridge the gap between the Brazilian lawyers and foreign lawyers in pertinent subtleties in the implementation of repatriation of resources. Gama is of the view that collaboration between the lawyers from the countries affected and Brazilian lawyers will help to facilitate faster documentation and streamlining, or overcoming of legal obstacles on either side.


Ricardo Tosto; Education and Career Growth


He was trained at the Presbyterian University where he studied and graduated with a Bachelor of Laws degree. Ricardo has been featured in some of the leading magazines and newspapers in Brazil. He started a law firm that he named Leite Tosto and Barros from humble beginnings but it is now one of the leading law firms in Brazil. The law firm now handles some of the high profile cases that arise in Brazil. Ricardo’s firm was among the first to organize class action suits in Brazil. Its leading role in the legal circles has attracted many clients its way. Leite Tosto and Barros also have a team of over 35 lawyers that it assigns pro bono cases as they use them to delve deeper into the world of litigation and practice in law.

11 May 2018

OSI Industries; the Global Processor and Supplier of Food Products  0

OSI Industries has just won the British Safety Council Globe Honor Award, an award that recognizes companies and organizations that commit to the safety and health of its customers and employees. To describe the services and products offered by OSI Group as just good is an understatement, they are exceptional. The conglomerate has been operational for over three decades and has grown by leaps and bounds both in the number of products in its portfolio and most importantly in size.

OSI Industries is one of the largest meat products supplier and processor in the world. Most people attribute the growth and success of the enterprise to its ever vibrant and innovative chief executive officer and chairman, Sheldon Lavin. Presently, the firm has a workforce of over 20,000 employees and has operations in 17 countries around the world. Due to the growing population in China, the company has heavily invested in production. It has a capability of processing more than 300 million tons of chicken products to enable it to meet the growing demand.

In the last few years, the conglomerate has heavily invested in an expansion strategy into foreign markets. It has set up policies and procedures to help it start operations and take over the European markets. To kick start the steps, OSI has made two crucial acquisitions; Flagship Europe and Baho foods. Baho Foods is a well-established food processing company in the markets of Netherlands and Germany. Since the two companies produce kind of the same products, success and growth in Europe is inevitable.

OSI Industries had earlier started investing in infrastructure in international markets like China to increase its client base. It’s Chief Operating Officer, and President David McDonald is confident that its entry into the European market provides the company with unique opportunities to grow even more. The entity has been able to achieve the immense success due to its ability to partner with famous fast food giants such as Starbucks, McDonald’s, Burger King, and Subway. Through these partnerships; it can offer unique meat products.

OSI Industries prides itself as one of the few companies that care about the impact of its activities on the world. It is committed to maintaining a sustainable and beneficial relationship with the environment, people, and communities in which they operate. OSI strives to conduct business models that conform with the environmental, economic, and social frameworks. The corporation is committed to sustaining the global supply of food and especially meat products.

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06 May 2018

Matt Badiali: Palladium Is in a Bull Market  0

The demand for commodities and natural resources grows and lessens over time. It can be almost impossible to understand the reasons behind these changes if you do not have insider information or an expert understanding of the forces that are at play in these markets. Matt Badiali has made a career for himself informing his readership basis on the trends in the natural resources and commodities sectors of the economy in order to produce profitable investments. Read this article at Seeking Alpha.

Matt Badiali has been a member of the finance industry who has specialized in the natural resources industries for over 20 years. He has experience as a trained scientist and holds a Masters degree in geology from Florida Atlantic University. He was first introduced to the finance industry while he was working on his Ph.D. at the University of North Carolina. Since then Matt Badiali has been able to travel the globe and meet firsthand with numerous industry leaders from the natural resources and commodities sectors. Thanks to the unique insight he has been able to produce significant investment returns sometimes in excess of 100% over the last two decades. Read more about Matt Badiali at Talk Markets.

Matt Badiali has recently written about a bull market that is occurring in the Palladium sector. Palladium is a precious metal that is utilized in catalytic converters an important part of automobiles. Over the last 22 months, the price of Palladium has grown 109%, and it does not seem to be showing any signs of decreasing in the near future.

The growth and price of Palladium are directly tied to the demand from the automobile industry particularly from gasoline powered engines. Platinum is still used as the primary metal in catalytic converters for diesel-powered engines however Palladium has taken the place of platinum and gasoline engines. In fact, over 80% of the world’s Palladium supply is used in catalytic converters for gasoline powered engines. Today the price for one out the Palladium has actually grown to be higher than 1 ounce of platinum. While in the future as electric vehicles grow in market share the overall demand for palladium and platinum both will more than likely decrease there are no signs of this changing in the near future. This represents an incredible investment opportunity to the investor who believes that oil and gas powered vehicles will not be going away soon. This could also lead to potential investment opportunities within the oil industries as well.


27 Apr 2018

Dr. Saad Saad: a pillar of knowledge for the surgery world.  0

Dr. Saad Saad has a vast experience of more than four decades has done numerous surgical, pediatric procedures on all aged children. He has been part and parcel of 8 medically done missions in Jerusalem where he performed on needy children. He has a patent on inventions as well as coming up with new surgical techniques and procedures relating to his pediatric field. He has mastered the skills of being a surgeon and infusing it with his talent in engineering work to better lives of his patients.

Dr. Saad Saad graduated with honors from the Cairo University in Egypt pursuing a degree in medicine. He did an exam in ECFMG during his third year in university which helped him get a license to practice medicine in the United States of America. He completed a medical internship in England after which he completed his residency in pediatric surgery in America. He served as the Chief Surgeon as well as the Co-Medical Director of K Hovnanian Hospital. He was later hired in the year 1985 to work for the Saudi Royal Family in Saudi Arabia. He traveled and lived with his whole family in the country. He worked there for close to five years.

In Saudi Arabia, Dr. Saad Saad was employed at the King Faisal Specialist Hospital based in Riyadh. He once performed a procedure on a child suffering from an aneurysm. He used the details of this particular case to educate other individuals after saving the life of the child. His pieces of advice were respected entirely and taken with the utmost value and respect.

Dr. Saad Saad took part in establishing a program in Surgical Residency where students receive a U.K. Certification with the approval of the Royal College of Surgeons based in England. This benefited the residents as the training could be done at Riyadh instead of traveling to the U.K.

Dr. Saad’s two patents include the Catheter with Tracking Mechanism and the Visual Suction/Irrigation Rigid Endoscope. His reason for the invention of the two is his analysis of the needs and requirements in the world of medicine that were lacking and the solution he had to those problems. For instance, his first invention prevents complications of exposure to a lot of X-ray beams while performing the procedures carefully and swiftly.

Dr. Saad Saad has retired and is residing in Red Bank, New Jersey. He is glad of all the international connections and meetings he has had being a surgeon for the Saudi Royal Family as well as the opportunity his kids had of getting a first-class education. He is a family man with four children; 2 surgeons, a lawyer and an Intensive Care Unit Nurse. He also appreciates his wife as well for her patience and the bond he has had with her children by not letting them go to boarding school but attend local schools. Learn more:

27 Apr 2018

Why The Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping Center In Brazil Is World-Class  0

Roberto Santiago is one of the well known and most respected entrepreneurs in Brazil. He is recognized for generating about 15% of Brazil’s annual GDP which makes him one of the providers of huge job opportunities in Brazil.


Roberto Santiago’s Educational Background


Mr. Santiago attended the Pio X-Marist College. Later, he joined the University of Joao Pessoa for his undergraduate degree where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.


Roberto Santiago’s Professional Career


Roberto started his professional career at Café Santa Rosa, a manufacturing organization. He got the employment shortly after his graduation from the University. Later, he started his personal business called the Cartonnage; a carton sales firm. After that, he went into the real estate business. This led to the beginning of his investment and entrepreneurial career.


Santiago’s Investment Portfolio


Mr. Santiago is a great entrepreneur and investor. He invests largely in real estate and world-class shopping malls. This is why his Premier Shopping Center in Brazil is ranked as one of the best in the world.


Why is the Manaira Shopping Centre unique?


The Manaira Shopping Centre is a top-notch edifice which was built on a 75,000 sq meters piece of land. The shopping mall accommodates over 280 stores.


Other facilities available in the Manaira Shopping center are:


  • A rooftop hall
  • A gym
  • A gaming center
  • A luxury food court with restaurants offering various cuisines
  • A college
  • Financial institutions


Above all, the facilities are contemporary. So, this is why Roberto Santiago is regarded as the trendsetter in the shopping mall business.


The Manaira Shopping mall has everything you can ever need, from food to entertainment services. Also, the rooftop hall can be used to host functions and events. For example, you can have a memorable wedding reception at the rooftop hall of the Manaira shopping mall. The hall is large enough to accommodate about 4,000 guests. And it is installed with air conditioners. In addition, the walls are soundproof, and the hall boasts of high-tech musical equipment.


People who have kids can also let their kids enjoy some gaming experience in the gaming area of the mall. There are various kinds of games for kids of all ages. That is not all, you can as well have a taste of any of the various tasty cuisines available at the food court with your family.


Financial institutions are equally on hand to facilitate money withdrawal and/or payment of goods and services. ATMs are equally located at various places around the shopping mall. So, the Manaira Shopping mall is a well-planned and organized shopping mall. This is why it is different from the numerous shopping malls in Brazil.


Furthermore, Roberto Santiago was able to establish the magnificent property after 2 years of critical thinking and planning. And since then, he has continued to introduce new measures and ideas in order to maintain the world-class standards that have set it apart from the other shopping malls.


24 Apr 2018

How Dr. Shafik Sachedina Helps Others Through Healthcare And Philanthropy  0

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is originally from Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania and he moved to England after graduating from high school. He became a dental surgeon after he graduated from Guy’s Hosptial Medical and Dental School.

He has since worked in a number of medical facilities and he is currently the head of the department for Jamati Institutions. He is also a successful entrepreneur who co-founded Sussex Healthcare. Additionally, he is a philanthropist who does work for the Aga Khan.

His Highness the Aga Khan is located in France. Dr. Shafik Sachedina serves at his secretariat. He also helps the broader Ismaili community which is located across Central Asia. One of his roles to support this community includes being the president of the United Kingdom branch of the Ismaili Council.

It was about 25 years ago that Dr. Shafik Sachedina established Sussex Healthcare along with a business partner. He is the joint chairman of this company which provides homes and services primarily to older people but also those who require neurological care. They have experts in their homes who have years of training and experience working with people who have dementia, for instance. Residents of these homes have a lot of opportunities to do things such as cooking, gardening, handicrafts, card games, art therapy, and more. They can also stay physically active by being driven to Sussex Healthcare’s newly built gym.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina says that they don’t limit themselves to just conventional care at Sussex Healthcare. They do have physiotherapists as well as speech therapists in their homes that help those with neurological care, in addition to other professional staff. However, they also do alternative therapies which range from aromatherapy to reflexology. The people in their homes also have access to both hydrotherapy pools as well as spas.

In addition to their homes. Dr. Shafik Sachedina says his company also owns and operates SHC Audiology. This company provides hearing services and aids to those who are hard of hearing. They offer these services and products through a partnership with the National Health Service in order to provide the highest quality hearing aids available.
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23 Apr 2018


Dr. David Samadi is well known for his expertise in treating and diagnosis of urologic diseases and prostate cancer. David grew up as a Jew speaking Iranian language in Iran, but when he was 15, he left together with his brother when the tension caused by the Iranian revolution became too much to bear. Together, they moved to Belgium and London, then later moved to The US where he completed high school. Dr. David Samadi later joined Stony Brook University where he graduated with a degree in biochemistry and earned his M.D in Stony Brook school of medicine. He also acquired a postgraduate degree in Urology and Proctology at Montefiore Medical Center and Einstein College of medicine respectively.

Dr. David Samadi invented the Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Treatment commonly known as the SMART technique, which has recorded more than 6000 successful prostate cancer surgeries performed by him. His ability to connect with his patients both emotionally and medically is identified as the primary reason behind his tremendous success.

In an attempt to bridge the gap between patients and doctors, Dr. David Samadi launched live TV broadcast that seeks to give sought-after answers to public health-related questions. This show airs live every Sunday at 12:30 EST. The public can also ask questions after the show, ensuring effectiveness. David is also active in the social network; Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, having over 500,000 people following him. He uses these platforms to sensitize the public on healthy lifestyle, fitness and social responsibility.

Between the years 2009 and 2014, Dr. David Samadi topped in the list of America’s top doctors for cancer. He got awarded the Patients Choice Award and The Community Partner Award. He was listed in the Castle Conolly Top Doctors and The New York Metro Area’s Top Doctor. The New York Magazine recognized Dr. Samadi as the Best doctor and The New York Times acknowledged him for having made the hospital top in the Best Regional Hospitals in the field of Urology.

Dr. Samadi wrote an article on Mitt Romney’s surgery after being diagnosed with prostate cancer. He said that the cancer prognosis was right and that since it had not yet spread to the glands, he would have 100% survival chance. During an interview with Ideamensch, he pointed out that once an idea comes into his head, he usually draws a diagram of his imagination since he can easily remember an image in his mind.

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19 Apr 2018

Bruno Fagali, A Brazilian Attorney With A Vision  0

Bruno Fagali is a professional lawyer in the Sào Paulo area in Brazil. He specializes in law, compliance, ethics, administrative law, urban law and regulatory law. With 20 years’ experience, Bruno Fagali runs his own firm known as Fagali law that focuses on anti-corruption issues, public law and compliance. He helps developing business and ensures that all activities are done in accordance with the law.

Bruno Fagali studied in the University of Sào Paulo where he acquired a masters in state law, administrative law and anticorruption law. He also studied administrative law at the Pontifical Catholic University. After his studies, he began his journey as an intern at a law firm office model Dom Paulo Evaristo Arns.

In his internship, he specifically dealt with cases concerning domestic violence and issues pertaining families He worked with two more firms, within a period of three years. The internships build him a foundation and enlightened him about regulatory law, administrative contracts and bidding.

After a long wait, Bruno Fagali finally became a fully certified lawyer in the year 2012. He worked with Radi, Calil e Associados law. He worked there for a period of two years, dealing with public civil action, contracts and other related areas in public law.

Bruno Fagali has been involved with the law firm since 2006 and since then, he has practiced different disciplines. He has created an exemplary reputation of himself due to his professionalism manner of handling issues and his long term experience.

Bruno Fagali later became an integrity manager and worked for advertising agency known as Nova/sb which is an accredited firm that is guided by ethics and it also has strict rules and guidelines. His role in the business is to make, implement, and manage companies’ corporate integrity program.

He is familiar with various dialects such ads English, Spanish, lingo, Portuguese and French, which will help him in interacting with clients from various parts of the world. Bruno Fagali was also the primary legal advisor to the concord “code of conduct”. This has highly promoted his firm and put him on the spotlight as the best lawyer.

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19 Apr 2018

Legal Help with the Aid of Ricardo Tosto  0

If you happen to be living in Brazil and are dealing with a legal issue, you know how difficult it is to scour through the dozens of lawyers available to find just the right one. After all, you want an attorney who has experience and professionalism, but one who is also personable and helpful in a way that gets you to understand the legal process and what you might be needing to expect out of the case that you’re about to file. Whether you’re filing a case or are being sued, the right lawyer can make a world of difference for you.

The perfect attorney who is right for each of your legal needs is known as Ricardo Tosto. Ricardo Tosto has been a lawyer in Brazil for a very long time and has continued working with both plaintiffs and defendants who need his help. He graduated from the university with a law degree as well as a degree in business administration. His work within the field has taken the country by storm, and it’s why so many people use his company and legal team for their own court-required assignments. You can also feel good knowing that Ricardo Tosto charges a reasonable fee for his services, which are helpful in this day and age.

You’ll love being able to make use of a legal professional who understands the legal system inside and out without making you feel like they’re the only one in charge. You are still in charge of the case, but they are there to help you get the outcome that you need with their own experience and expertise. You can contact Ricardo Tosto if you need more information on Ricardo’s services or to hire him outright. Ricardo Tosto will be more than happy to take your case on as his very own and begin to work with you in a way that is only going to benefit you and the court case that you’re dealing with at the moment. There is no reason to go into court representing yourself when Ricardo Tosto is there for your needs.

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14 Apr 2018

Jason Hope Advocates for the Internet of Things  0

Jason Hope is a noted futurist. An avid businessman whose expertise is hungrily sought after, Hope is a prime investor and entrepreneur. His philanthropic pursuits are noble, and aid in the creation of his version of the future. As a futurist he has a strong view on the Internet of Things, and the role in will play in coming years.

For those late joining the party the Internet of Things refers to the connectivity of electronic devices. At present numerous appliances, devices, and computers have the ability to sync with one another. The fridge can talk to the oven, which can talk to the phone, which can communicate with the T.V. It is amazing to think that one day we can call our oven and turn it on while driving home from work. Hope, who is a huge advocate of anti-aging, believes in the betterment of the quality of life. The IoT fits into this vision as interconnectivity can greatly increase the quality of life.

According to Hope, as major players become involved in the IoT, the benefits will cause other players to become involved simply to catch up. The change to business will be revolutionary, the consumer will be able to accomplish a lot more from their couch, it will be the death nail to numerous businesses, but it will lead to a better lived and connected life. The IoT will allow people to be better informed, better connected, it will allow business to improve, and will allow transcendence in many avenues. One such avenue being the medical field. To illustrate his point Hope looked at public transportation and how the IoT can create less traffic, less pollution, and ensure better safety. Entrepreneur Jason Hope Invests in Research Against Aging

Hope is a graduate of Arizona State University. In 2010 he donated half-a-million dollars to SENS Research to fund their newest foray into AGE-blocker technology. In addition he is a spokesman for SENS, and advocates their research as a potential cure for cancer, Parkinson’s, and even Alzheimer’s. He writes numerous articles about anti-aging and the IoT and has a vested interest in the fruition of both.