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13 Jan 2016

What Parents Should Know about Social Apps  0

A parent’s job has become much more difficult as technology continues to produce more ways for your child to connect with others. Social apps are being developed at a rapid pace and it can take some effort to keep track of which sites are safe and which should be avoided. Like most things, knowledge is the key to keeping all of your family members safe and happy members of the online community. Investigate all of the relevant social apps and know how they work, the advantages and disadvantages of them.

Communication with you children is vital to keeping them safe, they need to know that they can trust and depend on you if they do make a mistake. Rather than spending their effort hiding their problems, they can be more productive in getting your input and advice searching for a solution. It is vital that children know they can trust the reactions of their parents when one poor decision on social media could have a long term affect on their lives.

Skout was originally considered a “flirting app” that allows people in the same region to communicate and connect. This app is relatively safe as it gives the option of signing up as a minor or an adult and then pairs a person with a group of age appropriate potential connections. Like all social media there is the danger that a person can be dishonest about their identity, but if you teach your children common sense of internet safety then their Skout experience will be positive.

Another great feature of Skout is that it provides a travel feature that allows anyone to plan a virtual trip to a distant location. People use it all the time to plan an ideal vacation, meeting local people and getting ideas of what sites would be interesting to experience. Often these virtual trips have become real trips and many people get to meet their Skout guides and experience these places with someone who has local knowledge. Open communication and assistance from parents can help all children get the most out of this app.

Social media begins with Facebook. The majority of people in the world have a Facebook account because it is a great way to connect with people from all areas of your life. Parents need to be careful with children using Facebook because your child may be exposed to people and situations that should be avoided. Often too much self esteem is tied to the number of likes a post or picture gets on Facebook as well. Open and clear communication with your child about personal values can be a huge help in overcoming this problem.

Instagram is the most popular photo and video app out there today. It allows for the quick and simple sharing of events both large and small. Children take “selfies” and images of events or more likely pictures of the food they are about to eat. One of the dangers of Instagram is that all pictures and videos shared are public unless the settings are adjusted appropriately. Instagram Direct is an option that allows posts to be sent to up to 15 friends and not show up on the public feed. This could be an area that is unmonitored by parents and can lead to sharing of inappropriate material. Again it is when parents communicate what is appropriate that children will recognize proper boundaries.

Social media is continually going to evolve and develop in the future and this will provide a challenge for all parents to stay informed about what the new apps do and how they should be used to keep children safe and happy throughout their childhood.

29 Dec 2015

Pet Nutrition Making the Headlines  0

The dog food industry is trending toward fresh, high-end pet foods for the family Fido. More and more pet owners are feeding their pets foods that contain only the freshest ingredients, with no preservatives or additives. According to a recent article, which can be found at, owners spend $23.7 billion per year to feed their dogs and cats. The premium food market has grown by 45 percent since 2009, and is now a $10.5 billion market within the U.S. alone. Finicky pet owners apparently want their pets to eat as they do. Freshpet, produced in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, is a leader in the fresh pet food industry. Its foods are produced from only fresh chicken, turkey, and other meats, and must be refrigerated so your pet can have the best dining experience possible. Many manufacturers have been adding fresh lamb and salmon to organic foods for a number of years. Other popular high-end pet foods are Blue Buffalo, Nutro Farm’s Harvest blends, and Mars’ Cesar Home Delights. More commonly recognized on facebook is the Beneful line of dog foods. Beneful is a moderately-priced choice for your dog’s diet with a wide spectrum of products. They offer a variety of dry foods, with different blends targeted toward your dog’s needs. Wet foods and treats are also available in all sizes, to please even the most particular pet. The Beneful family of foods is formulated with 100% complete nutrition, as set out in AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient profiles. Your pet can get a good, nutritiously sound diet for a reasonable price that will not empty the wallet. Responsible pet owners should read labels to ensure their pets are eating correctly. According to the afore-mentioned article, Richard Thompson of Freshpet says your pet deserves the same health and wellness benefits that you give your family.

22 Dec 2015

Denver Native Jon Urbana Is Turning Cat Protection Into A National Concern  0

Millions of cats become homeless every year for one reason or another. There are not enough cat shelters to handle the amount of cats that roam cities and towns across America, so many of those cats are killed each year and every year. There are cat protection programs in most cities, but they are usually underfunded and understaffed. Cat lovers try to find homes for some of the misplaced cats, but cats aren’t like dogs. Cat are misunderstood animals. Their finicky habits and quiet demeanor work against them when it comes to adoption. But one Denver native is trying to change that perception of our feline friends. His name is Jon Urbana.

Urbana founded the Denver non-profit, the Animal Rescue and Adoption Society to solve the cat euthanasia issue. Urbana’s organization is protecting cats in the Denver area, and he wants other cities to recognize the importance of feline protection. Jon started A CrowdRise Fund to spread the word about cat abuse and cat homelessness.

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Mr. Urbana isn’t just a cat lover. Jon was a star Lacrosse player at Villanova University. After graduation, Urbana started the Next Level Lacrosse Camp so Denver kids could learn how to play the sport. The Lacrosse players that help Urbana at the camp are all dedicated to bringing Lacrosse to kids that never thought about playing the sport. According to Urbana that is the main goal of the camp.

Directing a lacrosse camp for kids, and managing a non-profit for cats are not the only enterprises Urbana devotes his time to in Denver. He is also a photographer and pilot with special FAA certification. Urbana tires to combine those passions with his business endeavors. Jon earned a degree in economics from Villanova, and he is currently putting what he learn to use by helping a Danish company grow their business in the United States.

The list of Jon Urbana’s work is a long one. Jon is a leader that wants to bring awareness to worthy causes while he enjoys a fruitful life. Urbana is making a difference with his music, and that difference is helping the world change into a more caring place to experience life.

09 Dec 2015

Relocating To NYC – The Real Estate Market Is Good  0

Town Residential Real Estate offers services to people that are either looking to buy real estate or sell it. They will be treated well from the Town Residential Real Estate agents, and this will lead to a trusted bond during the process of either finding a home or selling their own.

When dealing with the Town Residential Real Estate agents, a person should be sure that they approach the process honestly. Develop a rapport with the agent so that they are able to freely about what they are looking for in terms of a house, price and other information that is necessary to begin.

The Town Residential Real Estate agents are trained professionals. They have a lot of experience at what they do. They will make sure that a person enjoys the experience of buying or selling a home as much as possible. It is a lot of work, but it can also be a lot of fun too.

With Town Residential Real Estate, a person will feel comfortable and able to express their wishes freely. Many people that are moving to the NYC apartments for sale area may feel a bit uneasy at first. The agents are capable of helping with all the necessary things there are to know about the area, like public transportation, the best places to eat and visit, as well as many other types of things specific to the area that a person is moving to. For this reason alone, the agents are knowledgeable and able to give out the information that will be pertinent for the person that is relocating to the area.

In the Real Deal, the real estate industry is reported as doing much better than it was. In NYC, people are seeing that their homes are selling quicker than before, and they are finding homes at a faster pace than before. The upswing should continue into the future for the real estate industry.

16 Nov 2015

Exciting Facts You Never Knew About Visual Search Technology  1

The modern world has recorded massive technological innovations that have made life better. With modern technology people have been able to conduct business easier and access of information has also improved across different levels. This is not forgetting the fact that technology has also worked to connect different people across the world. One of the many innovations that have transformed the way people use the internet is the introduction of visual search technology, which has eased the way people perform searches for different products and items online. Visual search is a system that is designed perfectly to allow one to easily retrieve information without necessarily having to type. It is mainly applicable with mobile gadgets, where one is able to search for items using photos that resemble or are of the exact item. These searches extend to all search engines and are able to filter the information as one would wish.

Slyce is one of the leading companies that have stepped up to help in the design and integration of the visual search technology in different systems. They have been able to help hundreds of sellers online to improve the search experience of buyers by having the visual search technology integrated in different websites. Slyce is made up of well organized professionals who are technology savvy and with the best research tools to help them design perfect products. The company has been rated highly for the kind of application design and development they have been able to offer.

For many people, Slyce is seen as a great milestone to changing the world and making the internet a beautiful place for all. They have been awarded severally for the creativity they have displayed while designing and developing different search software. Slyce takes the time to first analyze the system to ascertain whether the software can be perfectly installed and integrated to offer visitors better search options. This is what has been offering insight while developing better products as well as making improvements to existing software that is relevant for business.

If you are searching for a way to make your customers happy, visual search is one of the best ways to have positive results. One is able to easily locate products despite the fact that some stores stock large quantities, which makes it difficult to get the exact products one could be searching for. In this innovative era, getting a system like visual search is a great way to make business better.

13 Nov 2015

Many Pet Owners Love Beneful  1

There are certain brands that put more care into the things that they are doing than others, and Beneful is one of those brands. It’s a brand that has always been wanting to leave people feeling good about using its products. It’s a brand that creates dog food that is nutritious, and every pet owner who knows that feels good about buying from it. There is not much that is better for a pet owner to know than that the things that they are feeding their dog are good for him, and many dog owners have come to love Beneful because of the way that it goes about making its food. So many people love Beneful, in fact, that many people have rallied behind it and shown their support for it through the brand’s advertisements on Youtube. The people who work for this brand use the dog food that is created by it for their pets, and they are proud to let that be known. Many others use the products, as well, and every pet owner who goes to Beneful to care for their pet is happy with all that the brand offers to them. Beneful is different than other brands in all of the important ways. Not a single ingredient gets put into the dog food unless it is a quality ingredient, and every dog who eats this food benefits from that. They are healthy because of the great products that they are fed. Beneful knows how to make great food, and many pet owners have come to love the brand because of that. They are pleased with the kind of things that can be bought from it, and they are happy to show their support for it whenever they can. They know that their dog is healthy because of this brand, and that is everything to them.

02 Nov 2015

Technology Executive Shaygan Kheradpir  0

Technology has lead to development in many countries on Also, it has made work easier, hence saves on time unlike in the past. Electrical engineering is one of the technological methods that have increased enormously. However, each field has qualified personnel. Shaygan Kheradpir is one of the renowned technology executives. He was born on December 19, 1960, in London, United Kingdom. He has a Ph.D. in electrical engineering and has followed a career path in the field that has currently made him a business and technology executive.

He is the President of Coriant. Also, he has served in Barclays, GTE, and Verizon. While in these places, he has contributed to various product development and cost-cutting initiatives. He specialized in network routing, management, and control. While working in Verizon, he got an opportunity to form a small group that handled coming up with the development of new product ideas. He further implemented a 30-day prototype cycle where he tested and modified new development technologies. Due of the rapid department pace, he had 7,000 staff that they worked late hours since the position in Verizon were in high demand.

While at Barclays, Shaygan Kheradpir contributed to the development of customer products such as Pingit mobile payment software. In March 2003, he served as the Technology Officer and Chief Operations who reported to Antony Jenkins.

Briefly, he joined a Marlin Equity Partners and was later appointed CEO and chairperson of the board at Coriant. The board is an optical networking vendor that was created in 2003 by Marlin Equity Partners.

Coriant Company deals with the supply of innovative networking solutions for various leading operators in over 100 countries; including the top most global Tier 1 Communications Service Providers (CSPS).

The Computer Science Bibliography recognized him in 1998 where he participated in Network Operations and Management Symposium (NOMS) and Design, and Deployment of an Integrated Network Management System for a large Telco Network.

Shaygan was interviewed at companies RevUp 2014 conference in Las Vegas about the new partner-focused vision for the company. He was asked how he felt like the CEO of coriant, and he reiterated that; it’s like coming back home, but on the other side of the market and not the customer’s side. He added that since they had just started the company, they will get familiar with the team and moving forward is their motive. He reiterated having generous experience while working at Verona US centered Company.

According to various sources, Shaygan Kheradpir net worth has significantly grown in 2015. However, the value tends to vary depending on the sources. It is estimated to be in the range of about $1million. His total net worth includes stock, properties and luxury goods.

As a business entrepreneur and qualified electrical engineer, he talks to teenagers about life challenges. For instance, he was invited at one of the technical Universities in London where he advised them on how to tackle various life challenges. He advised them never to give up and focus on positive results.

02 Nov 2015

The Mystery of Stephen Murray and CCMP Capital  0

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital, so when he left the company,  it was a mystery. The mystery was such initially when he left the company, but it’s important to recognize that oftentimes, those who are leaders of organizations need some solace from time to time. Was this goodbye from Murray giving a strong sign that something was wrong?

Initially, Murray’s leaving was possibly construed as a business issue, or rather a difference of opinion that caused him to walk away. However, it was revealed later that Murray was taking medical leave. As the President and CEO of CCMP Capital, this was a big deal. Murray was able to raise more than $3 billion dollars for an equity deal just 4 to 5 months prior to his departure from CCMP Capital.

Murray was known for his experience with J.P. Morgan Chase, and it was his credit experience that gave him the foresight to see what would work in private equity transactions. Successful investment strategy isn’t about who has the most money to run their company, but rather who can see where a company is right now and make a prediction about their financial situation and determine how well the company could be doing.

Totaling nearly $12 billion in assets, CCMP is growing stronger every day. The ability to resume investing was a welcome relief for other advisors with CCMP Capital. There may not be another investor with the insight or ability that Murray had, but the company remains strong and is continuing to invest and help businesses expand their offerings. Private equity funds are what CCMP is known for, and it’s what Murray did best. It’s difficult to lose a CEO and co-founder, but regardless of the situation, the company continues to flourish under new leadership from one of its advisors.

27 Oct 2015

A Look Into the Inspiring Life of Doe Deere  0

People tend to think of business and technology executives as rather stoic people. A smart business suit, a reserved demeanor, and never a raised voice or hint of intense passion in the eyes. And of course for the businesswoman one might also expect that same reservation in her choice of makeup. And to be fair, there is some reason for this sterotype. Meetings are often filled with people who seem cut from the same cloth. But there’s an important distinction to be made between people who’ve inherited power and those who’ve generated and claimed it for themselves. The latter are far more dynamic, colorful, and frankly a lot more fun to be around. They’re the kind of people who found the companies rather than those who are given it. The people who inspire people to be their best and follow in their footsteps rather than try to diminish them or get them to stand in line. And one of the best examples of a person like this can be found in Doe Deere.

To understand what makes Doe Deere the woman she is it’s important to first look into her past. And one of the important things to understand about her is that she’s always had a foot solidly set in multiple different worlds. One of the first examples of this can be found when she began to find herself interested in artistic expression beyond her academic background. She’d been classically trained in high fashion. And she had some pretty amazing ideas of how to apply that to the world. But when she was offered a chance to join up with a rock band it proved to be an offer she couldn’t refuse. And joining up turned out to be one of the most important decisions of her life. Not for any kind of musical experience, though one might imagine that did make some impact on her life.

The most important thing was the chance to really see a vast array of people. She had an opportunity to see how people dressed, and how they reacted to how other people dressed. And she had a chance to see people’s makeup and how they reacted to the same. This led her to investigate some more experimental ideas for her own makeup application. It also led to a growing disappointment in the choices available to her. The makeup options simply weren’t living up to her needs.

But the woman who’d one day be a powerful and charismatic CEO wasn’t going to be stopped by a lack of makeup options. Instead of giving up she decided to follow her daydream. Which is also advice she’s been heard to give other people on more than one occasion. In this instance it meant a grueling process of learning and experimentation. But in the end of it she emerged as someone who’d learned to not only create makeup but to create some of the best makeup around. Other people realized the high quality of her work as well. As people begged for some of her limited supply, Doe Deere realized that she had to go bigtime with it. Doe Deere turned it into a brand, Lime Crime. And in the process she’s created one of the most dynamic and exciting companies around.

27 Oct 2015

Alteration of the Landscape in New York City Real Estate  1

The leading firm in NYC real estate checks is Town Residential. It was founded in the year 2010. The firm was created by Andrew Heiberger and Joseph Sitt. It deals with house sales, hiring and marketing. It offers the best services to their clients which makes it to stand out as compared to other companies.

The success of the Town Residential estate comes from hiring the best professionals. They possess the required skills for the business because of their experience and knowledge. It is considered as one of the best companies where any realtor would wish to work.

There are a number of methods which show how the amendment is affecting the realty countryside. One of ways is the increased competition, diminishing quantities and high charges. The tech companies are making more money due to the increased demand which makes the charges to have a record of increase over the past years. Rising trend of modifying the offices is another technique. The tech industry approaches the landlords and convinces them to adapt the new trends in their constructions. These modified techniques attract more clients and endorse a good environment.

The tech boom has grown as compared to the past. The city has new talent which works towards the same goal of giving clients the best services. The once old city has now been filled with creative constructions giving people many opportunities to explore the business field. This is one of the advantages that the tech corporations have brought to the city. Another way is the creation of good inhabited neighborhoods. People cannot live in the same place. This is because of the difference in income generation. The large percent move to the less developed areas which gives the rich residents the ability to develop the land. The people who take part in this activity are highly educated. The developed neighborhoods offer individual a chance to their own businesses.

Individuals should embrace change in order to make major progressions in life. The changes always have an impact on the society. Real estate is not different. There have been enhancements on the industry over the years. The tech companies have a great influence on the real estate. They have brought the amendments in the landscape which proves the impact of tech on the business.