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18 Apr 2016

Thor Halvorssen Stresses Information For Voting Decisions  0

Thor Halvorssen works tirelessly for human rights. It is for this reason that he speaks out against Bernie Sanders for President of the United States. He feels that the general population is unaware of what socialism truly is and how it infringes on the basic rights of all human beings.


In order to win the nomination for President, Mr Sanders and his campaign team have wrapped socialism to look like something pretty and nice. In reality it is something that moves in, takes over, and takes control of whole countries and strips people of their choices and freedoms.


Halvorssen has seen many governments turn bad when socialism moves in. His own family have been the victims of political violence all in the name of a socialist regime. This does not mean that he is entirely against the precepts that socialism holds. He simply feels that many times these types of governments get out of control.


Stating what he knows he feels that some socialist precepts can exist within a government’s structure. If there are appropriate checks and balances to prevent any one ruler or president from taking too much control, some form of socialism is good. As a matter of fact many governments around the world have socialist rules, regulations and laws and do not infringe upon the rights and freedoms of their people.


On the other hand, he also does not really like the face of other Democratic front runners in the race for President. He feels that they have been in bed with authoritarian governments and are too prone to allowing those governments dictate how this country should be run. This is also a dangerous situation for the people in the United States because unlike socialism, a dictatorship will be even more demanding and restrictive.


Overall Thor Halvorssen feels that the people have a responsibility to learn as much about the different types of governing styles that the various candidates hold. Make sure that all information is gathered and one knows what they are in store for when that person takes office. This holds true for both style and preference of government involvement in everyday life.

12 Apr 2016

Securus Technologies’ Survey Reveals Important Trend  0

Criminal justice technology solutions company Securus Technologies recently conducted a survey at its newly built technology center located outside its Dallas, Texas headquarters. The new facility is located in Carrollton, Texas and allows Securus to showcase the latest innovations, gadgets and tools available to prison and correctional facilities. After representatives from inmate facilities from around the country and abroad toured the facility they were asked a series of questions about their facilities and future plans.

The survey at the technology center revealed interesting insight into the mentality and plans of prison management staff. More than half of the respondents, approximately 56% say they would be looking into upgrading technology at their facilities. In addition, 55% also said they are looking to expand prison and inmate phone calls services in 2016 and that it was a top priority for them. Interestingly, about 15% of respondents say that cutting costs was their main approach to successful prison and correctional facility management.

Securus Technologies’ chief executive officer Rick Smith said that after reviewing the survey results “there is a clear indication that prison operators are feeling the effects of budget declines and less funding.” “As a result” Smith continues “management companies are looking for ways to increase productivity and get more out of existing resources.” Research conducted by Securus shows that many prison facilities can benefit from automation of services and tasks, as well as from upgrades in technology. “Securus offers both new technologies to increase productivity and automatize tasks, thereby helping facilities lower expenditures and deal with budgets” says Rick Smith.

Securus Technologies, headquartered in Dallas, Texas is a leading innovator in criminal justice investigation, monitoring, and inmate communication technology. The company is known to create and patent the highest number of new products and ideas in the criminal justice and law enforcement sector. Securus serves over 3,000 facilities in North America including correctional facilities in Canada and Mexico. More than a million inmates are served by Securus Technology products in three countries.

One of Securus’s most popular products is the video visitation services it provides to inmates and their families. Securus recently pioneered a video visitation app so that family members of inmates can communicate with their loved ones through their smartphone. Find Securus app on Google Play or download it from iTunes. A recent survey done by correctional facilities showed that Securus Technologies’ video visitation services were considered to be instrumental to the success of the operation of the facility by 66% of all facilities who took part in the survey.

Securus Technologies is not a part of the Amazon health product Securus nor is it affiliated with the Securus America web domain for agents.

12 Apr 2016

Igor Cornelsen And Brazil’s Untapped Wealth  0

Many people think El Dorado, the City of Gold, is in Brazil. Investment advisor Igor Cornelsen is likely to agree. He knows the vast mineral wealth and underdeveloped natural resources that exist in the country. He is also familiar with the myriad investment opportunities the country has to offer. For several decades he has been providing valuable investment advice that has helped to make investors untold millions. He has been able to steer people towards undervalued companies and businesses that are poised to make a splash locally and internationally. This has helped to give him the reputation as one of Brazil’s best investment advisors.

Long before Igor Cornelsen was offering investors advice about where in Brazil to put their money, he was involved in directing many of the country’s most successful companies. He was also an executive in several of Brazil’s major banks. After doing that successfully for decades, he retired and began to share is knowledge of Brazilian investment opportunities with private citizens. Over the years Cornelsen has been able to help countless small, medium, and large investors find lucrative opportunities in Brazil. He has developed a sterling reputation as an investment guru with clear vision and a magic touch.

Cornelsen has given investors the same advice for many years. He has encouraged them to learn about the laws covering investing in Brazil, prepare themselves to navigate the red tape, and take the time to become familiar with the locals and the local economy. On top of that he has advises them to take a two step approach to investing in Brazil. The first step is to be prepared to invest for the long term. The second piece of investment advice he always shares is the need to diversify their investments. The people that have heeded this advice have grown wealthy investing in Brazil.

Bainbridge Investment Inc. is the company through which Igor Cornelsen now shares his investment advice. Even though he spends a lot of his time refining his golf game, he still enjoys making people rich. He does this by helping them to identify companies and industries in Brazil that are poised to have their breakout moment on the national and international stage. He also steers them to undervalued companies and companies that can provide them with consistent dividends while shielding them from the risk of losing their investment. It is an investment strategy the has served him well for many years.

The time is right to invest in Brazil according to a PR Newswire article. But you must seek out the help of people with a clear understanding of the Brazilian economy and its growth trajectory. There is no better person to offer you that kind of investment guidance than Igor Cornelsen.

10 Apr 2016

Exploring the Current Trends in Athletic Wear  0

One of the most difficult things about staying in style is staying current on all of the new fashion trends. In her article on, fashion blogger Kelly Dougher explains some of the challenges and solutions to looking great with modern athleisure trends. Kelly explains that there are two kinds of people, the ones that have a very set fashion style and those who are constantly shifting and adapting their fashion.

Kelly details what it was like finding her fashion sense and how her style evolved as her situations changed. The majority of her high school experience was spent wearing casual clothes such as jeans, sneakers, and hoodies. Essentially, she did not have very much interest in fashion on Twitter. Things started to change when she went to college. She became more interested in the different styles that were out there and enjoyed browsing the local thrift store and Etsy. Finally, after college she got a job working from home and became less adventuresome with the clothes that she wore.

While Kelly found it easy to wear comfortable and casual close while she worked at home, she still desired to where the fashionable clothes that she did while she was at college. Luckily, Kelly found the new athleisure trend. Athleisure combines the comfort and practicality of athletic wear with the fashion sense and style of more formal clothes. The blend of these two designs gives a unique look that many people are now taking advantage of.

One of the great things about the athleisure style is that it allows for people to feel confident in what they wear. One of the most popular athleisure clothing makers is Fabletics on wikipedia. Fabletics is an active wear company that specializes in creating stylish clothes that are both comfortable and affordable.

Fabletics was founded on the principle that high-quality, stylish athletic wear should be affordable and accessible to all. Fabletics founder Adam Goldenberg partnered with Kate Hudson after the notice that there were many luxury brands of athletic wear but none were at an affordable price point. Companies such as Fabletics on thekrazycouponlady help people find high-quality and comfortable athletic close clothes at a great price.

06 Apr 2016

Essays Being Replaced By Wikipedia Editing And Writing Assignments  1

Many college instructors urge their students not to use Wikipedia as a reference source in their coursework. One university however has taken a totally different and revolutionary approach with regards to its stance on Wikipedia. Professors at the University of Sydney in Australia are giving students assignments to make a Wikipedia page instead of having them write essays or take exams. 

Assignments given in place of exams and essays include creating entries for subjects or objects on Wikipedia as well making Wikipedia revisions. An academic writing course professor at the University of Sydney has given his students the task of writing and making Wikipedia edits on contemporary issues. He also tasked students with improving and adding references to existing material. “This way” says the instructor “students will be able to better understand how information is gathered, referenced and published online which is becoming increasingly more important in today’s workplace.”

This response of offering Wikipedia writing and editing assignments instead of writing essays or taking exams by the University of Sydney stems from the apparent disinterest of students in the feedback of assignments from their professors. Students at the University of Sydney would routinely not collect completed essays and exams that have been graded by their instructors and contained feedback. The Wikipedia assignment forces students to pay attention to the feedback and quality of their work because it will be read by thousands of other people on the web. It is also less boring and gets students involved more in the assignments then with essays or exams. 

As the following article above shows, Wikipedia is one of the great mediums available on the internet to get the word out about your product, company or service. You can get hundreds if not thousands of more views from people on the net when you create a Wiki page. Universities are starting to notice the potential that Wikipedia articles have and the role they currently plan in disseminating information. Think of having your own Wikipedia article as a way to easily and effectively market your company, product or service and increase its reputation. 

Wikipedia business page creation doesn’t have to be time consuming, difficult and a pain. You can save time and save yourself a headache by hiring Wiki experts from Get Your Wiki. This Wikipedia editing service offers a quick and easy way to get a Wikipedia article up and running about your company. The article is guaranteed to be put on Wikipedia or you get your money back. It is also guaranteed to meet all the guidelines and requirements laid out by Wikipedia thanks to the Wiki writers for hire that Get Your Wiki employs.

06 Apr 2016

Securus Technologies Delivers Enhanced Telecommunication for Inmates  0

Based in Dallas, TX, Securus Technologies is a company that offers various telecommunication and Information Technology solutions for the criminal justice industry. This company serves more than 3,000 clients in law enforcement throughout the United States of America. Additionally, over a million inmates have also benefited from the communication services by Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies specializes in phone and Internet connections that are optimized specifically for prisons and jails.

After conducting a survey among correctional institutions nationwide, Securus Technologies has found out that more than half of participants wanted to upgrade their IT infrastructure. For 2016, the goal of such facilities is to significantly improve their logistical efficiency and satisfy the inmates. Approximately 15 percent of the surveyed facilities also expressed their plans to reduce operational costs. The CEO of Securus Technologies understands that correctional institutions often operate on tight budgets that must be managed precisely in order to avoid wasteful spending. He also enthusiastically mentioned that such clients can set up automated communication service that is affordable in the long term.

About two thirds of surveyed correctional facilities acknowledged the success of video visitation that is offered through Securus Technologies. In a virtual visitation, family and friends can communicate live with their loved ones who are locked behind bars. About a third of the correctional institutions also have a strong preference for giving tablets for inmates to use in order to communicate remotely with virtual visitors. Securus Technologies delivers high-quality audio and video in the virtual visitations. Such a service saves visitors precious time, money and other inconvenient hassles that are associated with going through security checkpoints at prisons or jails. It is also more personal than traditional inmate phone calls which means incarcerated members can feel closer to their families in times of celebration, mourning, and for mile markers in life as well.


With a 1.5-million dollar investment in a contemporary technology center, Securus Technologies is ready to come up with innovative IT solutions for all of its clients in North America. Situated in Carrollton, this modern center essentially serves as a research and development venue for the company. There is nearly 10,500 square feet of floor space that is designated specifically to store the latest innovative technology designed for law enforcement. Clients from the criminal justice are invited to explore the large selection of hardware and software offered at the new technology facility that’s operated by Securus Technologies. This company even offers video conferences for clients who are interested in buying certain products or services but cannot visit the actual facility due to budget restraints and other restrictions.

Securus Technologies is not affiliated with Securus America, the website for agents nor is it a part of the pain reliever, Securus used to treat aches and soothe anxiety.

You can download Securus video visitation app from iTunes to integrate with your Apple devices or, to work with your Android tablet and/or phone find the free app in the Google Play Store.

05 Apr 2016

Best Hair Cleanser and Conditioner for Thin/Fine Hair  0

Hair thickening conditioners and cleaners are all on the market. They promise lush, volume and thickening of your hair instantly. Therefore, a customer is in a state of confusion on whether it is just a smart way of marketing the product or if they work.

This light-weight product gives your hair the correct amount of moisture that lifts and creates an attractive volume of hair. It makes the hair smooth and manageable to brush without any breakage. It is a product that leaves your hair looking healthy because of the smoothness, lively and shiny look.

The product does not have any side effects because they do not contain any harmful or harsh ingredients. Switching to WEN by Chaz Dean cleaning and conditioning product is becoming the order of the day for many customers. This original information is in Bustle.

Wen cleaning and conditioning product for thin hair works for a few days in transforming your thin and delicate hair into a lustrous, bouncy and shiny hair. It is economical because you only use a small amount in comparison to most of the other products in the market.

Wen product is available on in a three-in-one package, i.e. once you purchase one, you are in a position of shampooing, conditioning and treating your hair with one wash. Additionally, this it is safe to use on every kind of hair.

The instructions are easy to read and perform. You do not require to visit your hairdresser when you use the Wen cleanser and conditioner. All you need to do is just hop in your shower every day for seven days, and you will not believe the achievement of the transformation of your hair.

WEN are experts in producing unique hair care products. They believe they are in business for their customer’s satisfaction and need. They introduce new WEN products in the market to keep customers ahead in keeping their hair healthy and desirable. Providing better products than those available in the market is their desire.



31 Mar 2016

Break Some Beauty Rules with Doe Deere!  0

Xenia Vorotova, also known as Doe Deere, is a leading innovative cosmetic manufacturer with a passion for fashion! Xenia found her name of ‘Doe Deere’ back in 2007 because of her passion for the doe-eyed makeup trend of the time, which is still quite popular today.

From a dream of cosmetology in the makeup field as a child, and a passion for animal cruelty-free products, Doe Deere has hit it big with her line of makeup called LimeCrime. She had decided that there simply was not one brand of makeup that gave her the vibrant colors that she had desired, and thus began her career with LimeCrime.

Doe Deere first began her interest in entrepreneurship with a shop on eBay. She had named her eBay shop LimeCrime, and since has become a colossal success. Doe Deere calls her fans her “Unicorns” because she believes that her fans, much like unicorns, were born different and are proud of it.

As with being different, Doe Deere would like to challenge common beauty ‘rules.’ The first rule that the lovely Doe Deere would like the challenge is wearing bold eye makeup with a bold shade of lipstick. Contrary to popular belief, wearing both a bold eye and lip set of makeup can look extremely sophisticated.

Secondly, let’s challenge the belief of never mixing too many colors. Who cares! Let your artistic bright side shine through like sunlight! In a world, so dull, we need a splash of color in out lives! When it comes to which colors to put together, trust your gut and if you think it looks good, rock that outfit with confidence!

Now, let’s talk about mixing patterns. Though it may seem strange to mix denim with floral, or polka dots with plaid, it can make an extreme fashion statement and with the correct color combinations, you can rock a totally new fashion experience.

Fourth on the list of the best fashion rules to break is wearing socks with open toed shoes. Though, it may seem weird at first, you’d be surprised at what a great fashion statement this makes on a night on the town.

Some people claim that if you have unnaturally colored hair, you should only wear black or neutral colored clothing. Forget this! Alongside breaking rule num two, is letting those colors run free! Life is boring without a splash of color.

Don’t forget that you don’t have to dress up only for occasion, sometimes its nice to just throw on that perfect black dress and your favorite pair of heels, and just enjoy yourself. If it makes you feel beautiful, go for it!

25 Mar 2016

The U.S. Money Reserve Providing People With Solutions To Economic Instability  0

The U.S. Money Reserve has made the ownership of precious metals and coins a real possibility for the average American. Thanks to their innovation as well as their dedicated passion to customer service they have made gold, silver and platinum available to everyone looking to diversify their asset portfolio.

When connecting with a professional at the U.S. Money Reserve the customer has the privilege and benefit of working with a Account Executive who has all the necessary experience and knowledge when it comes to the precious metals industry. It does not matter wether the customer is completely new to the idea or is a seasoned veteran the staff at the U.S. Money Reserve take great care in explaining all the necessary details in order to make this experience a unique one. When purchasing U.S. government-issued legal tender you can be sure that your assets are safe and stable in the future.

The new website offered by the U.S. Money Reserve contains a client connect feature which allows the client to connect directly with a U.S. Money Reserve professional from the comfort of your home or office. They will guide you through the step by step process when it comes to purchasing and selection of either coins or bullion on their facebook website. Upon the customer decision the item is purchased and can then be sent to any location of the clients desire. It can be sent directly to the clients bank or his/her office and home.

The U.S. Money Reserve also provides a 30 day buy back guarantee if the client is not completely happy with their order. The company will accept the return of any certified coins and provide the customer with a full refund. This refund however excludes shipping and handling fee’s as well as insurance charges that were incurred. This event is however a very rare occurrence as the professional staff at the U.S. Money Reserve will first make absolutely sure the customer is 100 percent happy with their purchase and selection. Selection is a vital process in ensuring that there is positive future profit to be earned.

For those customers who are looking for continuos updates we recommend following the U.S Money Reserve on Facebook, U.S Money Reserve Twitter or LinkedIn. This will provide updates, market news as well as upcoming events and product launches.

14 Mar 2016

Talking With Loved Ones Is Easier Than Ever Before  0

Don’t let incarceration impact how you stay in contact with your loved ones. Securus Technologies is a top communications solution for many families in this very situation. They offer a wide range of solutions to fit a variety of needs.

For myself, I personally love the flexibility Securus offers. They have been making headlines thanks to the popularity of their mobile applications. They released their Android app just six months ago. In that time, it has already been downloaded over 60,000 times. Securus’ application is perfect for using my Android phone to call my loved ones. It allows me to make inmate phone calls from the comfort of my own home.

Securus recently released an Apple version of their mobile app. It was released just last week. The application has already been downloaded over 5,000 times. I love this app just as much as the Android one. It is very easy to use, and it allows me to use a wide range of devices.

The flexibility that video calling gives is priceless. It allows me to make my calls whenever and however I want. Thanks to their video visitation mobile apps, I am now able to make and receive calls while traveling.

Securus is BBB-accredited and based out of Dallas, Texas. They provide service to over 2,200 correctional facilities across the nation. Some of the services offered include email, telephone service as well as their new video chat service.

Securus also features convenient payment methods. I personally love the automatic payment feature. This allows me to keep my account at a preset balance at all times. It is the perfect solution to easily keep your account funded at all times.

Securus has changed the way I talk with my loved ones. The flexibility their product selection offers are amazing. Thanks to their mobile apps, talking from the comfort of your home has never been easier. Check out their popular video visitation service here.

Note: Securus (the product) and the website, Securus America are not affiliated with Securus Technologies in any way.