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07 Oct 2015

Highland Capital Management Is Focusing On Liquid Alternative Investments In 2015  1

Highland Capital Management is on a roll. A roll in the investment business means the company is increasing the number of assets it has under management. The 2014, number was $21 billion assets under management, but that number grew to $28 billion thanks to a merger with another investment firm in 2015, according to co-founder James Dondero. Dondero was a high-profile executive with Protective life before he teamed up with Marc Okada and formed Highland Capital Management in 1993.

The company has grown substantially since then, thanks to Dondero’s experience in the investment industry as well as his unique ability to surround himself with competent people. His partner and CFO, Marc Okada of Highland Capital Management is a good example of his people skills. Dondero and his team have diversified their investment strategies and all of those strategies have been successful. The latest strategy, liquid alternative investments is a big deal for the company. Dondero is devoting manpower and a lot of investment knowledge to that strategy. Liquid Alternative investment funds are now functioning as a separate unit within the company.

The new unit started with $5 billion in alternative assets under management, so the company has a firm foundation to build on, according to Dondero of Liquid Alternative assets are one of the fastest growing segments of the investment industry. There are 500 alternative mutual funds in operation, and the combined total of assets under management in that group is more than $200 billion. There is a lot of interest from investors, and Highland Capital wants to turn that interest into returns.

Dondero has put Chief Investment Officer, Michael Gregory in charge of the liquid alternative investment platform. Gregory says the new platform is not about expanding the product line of alternative assets. Gregory thinks the current products are good enough to attract more investors, but he isn’t ruling out expanding the liquid product mix in the future. Gregory sais currents funds are the top priority this year.

Company president Brad Ross said the main objective of this new unit is to expand distribution. Ross went on to say that the current distribution through independent broker-dealer channels has been a good one, but the company wants to build a hybrid group that will do nothing but concentrate on independent financial advisors. Ross thinks that this new group will meet the changing demands of their clients.

The internal restructuring of the company will not impact current investors in Highland Capital’s mutual funds, but it a definite change in focus for the company, according to Ross. Highland Capital has six liquid alternative investment funds now. The funds are a mixture of healthcare and other key industries that compliment Highland Capital’s investment foundation.

03 Oct 2015

The World Of Skout  1

Finding true love can be a hassle for some. Many people wish they can just walk down the street and find the love of their lives but unfortunately, it does not always work that way. Many people look to different ways to start dating and hopefully finding a person that they can grow to like and love. One of the most popular ways currently to find love is by partaking in online dating on Online dating has its pros and its cons but for a significant amount of people, it can and does work. With online dating, there are many things people looking for love should consider.

Online dating has proven to work for many people. Individuals have been known to find love that led to a dating relationship and even marriage. There are many online dating websites out there, so it can be difficult to find the one that works the best. Online dating websites that allow individuals to make a profile to figure out compatibility usually work the best. These compatibility tests allow individuals to express their likes and dislikes, their interests and their personal and professional pursuits. These compatibility tests work because they match people together based on the results.

There are also online dating apps that make finding matches easier. These online dating applications are catered to young people and young professionals.

There is an online dating application called Skout. Skout is an interactive dating and social network that allows individuals to create a profile, interact with other individuals and find a dating match. Skout works as an app that individuals must download it unto their mobile device. Once downloaded, the individual must create an account which includes information about themselves, their likes and dislikes, their interests and what they are looking for in a partner. The profile is complete with a clear photo of themselves. Skout allows individuals to find prospective mates by location. The application is a location-based software that uses an individual’s GPS on their phone to find a match close to them. Individuals also have the option of turning off that capability to maintain their privacy.

In 2013, Skout introduced a travel feature within their application that allows individuals to meet people while traveling. This feature gives individuals the ability to meet people that are different than themselves and learn new cultures and new things about the world.

Finding love may seem like a challenge but with social networks like Skout, a person’s romantic life can improve with a few swipes and a few clicks on a screen.

01 Oct 2015

Home Cleaning Services On Demand  1

More and more our society is becoming automated in ways that were not even thought of only five years ago. One of the new-found on-demand services that have emerged is personal home cleaning services. There are many home cleaning services to choose from, but they usually come with a lot of strings attached. Now, there is a way to get your home cleaned by dependable people while you are away at work, you just need to know where to look for those people.

Handy, Home Cleaning Services offers a versatility to customers that they had not experienced prior. Handy got its start in New York, and now has offices in over 25 cities, two of which are in Canada. They employ over 50 individuals plus have an undisclosed number of freelancers working for them. However, Handy does not hire just anyone to fill their freelance positions. All of the freelancers are screened with full background checks, verified references, and an in-person interview before they are hired. The company has jokingly stated that it is harder to become a Handy freelancer than it is to get into Harvard.

Now when someone needs cleaning done all they need to do is pull up the Handy app on their smartphone and order it to be done by an on-demand professional. By entering your zip code, the specific rooms that need to be cleaned, and an exact start time, you can get a quote relatively fast compared to other home cleaning services. Should you accept the estimate, the cleaning would start at exactly the time you specified and the cost would be billed to the credit card you have on file with Handy. Your home of office would be cleaned at the touch of a button.

Sometimes when you need more than a cleaning service, it is nice to be able to locate one quickly. Now you can accomplish this task without the need to screen every handyman within a ten-mile radius. Handy also offers handyman services to their customers who might need them. Handy uses the same rigorous screening process on to pick their handyman service providers the same as they do their cleaners. They are all thoroughly vetted prior to working for Handy, so you don’t need to worry about the quality of professionals working for you.

In the future when you are in need of cleaning services, you will not need to look any farther than your smartphone. By automating their services, Handy, Home Cleaning Services have joined the personal on-demand service industry that is revolutionizing the way we live. Now you can order a handyman, home cleaning services or plumbers with the touch of your finger. The Handy services are coming to a city near you soon.

29 Sep 2015

The James Dondero Investment Mastery  1

Investment banking is one of the most important components and backbone of the economy. Investments lead to the development of small firms hence the continued operation and growth in many sectors. The field has many experts, but among the most respected individuals is the Highland Capital Management President. Highland is an investment cooperative founded by one of the leading investment advisor, James Dondero. He has over 20 years of experience in the investment and critical decision making. Besides, his company is widely known since it is a pioneer in the development of Collateralized Loan Obligations

He is also a member of Nexbank and Cornerstone Healthcare. James is an active philanthropist that support various initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life such as education, veteran’s affair, and public policy. As a Chief Investment Officer, he has helped in building institutions like GIC subsidiary, which he supported by donating $2B. He has served as a Corporate Bond Analyst and Portfolio Manager at American Express.

His career started in 1984, in the Morgan Guaranty training program. He passed with highest honors from the University of Virginia. Also, he is a Certified Management Accountant hence earning the right to use the Chartered Financial Analyst designation. James Dondero of has received various prestigious awards such as The Lipper Award for Floating Rate Opportunities and also ranked as the best Long and Short Equity Fund in 2014. Early 2015, he was nominated at the Nexpoint Residential Trust Inc. as the President of Nexpoint advisors. His total assets under management investment are about $20 billion.

As a norm, the world is always waiting for James next decision on investment since his decisions have a positive impact on the economy. Highland has expanded over the years and currently has over one hundred employees. As the President, James chose a slogan that will enhance growth and sustainability. The slogan emphasizes on experience, discipline, and boldness. Dallas, Texas, is the place of physical location of the company headquarters. It has offices in various countries such as New York, London, and Singapore.

James had previously partnered with Josh Terry and Mark Okada to establish a product affiliate known as Acis Capital Management. Highland Capital Management Firm offers services like risk and product optimization and portfolio management services. Recently, HCM was reviewed by Glassdoor, and they analyzed that it is the best destination workplace in terms of competition and readiness.

In a business talk in Dallas, James explained that, for people to understand investment field they have to keep in mind that investment involves the buy side. It involves a provision of advice to various institutions that might be interested in buying the investment services. On the other hand, the sell side involves trading of various securities and their promotions.
He previously explained that public investment deals with public information such as stock analysis.

27 Sep 2015

Kenneth C. Griffin ’89: Investor and Humanitarian  1

Using a fax machine, PC as well as a telephone, Ken Griffin on turtletrader began doing business from his dorm room in Harvard in 1987. From this humble yet determined beginning, Griffin attracted hedge-trust pioneer plus co-founder of Chicago-based Glenwood Partner, Frank Meyer. Griffin’s performance gave him the chance to start what would turn out to become Citadel.

Many years ago before shiny smartphones or fast WiFi were ever invented Kenneth C. Griffin was transacting bonds from his dorm room whenever he had time off economic classes.

Griffin had persuaded Cabot maintenance to rigout a satellite dish on rooftop, winding cables via a window plus elevator shaft, and into his dorm room in second floor. The innovative student furthermore raised $265,000 from his relatives and friends in order to finance his investment project.

However, his fellow Cabot learners may have considered the effort quite uncommon; Griffin stated it wasn’t all that unusual.

“The great thing about Harvard is there’s such diversity in the student body and so many students are doing really fascinating and interesting things,” Griffin stated. “In the context of Harvard, this story wasn’t exceptional.”

Though Ken Griffin gives a lower profile of the Cabot investment plan, he has ever since attained extensive acclaim due to his extraordinary performance as a hedge-trust manager.

Mr. Griffin initiated Citadel in 1990 and similarly serves as the company’s CEO. A diversified financial institution, the Citadel conglomerate comprises of Citadel, a business-leading alternative property director, Citadel Securities, among the leading liquidity givers in America’s capital marketplaces; as well as Citadel Technology, a solutions facilitator for venture management technology. Over 1,250 group members serve in Citadel worldwide currently.

Citadel Capital Firm oversees $19.6 billion in investments. In 2013, he featured as one of the youngest associates of Forbes 400 wealthiest Americans, at position 103 with $4.4 billion as his net worth.

Griffin is a dynamic supporter of training causes, which lead to society improvement. He works on the Board of Directors of Chicago Public Education Fund. Mr. Griffin is furthermore a proud adherent of Harvard University his alma mater, where he attained his undergraduate degree. Mr. Griffin’s patronages to enhance and augment the livelihoods of other people have equaled over $250 million via personal contributions plus through Citadel Foundation. Most remarkably, he has been involved in University of Chicago, Lurie Children’s Hospital, alongside the Art Institute. He similarly donated $150 million in financial support to Harvard, the greatest gift the institution has ever received in its history.

Griffins presently says that the 3 years he schooled at Harvard assisted to foster his desire for investment plus commitment to philanthropy.

Mr. Griffin is an associate of several business organizations, comprising of the Economic Club of Chicago, G100 plus the Civic Committee of Commercial Club of Chicago.

He serves in the Board of Trustees for Art Institute of Chicago, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Whitney Museum plus the University of Chicago.

24 Sep 2015

Bruce Levenson on Improving the Fortunes of the NBA  1

NBA stands for National Basketball Association. The association consists of the men’s professional basketball league in North America. It is the most developed association in the globe. The basketball league has a huge following given that the games are exhibited through different television channels across the world. The NBA is an active member of USA Basketball that is recognized by FIBA, which is the world governing body in charge of the sport. In total, NBA has 30 franchises that constitute its rooster of teams. Twenty-nine of the teams are found in the United States of America and one has its base in Canada. Toronto Raptors is the only team that comes from outside the USA that plays in the league.
As much as most of the NBA teams are from the United States, they have players from other countries outside North America. Signing in of new players started in the 1980’s when Vlade Divac from Serbia and Drazen Petrovic from Croatia joined the NBA. Other notable names that have joined the league and had successful careers are Paul Gasol from Spain and Dirk Nowitzki from Germany. Both players have been NBA champions with their respective teams. Competition has led to improvements in basketball across the world with many players getting exposure to the game at the top level.
Basketball players in the NBA rank as the highest paid in the country as compared to other sports in terms of average pay. Subsequently, the NBA franchises are among the richest in the globe compared to other sports. Over the years, several NBA teams have changed ownership. This has contributed to the development of the league with improved performances on field and off field. A good example of the ownership change that turned the fortunes of a team occurred when Bruce Levenson acquired the Atlanta Hawks and the Phillips Arena.
Before Bruce acquired the Atlanta Hawks in 2004, through his company Atlanta Spirits LLC, the Hawks were having a bad run on the court. The team had not reached a major competition final in a long time. Under his management, they were able to reach the conference finals. The club realized much success on the field registering over sixty wins. The value of the team also increased from $250 million in 2004 to about $800 million by the end of 2014. Bruce Levenson of is a respected investment banker and hedge fund manager.
The improvements on basketball teams in terms of finances have resulted in many teams becoming title contenders. Last season saw massive competition between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Worriers. The Warriors emerged the winners. From the early 2000’s the competitive final has witnessed teams that have not played in the final before. In 2005, featured the Miami Heat that was led by powerful, Guard Dwayne Wade, and the Dallas Mavericks. Miami Heat was the overall champion. They broke the dominance that had been witnessed in the NBA from teams like Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers.

23 Sep 2015

Susan McGalla Proves to The World That Gender Doesn’t Hinder Someone’s Achievements  1

For any women who are willing to advance in their career this year, there are loads of advice and inspiration available everywhere. However, these women actually find the knowledge available to be way too far pandering or sometimes even very generic.

Susan McGalla,is the known because of her position as the founder of the P3 Executive Consulting. This company is believed to be very experienced in giving consultation to its clients. Most of the time, the consultations is always about on branding,sometimes operational efficiencies, and even the many others.

Susan has been speaking to many women correctly. Most of them are actually always trying to look for other authentic perspectives which are believed to have some practical application. Majority of women who never want to be targeted as women but as qualified professionals find the terms and the party lines to be somehow too hollow. Susan believes that the evolution has actually occurred over the past years is quite inspiring.

Ms Susan McGalla always tells her story on bizjournals to inspire many women and parent to bring up their children the same way she was bought up. Susan McGalla was actually brought up in small family with two older brothers. Susans father was actually a football coach at a local club, and never treat her any better than her two brothers, just because she was not a boy. Everyone was treated equally in the family, regardless of their sex.

When growing up, Susan was taught and always encouraged to work hard and manage to present her ideas with the all the confidence required.No matter the number of people she is actually addressing, she always pulls it with a lot of confidence.

Due to this strict upbringing, she has always been very comfortable with all people, regardless of their gender, and she has managed to do very well when working with both genders. This great confidence has actually made her to go places; she is currently a very successful woman.

After her college education, she began her prosperous career at the famous Joseph Horne Company. In the year 1994 she changed companies and began working for the American Eagle Outfitters.

At the time Susan McGalla was starting her job the American Eagle, the company was actually a male dominated institution. The company didn’t have any women on the board or even in the executive positions of the entire institution.

Susan McGalla has managed to always take control of her career and she has actually become very successful. She is great consultant for the top people in whom working in finance sector when they need an insider’s perspective.

Susan’s autonomy in her career is actually a luxury that she has been able to afford because of the years of hard work, being very flexible, and also pursuing what she loves. Being a woman has actually never limited any of her achievements.