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11 Mar 2016

A New York City Lawyer Is Helping Homeless Animals  0

There are many attorneys in New York have who have worked hard for the city’s residents. First of all, they have used their life to pursue a career that defends the rights of others. Second, many New York City lawyers have reached out to the community in a variety of ways.

One example of this is a lawyer named Ross Abelow. He has been working in New York City for more than 25 years as a family and matrimonial lawyer. Besides working extremely hard for his clients, he gets involved in different projects that benefit the community. For example, he has recently started a winter fundraiser that will benefit homeless animals in New York City. Individuals can help raise $5,000 that will be given to animal shelters in New York City. They can donate to the fund by going to Go Fund Me and looking for the name Ross Abelow.

This is an especially urgent matter to deal with. As the temperatures drop in New York City, homeless animals can become very ill and even die. Even though there are many individuals who work hard at animal shelters, there is simply not enough funding to take care of all the animals that need help. Also, space is limited. With the money that is raised in the Go Fund Me account, more funds will be on hand to take care of the problems that animal shelters in New York City are experiencing. Funds can be used to increase the amount of space that is available. Also, there will be more money on hand to purchase things like food, blankets, and medicine for animals that are sick.

Many individuals have benefited from the legal and financial blogs that are posted by Ross Abelow. He maintains an active presence online. He has a personal blog where he will address a variety of legal issues. Also, he regularly posts information where he has social media accounts, including with Mashable and Facebook. At times, he will contribute articles to popular blog sites, like Crown Point New York.

It is important for as many individuals as possible to get involved in helping to raise money for this winter fundraiser. The more individuals who contribute, the more quickly the problem can be solved. Not only will this resolve a short-term issue. When animals are placed in shelters, they are put in an adoption program where they can find forever homes.

11 Mar 2016

George Soros Backs Hillary for $8 Million  0


George Soros has given his support to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. George Soros is known for funding political agendas. A recent activity he was involved with was the backing of Obama, which he admits that he regrets doing over Hillary Clinton. He joins the ranks of other recent donors like Haim and Cheyl Saban. Soros is a stand out donor for many reasons which includes the amount that he has donated. One way that George stands out is that he is one of the few donors that drops an eight digit check to elections.

Among the acts that he has done was to attempt to get President Bush impeached. Failure of that has caused George Soros to take his spending back a bit in the political arena. Political figures at the time have met with Soros and talked with him in order to get him to donate to political causes. Among the groups that have met with Soros is Priorities USA. However, Soros has given a relatively small amount of money compared to what he used to give. His donation amount was $1 million in support of the reelection of President Obama.

For 2016, George Soros is writing a huge check into an election. Over $1 billion in donations are expected to be given to groups like the super PACs. George Soros is going to be very cautious about his choices when it comes to elections. This year, George Soros is definitely backing Hillary Clinton against the republican candidate. Soros was happy with Clinton for allowing him the chance to talk about ways of running the country. In times like these, it is vital that the right person takes over the presidency so that the United States has a better chance at weathering the crisis that is devastating the economies of the world.

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04 Mar 2016

Wealth and Wisdom: About George Soros  0


Investing in stocks and bonds involves skills that most individuals can learn, but building great wealth while doing so means using finely tuned intuition and observation. George Soros, philanthropist and hedge fund manager, used his intuition to invest wisely and has gathered enough wealth to share his bounty and build his own investment fund. His followers and financial publications learn from his maneuvers, but Soros’ latest move may shock millions. According to an article on The Street website, “Week Ahead: Does George Soros Know Something We Don’t?”, Soros Fund Management dropped Chevron, Chesapeake Energy and NRG Energy shares from its investment portfolio. The article continues, describing how volatile energy stock is and how prices will stay unpredictable because Iran intends to add their own oil to an already shaky market when Saudi Arabia and Russia agreed to stop oil production until the price per barrel rises.

Investors may wonder if Soros has acted unwisely, but his success and philanthropic ventures make Soros an example of how to invest and divest wisely, then how to help others with the accumulated wealth. Soros’ success may lie in his not having a particular investment strategy, preferring to alter his style in response to the fluctuating markets. According to, he has embraced his own fallibility with the forgiveness that fuels resilience. He feels that our limited understanding is part of the human condition and that there is no shame in being wrong. The real shame lies in not correcting our errors. It is this kindness to himself, which supports his ventures and sustains a belief in his own success. His philanthropic efforts started in 1979 when he provided financial help for Black students wanting to attend Cape Town University. According to his biography at, that first philanthropic spark led to his founding the Open Society Foundations that currently serve over 100 countries. His political views may be attributable to a childhood lived under Nazi occupation.

Soros was born in Budapest during 1930. After surviving the Nazi concentration camps and attending the London School of Economics, he moved to the United States. Then, he accumulated his wealth while working for an international hedge fund. His political activism stems from his belief in a world free of intolerance and replacing hierarchical or authoritarian governments with open societies He states, “My success in the financial markets has given me a greater degree of independence than most other people,” and, “This allows me to take a stand on controversial issues: In fact, it obliges me to do so because others cannot.” To these ends, he writes essays and has written 14 books, allowing readers a glimpse of his views on economics, politics and globalization.

24 Feb 2016

Nobilis Health: Exemplary Patient Care From Choice Partnerships  0


Full-service healthcare development and management companies, such as Nobilis Health, own and manage specialty surgical centers, generally in partnership with the surgeon. Typical services offered at ambulatory surgery clinics include spine surgery, podiatry and pain management; it’s more economical for patients to visit a stand-alone clinic for these services, as opposed to checking into a hospital. Specialty surgery centers that Noblis Health manages are patient-centric, therefore, people feel comfortable visiting the centers managed by Nobilis Health.

When Nobilis Health partners with a physician, they take over the administration and marketing of the surgery clinic, leaving patient care to the highly-skilled surgeon. Since Nobilis Health owns and manages multiple specialty surgery centers and acute care facilities in its growing network, therefore, they bring a wealth of operations and marketing experience to each partnership.


Currently, Nobilis Health utilizes end-to-end marketing, a unique approach that begins with bringing attention to specific diseases and conditions. Each condition requires a customized approach for awareness, from traditional print and radio marketing to innovative channels, such as Facebook and Twitter. Nobilis Health then highlights available treatment and encourages individuals to telephone their call centers for more information.


Nobilis Health is one of the most notable entrants in the rapidly growing healthcare development and management sector; they continue to acquire and operate healthcare facilities in Texas and Arizona. As Dr. Basem Abdelfattah said on the Good Morning Texas program, Nobilis Health strives to offer the best patient care. Management and marketing are important, however, exemplary patient care using the latest technology is the ultimate goal of Nobilis Health.



15 Feb 2016

Feed Them the Way They Deserve  0

Vets will tell you that the very best food for your dog is fresh meats and vegetables that you cook at home keeping in mind that not all human food is safe for dogs. Things like garlic and onion can make your dog extremely sick and in some instances can be fatal. Before you give your dog any people food, research or ask your vet what foods are dangerous.

In the past several years there’s been a big swing towards more natural ingredients that are nutritionally sound and away from grain and meat byproduct fillers. To that end, Freshpet is the first and only manufacturer of pet foods with no preservatives, requiring only refrigeration.

Freshpet may be the first of its kind, but is not the only company to cater to pampered pups and offer foods with better nutrition. Products from companies like Blue Buffalo are raising their game to provide a better quality product for dogs in response to pet parent’s desire to feed their fur babies the best they can. Dog food companies are also trying to stay in step with the trend towards more natural healthy foods, not only for humans but also for dogs.

Beneful is made by Purina and carries a full line of foods and treats to please every owner and every dog. Being overweight is just as bad for your dog as it is for you. For older dogs, carrying extra weight means extra stress on joints that may be suffering from the effects of age. For this, Beneful offers Healthy Weight. This formula is designed to cut the calories but not the flavor and nutrition. It is made with real chicken and vegetables.

Beneful Healthy Puppy, also with real chicken is designed with nutrition puppies need in mind, including DHA which benefits brain and vision development. Beneful also offers a line of wet food made with beef, chicken, carrots, peas, and even spinach. This is a balanced diet with the nutrients your dog needs to thrive.

An overwhelming 95 percent of pet parents that feed their dogs Beneful would recommend it to a friend. That’s really the best testimony. You can trust Beneful to feed your baby well.



04 Feb 2016

Pittsburgh Steelers revamp fashion line with help of retail expert  0

Pittsburgh Steelers fans were in for a treat at the beginning of the season when the NFL team introduced its new fashion line. Along with the fashion line came a new online platform making it easier for fans to buy the items they love on any device. Heading the new fashion campaign was Susan McGalla, director of strategic planning. McGalla, an expert in branding and the retail fashion industry, looked at fan polls and focus groups to understand what the fans wanted. Men wanted something to where to the office, while women wanted something a little more feminine for themselves as well as something more fashionable for their kids. The new line offers polo shirts, sweaters and sweater vests for men to wear to the office. It also offers more feminine clothing with more fashionable designs. The new site also has a “Wear What We Wear” section where fans can purchase items the players themselves wear. McGalla’s goal as director of strategic planning is to use her expertise to help the Pittsburgh Steelers grow their brand and reach new fans. McGalla began her career in the retail sector with Joseph Horne Company after graduating from Mount Union College with a degree in Marketing and business. After eight years with with Joseph Horne, McGalla joined American Eagle as a regional merchandise buyer for women’s clothing. She helped American Eagle go from a men’s clothing focus to focusing on providing clothing and accessories for both genders. As her expertise grew, McGalla rose through the ranks to become chief merchandising officer and finally president over the entire American Eagle company. In 2009, McGalla left American Eagle to pursue a career as a personal consultant. Her expertise have been sought by many different companies as well as Wall Street experts who need an insider’s view of the retail fashion world. After a brief stint at Wet Seal, McGalla started P3 Executive Consulting, LLC which provides advice in marketing, merchandise buying, talent management and other areas of business. In 2015 she then took the job with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

03 Feb 2016

Doe Deere Shares Her Favorite Fashion Rules To Obliterate  0

Doe Deere founded Lime Crime as a way for women to break fashion rules whenever they liked. Bright colors were simply not available from the largest cosmetics lines in the world, and Doe wants women to have better choices. This article explores a few fashion “rules” Doe prefers to break, and each broken rule allows women to dress freely in the morning. Women who want to dress with their personal style in mind must take Doe’s words to heart.

#1: Never Be Afraid To Wear Bright Colors Together

Women have been told for centuries that they must wear bright colors with neutral colors, but Doe wants women to wear as many bright colors as they like. Lime Crime creates bright colors for women to wear on their lips and eyes, and Doe wants women to wear bright green with bright orange if they so choose. The freedom to wear every color imaginable will open up a woman’s wardrobe to untold possibilities.

#2: Mix As Many Patterns As Needed

Mixing patterns is a fashion faux pas in many circles. Designers are asked not to mix patterns, but that rule is slowly going by the wayside. Doe wants women to wear their plaid shirt with a striped skirt just for fun, and she hopes women will mix patterns while wearing the brightest colors they can find. The combination of two broken fashion rules makes a woman’s wardrobe that much more interesting.

#3: Show Off Those Stockings

Stockings are often hidden behind long skirts and closed-toe shoes, but Doe asks women to show off their stockings in their open-toed shoes. Women have been told that they must hide their socks or stockings, but there are amazing socks and stockings with lovely patterns that women may show off using their open-toed shoes. This is a fun fashion rule for women to break when they want to be as cute as they can be.

Breaking fashion rules is an exciting prospect for every woman who has questioned why she must follow certain rules when she is getting dressed in the morning. The fashion rules that Doe has broken may be obliterated in every closet around the world, but women must be bold enough to break the rules. Doe wants women to wear bright colors that come from her Lime Crime line, and she hopes women will match their personal styles to the old fashion rules they choose to ignore.

27 Jan 2016

Dog Food That Eats Like A Meal  0

Fresh cooked chicken and turkey served with wholesome veggies sounds like a great meal for most anybody. In this case however, it’s the furry companion’s meal on topic here. Gourmet dog food has taken on a whole new meaning at the Freshpet factory located in Bethlehem Pennsylvania. CEO, Richard Thompson is to the point of obsessive when it comes to the freshness and quality of their K-9 cuisine. This trend is catching on with other dog food companies as well, but as of this writing they are they only company producing refrigerated dog foods on this scale. Thompson is clearly confident with his statement “This is the next level of how people are going to feed their pets.” Another company on the heels of this new trend in K-9 food is Beneful. They are dedicated to producing mouth watering meals for your furry friends. With quality cuts of chicken, beef,turkey or salmon with accents of nutritious vegetables to savor. Beneful chopped blends are specifically prepared to make your dog a happy camper. They won’t even know that it’s health food! They’ll enjoy every last bite. With veggies like carrots, peas and tomatoes accented with wild rice, your pet will be healthy to boot. The science of nutrition is changing rapidly and it’s no different when it comes to our pet’s health needs. Beneful has prided itself on being a company at the head of the pack. With their new line of gourmet dog food blends, they are aiming to stay right there at the top. You can be sure that whatever type you choose, it will be gone in a flash. Dog’s simply love this food. The empty food dishes speak for themselves. You can purchase the meals on Amazon in single servings or in bulk for convenience. Either way, the combination of freshly prepared meat and veggies, smothered in sauce will have your four legged friend begging for seconds.

15 Jan 2016

How Stephen Murray Has Built the CCMP Capital Firm  0

For the average person, investing their private equity can be a difficult and risky task. You might think about putting your money into stocks or bonds, but you do not know the first thing about looking at the stock market. If you are looking to invest funds but need a lot of help, you might want to work with the CCMP Capital. The CCMP Capital company is there to assist average people just like you when it comes to their investments. They can help to figure out the best investments available as well as manage those investment decisions for you.

Stephen Murray is the former president and chief executive officer of the CCMP Capital firm. He built the business to what you see of it to this day and it is why the firm is as successful as it currently is. Mr. Murray has gone to college for finance and business, allowing him to know a thing or two about what it takes to make a smart investment for people. Steve Murray continues to work with the CCMP Capital company to this day and strives to make it one of the top investment firms in the country at the current moment.

While it is easy to understand how beneficial institutional investor your money can be long-term, it is the short-term decisions that can sometimes cause you to lose lots of money. Thankfully, you can get the investment assistance that you need from the professionals working for the CCMP Capital firm. This takes the guesswork out of making proper investments and knowing that you are going to be growing the funds you have put into the investment of your choosing. The experts can help you to know which investments are riskier than others and which ones will see a growth in your money over time.

Having your money grow in a good investment is easy when you have the help of professionals by your side. There is nothing more devastating than putting your funds into some type of stock or bond and then to see that stock crash and you lose everything that you put into it. The best way to avoid this if you are new to the world of investing is to work with CCMP Capital and the professionals who are employed by the company. They can set up investment accounts for you, educate you on what to look out for as well as help to manage these investments over the course of many years as you have your money put into them. This is an easy and quick way for you to have the funds you need without having to work for it and just allow it to grow steadily over the years.

14 Jan 2016

My Dog Wants Beneful Premium Dog Food  0

Premium Ingredients In Premium Dog Foods
Premium dog food companies have more expenses in making their foods than the cheaper dog food companies. They are paying a bigger overhead, operating cost to keep their product packed with real ingredients that pet owners trust. That is why I choose to feed my dogs Beneful Chopped Blends. It is full of real ingredients, like pieces of chicken, rice and real vegetables. Beneful Chopped Blends comes in 20 different varieties to keep your dog happy when he comes into the kitchen for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I know my dog appreciates the lovely aromas of Beneful, and I’m sure your dog would thank you for it with the wag of his or her tail. I found an article that encapsulates some of this information about premium dog food manufacturers. It talks a great deal about what goes on in their facilities, and it sets my mind at ease to find out that their is such great care and expense taken to bring the finest ingredients to my dog’s bowl. In the article, a worker at the manufacturing facility of a leading premium dog food company puts his nose and his tongue to the test. He takes a bite of dog food that they made, and he remarks that the food “tasted just like Thanksgiving.” My dog means a lot to me, so I want to do everything in my power to give him the best meal I can afford. I went out of my way to find the high quality premium food that I buy. Beneful is packed with real, nutritious ingredients. My dog is able to lead a healthy, active lifestyle because of Beneful. My dog is a member of my family just like everyone else, so I always give him what he wants: Beneful. This information originally came from an article that I found on a website called the Daily Herald. It can be found by going to this link, and I encourage you to read it if you are interested in providing high quality ingredients for your dog.