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17 Jan 2019

How Brian Torchin Is Assisting Companies To Hire The Right People  0


It is a fact that hiring the right people for a job is a hard and confusing task. The complexity of hiring employees stretches to the compatibility aspect of the new workforce to the company’s goals and aspirations. Due to this complexity, Brian Torchin has been on a journey to assist thousands of entities around the USA and in other countries in this important task. In order to accomplish this critical drive of getting the right people in the right job places, he founded one of the most efficient companies, the HCRC Staffing. Unlike other staffing companies in the world of human resource management, the company is home to experienced HR specialists and is empirical driven. Read more about Brian Torchin at Behance

With just one year shy to two decades in operations, Brian Torchin has been part of the redefining the staffing world. It is a reality that different companies have different expectations from employees. This change of expectations makes working with Torchin and his company a better approach to getting the best people in the right places. In his work as a staffing professional, he is able to assist entities and different companies on legal aspects of staffing. The world of employment is also becoming more involved in legal terms apart from changing in nature. Legality aspects and changes in expectations are some of the areas Brian Torchin has specialized in nearly two decades.

Apart from helping companies get the best employees,Torchin is one of the few professionals devoted to walking with different companies and startups in their growth journey. In his journey, Torchin has gained a lot of experience on operational aspects of companies. In addition to being an operational expert, he is a strong believer in strong work ethics. He has therefore been instrumental in fostering string ethics in different workspaces in the USA and outside the USA. Learn more:,13.htm

17 Jan 2019

Doe Deere Went From Impoverished Immigrant To Makeup Master  0

Hailing from a little town in Russia with a population of less than 1 million, Doe Deere knows what it is like to struggle and also knows that it’s important to never give up hope. When she moved to New York City with her little sister and mother and teenager, she had dreamed about what life in the United States would be like for years. It was all over the music and magazines that she obsessed over that America was where you went to for opportunity and she knew she wanted to make her way there.

Life was an intense struggle when Doe Deere made it to the United States and it continued to be difficult for many years. As an accomplished accountant, Doe’s mother did not expect it to be as difficult as it was to find decent paying work when they arrived. To further complicate things, Doe was having difficulty obtaining her records concerning her education which kept her from being able to obtain a real job in New York. She tried to supplement her family’s income by working several odd jobs in her neighborhood like walking dogs and even doing cleaning work.


The hard work that Doe Deere and her mother had put in to support their family just was not enough and the future CEO of Lime Crime found herself living in a homeless shelter with her sister and mother. While she wanted to give up, Doe Deere knew that she couldn’t as New York has always been a sink or swim type of city and they couldn’t allow themselves to sink. It was at this point where they were able to find a home in the projects. It may not have been much, but it was a space where Doe Deere was able to study fashion. Doe Deere has gone from struggling Russian immigrant to running a huge makeup business in the United States. The American Dream is far from dead as long as you are willing to work hard for it and not give up even when the struggle gets very difficult to get through.

15 Jan 2019

The contributions of Guilherme Paulus to the Tourism industry  0

The tourism industry is one of the fastest growing ones in today’s world. Due to the lucrative opportunities noted in the sector, a considerable number of entrepreneurs have taken the initiative of launching investments related to the field. Guilherme Paulus is among the gurus in Brazil that has bear all odds through the various hotels and resorts that he has established in the country. Most of his establishment is usually critically evaluated and designed based on the preferences of his clients. A significant number of individuals have expressed their joy through the comfort that they have achieved in the resorts that the guru has established. Besides, he also observes the culture of the people in the various places he opts to establish his investments.

Having served in the industry for many years, Guilherme Paulus has learned the impact of versatility in a business. He strives to ensure that his ventures operate in conjunction with the modern trends in the market to ensure that he meets all the needs of his many customers. Besides focusing on his clients, he also strives to ensure that he promotes and observes value in everything that he does. His ability to examine the numerous challenges that he goes through in the course of his operations has also enabled him to take measures that eliminate failure in his business and those that promote successes.

Guilherme Paulus has been the trend as a passionate and focused leader by many people, and he continues to put the effort in his work to ensure that he meets his goals. He does not settle for less, and he tries to ensure that he grows his career through innovation and hard work.

Guilherme Paulus is also quick to learn from other people, and he does not discriminate the young and old. He believes that everyone has a talent and a special nature that people can learn from and achieve knowledge. Additionally, he also believes in the strength of being confident and persistence. He has always striven to be courageous in every endeavor that he partakes and his admirable traits have continued to boost him in his career.

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10 Jan 2019

OSI Food Solutions Receives Globe Of Honor Award  0

OSI Food Solutions is one of the established food production facilities in Europe. This company has its headquarters in the United States. It has however expanded its operations to more locations across the world.

Currently, it has food production facilities in 17 countries some in different continents. It has also employed over 20,000 workers to serve in their facilities. The company is still in the process of expanding its operations further and hoping to take their products to every corner of the earth.


OSI Food Solutions is headed by the chief executive officer and chairman Sheldon Lavin. He has worked with this company for the past 40 years, and most of the growth that this company has recorded can be directly attributed to his efforts. Sheldon Lavin has seen this company grow from humble beginnings when it was just a supplier of beef products to one client only, to know that it is a globally recognized food production company. Another leader who has contributed to the growth of this company is the chief operating officer and president David McDonald. He has many years of experience in the food business. He previously worked as the chairman of the North American Meat Institute.

Due to the impact created by the leadership of the company, OSI Food Solutions has been a recipient of major accolades in the food business. The CEO and chairman Sheldon Lavin has won the Global Visionary Award. He won this award because he demonstrated the ability to persevere in efforts to accomplish his goals. Sheldon appealed to the panel because of his ability to turn dreams into reality. He joined this company when it was just a modest meat production company, but over the years he has turned it into a multi-billion business with activities all over the world.

OSI Food Solutions has received recognition from the British Safety Council with the Award of the Globe of Honour. They received this award for showing efforts in protecting the environment through sustainable and healthy production activities. It is also interesting to note that they have been winning this award on a regular basis, showing that they are consistent in their production work.

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09 Jan 2019

Sunday Riley: Skincare With a Devoted Fanbase  0

Sunday Riley is a science-based skincare brand with a huge following. The company is committed to clean products for its consumers to ensure they give their skin the best care possible.

Sunday Riley skincare products are created in small batches using mineral oil and sulfate cleansers and it’s fragranced with natural ingredients like floral and plant extracts. The company takes pride in integrity and knowing where their ingredients come from by maintaining a handful of trustworthy relationships with a few suppliers based in the U.S., Japan, Germany, U.K., France, and Italy.

Sunday Riley offers everything from cleansers to serums and treatments. One of the most popular products is the Luna Sleeping Night Oil. This retinoid oil works to reduce irritation and enhance calmness in the skin while you sleep.

Sunday Riley offers products for all skin types from acne-prone to dry. For dry skin, the C.E.O. C+E antiOXIDANT Protect + Repair Moisturizer will repair your skin using vitamin C and other reparative ingredients.

If your skin is more acne prone, the U.F.O. Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil is your best bet. The balanced formula keeps skin hydrated while fighting acne from the inside out. It’s a fast absorbing formula that works better than most over-the-counter salicylic acids.

If you’re looking to fight aging, Sunday Riley also offers many options for that. The Auto Correct Brightening and Depuffing Eye Contour Cream brightens up undereye circles and keeps that pesky under-the-eye skin moisturized and prevents aging.

Oily skin also can be rescued with a Sunday Riley product: The Martian Mattifying Melting Water-Gel Toner. It uses bentonite clay to keep skin matte all day and suck up any oil that may be produced. This tinder transforms from a gel to a liquid for a lightweight feel and easy absorption.

Sunday Riley products are available at Sephora and on Sunday Riley’s website.

09 Jan 2019

Betsy DeVos The Secretary of Education  0

Betsy DeVos comes from a high-profile family dynasty that has been a player in Republican politics for decades. Ms. DeVos reported $11.6 million in charitable political donations in 2015 alone as part of her vetting process for the post of education secretary. According to Forbes, Ms. DeVos family’s fortune is estimated to be $1.3 billion. Betsy DeVos and her husband have prioritized education when it comes to philanthropy. They contributed $3 million to education in 2015.



Betsy DeVos has had a rocky start to life in Washington. It all started in her Senate confirmation hearing. Ms. Devos shaky answering questions on federal law and policy was a cause of concern. Her first major challenge was when President Trump rescinded a federal law which allowed for transgender children to access bathrooms that were in line with their gender identities. Betsy DeVos quickly met with a rep of the gay and transgender employees to warn of the impending situation.



An aide gave assurance to the employee that Ms. Devos was completely against the move even when there was no clear public indication she’d disagreed with White House.



Those who have worked Ms. DeVos from back in the years of being an advocate for charter schools know she is far from a meek player. She appears calm and collected even in face of overwhelming challenges. In her hometown, she is known to be a fighter and is not afraid to use her fortune to advance her political ideology and agendas.



When she arrived in Washington, Ms. DeVos had no inside government experience and no any known history with President Donald Trump. Some of her critics have pointed out that she has little connections with public schools having attended only private schools throughout her education.



Ms. DeVos has for over 30 years championed for tax dollars to be channeled to charter schools as opposed to public schools. It even runs further as she has publicly supported charter schools run by for-profit business entities.



Mostly because of her efforts, Detroit currently has the largest concentration of charter schools in the United States. Majority of them are low-performing and the supply is more than the demand. This is a glaring contrast as Detroit has some of the worst public schools in the nation and the situation continues to deteriorate each passing day. During her confirmation hearing, Ms. DeVos was keen to note that most Americans go to public schools.


For updates, follow Betsy DeVos on twitter.

26 Dec 2018

The Technology Guru Serge Belamant  0

Serge Belamant is a bold entrepreneur and a pioneer in blockchain technology that he holds patents for. He is the co-founder of several companies such as Zilch Technologies Limited and Net1 UEPS Technologies. Alec Hogg, a renowned financial expert once referred Belamant as the Steve Jobs of South Africa. Belamant’s information technology and architecture expertise have seen him receive numerous awards such as the Analyst of the Year (1980) and System Analyst Award of the Year (1982). Serge Belamant is the inventor of blockchain technology that has a substantial impact on the financial sector. Many financial experts contend that the blockchain technology is the future of the banking and financial sector.

The technology enables financial institutions, governments, and individuals to conduct financial transactions faster and efficiently in a secure environment. About Serge Belamant is a French national born in Tulle France, his family relocated to South Africa when he was 14 years old. In South Africa, Serge Belamant attended the Highlands North High School and Witwatersrand University. At the university, Belamant was unsure of the career to pursue and changed courses thrice. He started with engineering, then computer science and applied mathematics, and finally settled for information systems. Unfortunately, Belamant did not finish college and entered the workforce aged 22. Surprisingly, this did not deter him from becoming a successful technology expert and making himself a name in the financial industry.

Throughout his successful career, Belamant has worked for many companies in different capacities. He worked for Matrix –a civil engineering firm- and Control Data – a company that specializes in computer manufacturing. In 1989, Serge Belamant quit formal employment to venture into entrepreneurship. He started Net1 UEPS Technologies in October 1989 that made history when it created the first blockchain debit cards. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Net has operations in Namibia, Botswana, and Mozambique. The blockchain debit card revolutionized banking because it is handy for offline use. It does not require an electrical connection and linkage to a central computer. Therefore, the technology is user-friendly, cost-effective, and timesaving. In 1995, Visa –a financial giant- contracted Net1 to design a new Visa application referred to as COPAC that employs the UEPS technology to allow offline usage.


26 Dec 2018

ClassDojo as a Community Building App for Teachers  0

One of the great themes of technological developments is the unintended outcomes that a new form of technology will have on its user. Often it has unexpected consequences, leading us to wonder whether it is truly worth it. Many other times, a positive outcome will occur in addition to the device or software’s original intent, almost like an added bonus. Technology in the classroom is certainly not an exception, and may even be one of the greatest examples of unexpected outcomes on both sides of the spectrum.

ClassDojo and other classroom apps have been introduced to the learning environments have had such a wide variety of effects on teachers, students, and parents, that it may be impossible to ever document them all. One important thing to be said of technology in the classroom, such as the app ClassDojo, is the great benefit in both communication and community. Teachers speak to the positivity that is sparked in the environment when students are able to work together within an app, and the ability to share messages, photos, and videos with parents and families throughout the day is a benefit to the entire learning community.

Teachers that embrace technology have found, in many ways, that they can rise up to greater levels than ever before. The community of parents and students is not the only one positively impacted; teachers can create larger networks with each other than ever before. Conferences and seminars have grown to online discourse, while chat rooms have evolved to social media, networking apps such as ClassDojo, and other forums to create extensive resources not just in education, but in nearly every profession.

One example of the teaching community, brought to us by ClassDojo, is a teacher who was unsure of how to make a visually impaired, non-English speaking student feel welcome. This professional utilized ClassDojo to tap into a community of colleagues who had been there before, and who gave her the tools to better teach this student, while improving herself along the way.

26 Dec 2018

Steve Ritchie is the New CEO for Papa Johns  0

Papa John’s has been rated number 1 for the past 16 years that it has been in operation. It has received the number one rating for customer satisfaction. Recently, the company hired a new CEO, Steve Ritchie. Steve Ritchie has always had a passion for the brand and worked hard to find the company to be in the top position. Steve Ritchie is described by his associates as cool tempered and soft-spoken.


Work Experience


Ritchie who is now 43 years started working for the company in 1996 as a customer service representative. Back then, he was being paid $6 per hour. In 2006, Ritchie became the operator and owner of Papa John’s franchise. It is not until 2010 that he began to increase his leadership capabilities and in 2014, he got promoted as the chief operating officer. Ritchie also was listed as one of the successors to the top job in 2015 when he became the company’s president. There is no doubt that Steve Ritchie is a hard worker having worked his way up the ladder. He started from humble beginnings as a customer service representative, and then to a delivery driver, store general manager; he became the director of operations and the president.


Steve Richie will be in charge of a team of 120,000 and will be responsible for steering the company to achieve success. He will take the company to the next stage of growth. As the chief executive officer, Ritchie will facilitate the company’s marketing, global development, and customer experience. Ritchie will focus on the team members to help steer the company to the right position. From Steve Ritchie growth, it is evident that the employees have an opportunity to achieve any position as long as they work hard. There is 98% of the restaurant managers in Papa Johns who was promoted from their hourly positions such as customer service, shift managers and delivery drivers.

22 Dec 2018

Paul Mampilly Says The Stock Market Pickup Will Be Evidenced In The Internet Of Things Sector  0

Paul Mampilly is always pointing out tidbits of information about the stock market to readers who may not understand it that well, and he says sometimes the market can get artificially driven up or down. This last November he noted there was some fear mongering tactics going on led by a few speculators and big name investors encouraging people to sell. Paul Mampilly says that while you have to be careful about some stocks running artificially high, some of the drops have been artificial as well, and many fear mongerers want to buy the stocks sold at bottom bargain prices. Paul Mampilly believes the market really only is at the beginning of success, especially for the internet of things sector.

Stocks in that sector would be based in companies such as robotics manufacturers, smart home appliances, self-driving vehicles and much more, and Mampilly says investors need to hold stocks in that area. Paul Mampilly researches stocks on his own research and provides investors sound advice on how he believes they will do. He is an immigrant from India who received his bachelor’s degree in economics and finance from Montclair State University. His working career was spent in entry level and then administrator level positions at Deutsche Bank, ING and Banker’s Trust. Mampilly then took on a huge role as managing director of Kinetics International Fund.

This hedge fund began at $6 billion, but Mampilly grew it to $25 billion in a very short time. Amidst the other successes he had was growing $50 million in assets he was given for a competition into $76 million and doing so even in the midst of the 2008 housing crisis. And he also bought startup shares in Sarepta Therapeutics, a pharmaceutical company whose stock shot through the roof as it grew rapidly. Paul Mampilly had earned so much by the time he was 42 that he decided to retire from his Wall Street career and run his investment business. He now advises regular people through subscription newsletters on Banyan Hill’s website, though he also writes for the company’s free one. You can understand investing in pretty simple terms from Mampilly, and you can take charge of your own portfolio without needing a brokerage firm to do it. Mampilly’s three main newsletters are “Profits Unlimited,” “Extreme Fortunes,” and “True Momentum,” and they can all be found on his investment newsletter.