Ara Chackerian is a well-known investor, entrepreneur and philanthropist who is involved in things like angel investing. Chackerian uses its liquidity and assets for large and small development projects that he thinks would be very successful. By supporting ventures that are based in local communities, Ara Chackerian wanted to provide essential benefits to all who are involved in the projects that Chackerian supports. Ara Chackerian believes strongly in what environmentalists do. Things like environmentalism and sustainability are important issues for Ara Chackerian.

Limonapa Teak was a company that Ara Chackerian invested in since he was interested in making sure that he and others leave earth in much better shape than how he initially found it. Limonapa Teak produces teak wood while focusing on sustainability. Ara Chackerian’s firm is situated in Nicaragua in a region called Chinandega. Limonapa Teak produces nearly one thousand acres of area that was once known for grazing cattle. And although a lot of grazing cattle have had a negative effect due to harmful practices and mismanagement in areas of Nicaragua like Chinandega.

Ara Chackerian, along with many industry leaders are currently looking for ways to reduce the harm and burden that has been put on the environment. The forestry industry has felt the adverse effects of deficient practices. These practices involved the slashing and burning of the environment that has caused a lot of devastation, especially in parts of Latin America where Ara Chackerian and Limonapa Teak has been solely focused as a company. Chackerian is both a wise entrepreneur and manager who has implemented some of the best practices regarding the forest management and the timber industry.

Ara Chackerian and many other firms, which are part of the forestry and timber milieus have put into place many programs that deal with things like forest management. Ara Chackerian and the company, Limonapa Teak is an example of a company that shows that sustainable farming is possible. Chackerian also revealed that the farming he supports is both profitable and beneficial.