Alex Hern

As the Co-Founder of Tsunami XR, and a technology business entrepreneur for 26 years, Alex Hern has provided career value for company startup investment. Hern has acquired business acumen from previous Goldman Sachs directorship. As Director of Inktomi Goldman Sachs-led IPO (INKT), Hern created search technology for MSN, Yahoo and AOL. Alex Hern went on to co-found Yesmail, achieve CEO status for Military Commercial Technologies, serve as board member for ArcSight, and found CloudShield among other business concerns. This startup business value has been channeled into his current Tsunami offering.


Tsunami XR offers new virtual reality software platforms to enhance CPU to GPU computing trends. XR stands for cross-reality activity. Hern is striving to create cloud-computing for graphics-intensive software and applications. The company is currently valued at $6 Billion and shows continues upward revenue cycle. In fact, market experts predict over $22 Billion company value by YR2022. Tsunami XR offers cloud computing options for:


  • Machine Learning Applications
  • AI Applications
  • Graphics Applications

Hern values drivers for focused writing; applied awareness for focus; partnerships based on integrity and community; ability to embrace risk and change; employee business health; leadership capabilities; preparation always; and, short-term goals to always drive long-term goals.


Alex Hern has been successful in bringing Augmented Reality (AR) to the workplace. For example, AR interactive experience has been commercialized through construction of:

  • AR Head Mounted Displays
  • VR Glasses
  • VR Goggles

These products have monetized AR for the gaming industry, and for the construction industry. More workplace applications are under development. Microsoft has produced a HaloLens hardhat to aid construction work requiring AR access. The HaloLens integrates specialized sensors, advanced optics, and a custom holographic processing unit for usage.


Alex Hern continues to bring his business startup expertise to these GRU, XR and AR business solutions. Tsunami XR is positioned to provide increasing technology investment potential.

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