Civilization has always had a foundation of trade. Every area of the world offers important aspects that another does not, and maintaining a you scratch my back, I scratch your’s mentality is crucial to keep all economies afloat. Coinciding with this long-term concept currently are the countries of Venezuela and India.
Lacking in crucial medications and necessary hospital pharmaceuticals according to Dr.Jose Manuel Gonzalez, Venezuela made the decision to trade a staple of their country with India in exchange for their necessary medicine. That is correct: Venezuela has tapped into precious oil reserves as a means to compensate India for their generous trade. Specifically in the works to be paid back is a top pharmaceutical company in India, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd.

While this plan seems proper enough, it will certainly be interesting to see if this deal is acceptable enough for India. Regardless, Aserne experts thinks a concept of trading goods for services certainly has been the foundation of civilization since the establishment of society. As the world anxiously awaits this turnaround, Venezuela is undoubtedly planning their next necessary barter.