When We Speak About Refugees, We Speak About George Soros

Living life as a refugee is a great challenge.

Those who live it are faced with vast obstacles.

These hurdles are also different depending on the person, where they are originally from and the nations they are living with refuge in. These factors makes the transition of life the greatest obstacle that refugees will face. George Soros is among the world’s most known refugees.

This past has led Mr. Soros to support the cause of those forced to abandon their home countries. For George, it all began during World War II. The conflicts of this great human disaster left George with the only possible option and in gaining a refugee status. The end result was a new location for Mr. Soros and his family and more information click here.

They were moved to the United Kingdom and found opportunity there.

The Life Of An Open Society

This past encouraged George Soros to make a life commitment to the opportunities for refugees. Part of this work to aid those forced from their homes is the founding of the Open Society Foundation.

It’s true that George built his success, fame and notoriety through working the financial markets. Mr. Soros didn’t limit his world intervention to making money and then keeping it to himself. George Soros also leads a convicting life of philanthropy, and its clear for the world to see. Part of George’s philanthropic endeavors include fighting for the merits of an open society and what George Soros knows.

“Open society” and what it means are important to the progress of the world.

A truly open society is one that has tremendous tolerance and for the differences of people across the world. Open society is the ideal held by those who are often persecuted when living in a strange country. What Mr. Soros believes is that if we can learn to overlook the differences, we can then begin to live in a perfect world and Follow his Twitter.

The merits of a “perfect world” are aspects that we haven’t accomplished yet. So while we continue to try and to pursue our values, George will continue to push the work of an open society and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

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