People tend to think of business and technology executives as rather stoic people. A smart business suit, a reserved demeanor, and never a raised voice or hint of intense passion in the eyes. And of course for the businesswoman one might also expect that same reservation in her choice of makeup. And to be fair, there is some reason for this sterotype. Meetings are often filled with people who seem cut from the same cloth. But there’s an important distinction to be made between people who’ve inherited power and those who’ve generated and claimed it for themselves. The latter are far more dynamic, colorful, and frankly a lot more fun to be around. They’re the kind of people who found the companies rather than those who are given it. The people who inspire people to be their best and follow in their footsteps rather than try to diminish them or get them to stand in line. And one of the best examples of a person like this can be found in Doe Deere.

To understand what makes Doe Deere the woman she is it’s important to first look into her past. And one of the important things to understand about her is that she’s always had a foot solidly set in multiple different worlds. One of the first examples of this can be found when she began to find herself interested in artistic expression beyond her academic background. She’d been classically trained in high fashion. And she had some pretty amazing ideas of how to apply that to the world. But when she was offered a chance to join up with a rock band it proved to be an offer she couldn’t refuse. And joining up turned out to be one of the most important decisions of her life. Not for any kind of musical experience, though one might imagine that did make some impact on her life.

The most important thing was the chance to really see a vast array of people. She had an opportunity to see how people dressed, and how they reacted to how other people dressed. And she had a chance to see people’s makeup and how they reacted to the same. This led her to investigate some more experimental ideas for her own makeup application. It also led to a growing disappointment in the choices available to her. The makeup options simply weren’t living up to her needs.

But the woman who’d one day be a powerful and charismatic CEO wasn’t going to be stopped by a lack of makeup options. Instead of giving up she decided to follow her daydream. Which is also advice she’s been heard to give other people on more than one occasion. In this instance it meant a grueling process of learning and experimentation. But in the end of it she emerged as someone who’d learned to not only create makeup but to create some of the best makeup around. Other people realized the high quality of her work as well. As people begged for some of her limited supply, Doe Deere realized that she had to go bigtime with it. Doe Deere turned it into a brand, Lime Crime. And in the process she’s created one of the most dynamic and exciting companies around.