Out of all the food processors in the world, the US is home to one of the best. This particular company has experience that dates back to 1909. During the early days, the company specialized as a meat market. As of today, this company is a global powerhouse that specializes in a number of foodservice sectors. OSI Industries is the company that’s in question, and it provides the services of managing, distribution, processing and sourcing. In addition to that, OSI has also grown into a custom-food producer. This means that the company can take specific instructions and produce a genuine product that’s tantalizing.

How is this actually done? Well, the entire process is somewhat technical, but just know that OSI Industries has some of the finest food experts. The company’s R&D specialists play a crucial role in food development as well as play a crucial role in creating global cuisines. At each of the company’s main facilities, the R&D specialists can be found. On the other hand, OSI Industries has facilities in at least17 countries worldwide. This includes facilities in the Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Canada, Japan, Australia, Brazil, India, Hungary and Spain. Of course, this only scratches the surface in total workplace facilities.

Panini, pizza, Tofu, cooked sausagelinks, ribettes, turkey products, chili, lettuce, pasta, soups, marinades, chicken fried steak, meatballs, meatloaf, tomatoes, beans, hot dogs and many other foods are being mass produced on a daily basis. OSI Industries has an extensive supply chain that can reach its clients’ locations in the fastest amount of time. The logistical process has been conquered by this food giant. OSI Industries has basically set a new standard in food services, which is a testament to its success. The Sustainability Vision of Sheldon Lavin, CEO of OSI Group

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