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17 Jun 2019

Sergey Petrossov-a visionary with a good head for business  0

Becoming a successful entrepreneur takes hard work and dedication. Sergey Petrossov is a living proof that hard work and persistence eventually pay off. He is currently a JetSmarter CEO. He was rewarded Forbes 30 under 30 in Consumer Technology. He was also awarded South Florida’s Top Professional by Sun Sentinel.

It might be useful to provide a little background information on Sergey Petrossov. He truly has an impressive resume of past accomplishments. Prior to working at JetSmarter, he co-founded two IT projects. These were an online chat system for website customer service and a distance-learning platform for Russian-speaking educational institutions.

He became truly inspired with the innovative idea of starting his own business, namely the JetSmarter when he himself experienced the inconvenience of booking a charter flight. He considered this booking process cumbersome at best. Putting the use of technology to work, he came out with the quick and efficient way to book charter flights, namely through JetSmarter app.

He later developed and launched a special app that would allow flyers to book private jet flights. He believed in his project’s success so much that he invested his own money in it. He initially launched the app back in August 2012 but it was available only to a select few who wished to book luxurious and expensive private jet flights. However, after investing more of his own money in the app and developing successful marketing strategies to promote the app, he finally launched an updated version of the app JetSmarter. From this point on, the app became available to the general public.

In conclusion, today the JetSmarter app makes the air travel for the elite or high net worth individuals as easy as ordering Uber. Interestingly, however, basic membership starts at 5000 per year.

03 Jun 2019

Fly high with me-Bhanu Choudhrie!  0

Investor, entrepreneur, investor, Harvard graduate… Bhanu Choudhrie! This man perfected the art of turning his private equity investments into highly profitable endeavors! He completed his undergraduate degree in International business and marketing, only to go on and secure an internship at JP Morgan in the United States.

It was realized that there was a lack of air travel in Asia, as well as a shortage of qualified pilots; so when he saw a need and he met it with passion! Bhanu Choudhrie went on to create Alpha Aviation Group Ltd., a firm of his that has invested in pilot training for the purpose of meeting the increase in demand for air travel in Asia. AAG went on to become unmatched due to the quality of the programs that are offered, the highly qualified team, the equipment and their facilities! It quickly gained a reputation for a high success rate of it’s graduates, and training programs that are offered to both seasoned pilots and beginners!

Bhanu Choudhrie grew his ambitions, along with the capacity to transport passengers in India; 7 million annually to be exact! Air Decan, a once small airline in India that only offered one plane was grown to over 200 flights a day within just 5 years! Amazing! This was just one of several acquisitions in the aviation sector that was taken on by
Bhanu Choudhrie.

He also found his niche in the field of real estate and hospitality! From the opening of a hotel in Vietnam, to several profitable restaurants like the Moti Mahal Indian Restaurant in Covent Garden, Bhanu Choudhrie’s lives in the mindset of “respect hard work and the value of money” in his own words! He currently is based in London, but travels to Asia for up to two weeks to a month sometimes to monitor Choudhrie’s investments. One thing that we can all learn from this man is that with hard work, determination and a dream, we can change the world when we aim for the sky!

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01 Jun 2019

Article Title: Brings Grand Tokaj Hungarian Wines To Its Customers  0

Hungarian sweet wines

Hungarian sweet wines are now being made available to all customers thanks to the Hungarian winery Grand Tokaj, who is recognized as a leading Chinese e-commerce giant. has made its welcome of Grand Tokaj a memorable event for all of its customers, which embraced the launch of the famous Hungarian Wines on its official launch day on in Later April of 2019. More than 400K of’s customers stopped by the launch to take advantage of the launch.

Grand Tokaj Makes First Foray into Chinese e-Commerce

This will be Grand Tokaj’s first initial attempt in the Chinese e-commerce market. is happy to work with Grand Tokaj and to assist them with many helpful marketing activities as well as place the stage for their full display of sweet Hungarian wines so that many customers will find an appealing presentation for the Grand Tokaj wines. JD.som will use its long standing market and data analysis to help Grand Tokaj to reach the customers who would find their Hungarian wines most appealing. will also make sure that these customers who order the Grand Tokaj wines will receive them the same or next day after their order has been processed.

Well-respected Winery

Grand Tokaj is a well-respected winery in Hungary and is backed by the government; furthermore, Grand Tokaj is the oldest and most esteemed winery in the Tokaj-Hegyalja Wine Region. Grand Tokaj’s most sweet wines mature and age with a process that was perfected in 1630, like the “Tokaji Aszu” wine.

Grand Tokaj Well Embraced by Customers

The Grand Tokaj brand of wines has already been quickly and delightfully received by a host of customers the first days of its launch between April 17-22, where 1,000 of its signature Tokaji Aszu wine was quickly “snapped up” by’s enthusiastic wine connoisseurs; yes, all within the first 10 hours of the Grand Tokaj’s sweet Hungarian wines were made available. Grand Tokaj received more than 400,000 customers on its launch day. Only one other brand surpasses the fans of the Hungarian Grand Tokaj, which is the Baijiu giant Moutai.

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