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30 Jun 2019

Ashley Lightspeed and Being Cautious  0

When creating a company, Ashley Lightspeed would know that it takes time and patience for seeds that were sown to pay off. Customers have to be happy and Ashley Lightspeed knows that progress must be made.

Remember, that success does not happen overnight. It must take place with persistence and dedication. The right people must be onboard and one must push it forward.

This is why most people do not start businesses. They want to be able to have something to fall back on and rest on now. It is not something to blame people for. There are costs involved in creating a large ventures, excess stress from all sides does not help in any way. To learn more about Ashley lightspeed view her Crunchbase profile

Keeping all of this in mind, with drivers already complaining about Uber’s controlling algorithm and demanding basic employee amenities such as minimum wage, benefits and health insurance, lowering their already low compensation wouldn’t really be a good idea. If they leave, they would leave for good. And those who work for other companies such as Lyft might not really want to switch to Uber given how the company has treated them in the past.

While Khosrowshahi has promised to change Uber for the better, and has actually delivered to some extent, the company still has a long way to go. Uber drivers are still not given the same benefits as fulltime employees, and it really doesn’t seem like the company would be going that far in its quest for change to make that happen. From what could be seen, it cannot do with more expenses over its head.

Given these developments, this idea to lower compensations could effectively be negated as well. It is not so unfortunate either, especially when you look at this from the perspective of the drivers that work for the company.


28 Jun 2019

Marten De Jeu Crucial Advice On Taking Your Business In The Global Market  0

Most businesses, especially those that have achieved so much, instantly plan of invading other territories or venturing to the global scene. Going international connotes higher profitability and serving a wider market. However, there are many factors that must be closely evaluated first before venturing into the global arena, and international business strategist and consultant Maarten de Jeu has crucial tips about global expansion.

As a seasoned international business strategist and consultant, Maarten de Jeu suggests to first consider the market demand and the laws and regulations of the target location. He also recommends taking into consideration the culture and language of the place. Maarten also notes that any company planning to enter the international market must analyze and prepare the business’ standardization and finances.

Maarten de Jeu has an extensive background and comprehensive understanding of the global market. He established the SVM Business Advisory, which is a staple firm among key decision-makers, business owners, and CEOs in consulting matters related to big and crucial business decisions, especially in global or international market expansion. Maarten has an impressive academic background and got his MBA degree from Oxford University, where he graduated as the top student in the class.

The SVM Business Advisory served as Maarten de Jeu’s firm that helps the client in their decision-making process and allows them to take advantage of the founder’s extensive knowledge of the institutional and cultural development, in-depth understanding of the industry, and comprehensive technical expertise. Before he founded the consultancy firm, Maarten de Jeu worked at Aviva plc where he was assigned to be the director of the Strategy and Corporate Department. He also handled the company’s operation in London and worked as the team’s Strategy Manager.

Additionally, Maarten de Jeu served as a consultant at TVDK Management Consultants and handled the big names in the business like ING, Sara Lee, and Heinz. He is also a favorite name among Fortune 100 companies in seeking business consulting services. Maarten de Jeu is highly revered for his knack and efficiency to develop projects by creating multicultural and multi-disciplinary settings. While there are many benefits if a business explores the international market. Maarten de Jeu believes that it also comes with serious risks that could eventually damage the name of the business and paralyze its entire operation if not handled in the right way.
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In order for a business to effectively expand in the global arena, key decision-makers must ensure first that the business is treading into safer waters. Maarten de Jeu also advises that businesses must conduct thorough research first about its target location and learn more about its culture, laws, regulations, and market behavior. Going global but rushing it will never yield productive effects on the business.

Marten de Jeu understands the international market and he knows that exposing the business without extensive planning and preparation could be detrimental to its overall operation not only in the global scene. His tips are products of his long years working in the global market

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28 Jun 2019

Richard Liu Qiangdong – Advice to Young Entrepreneurs  0

Richard Liu Qiangdong has become one of the most popular names in the business and e-commerce world across the globe in recent times. It is due to the business and marketing strategies that he successfully implemented at his company,, which helped the firm become one of the biggest e-commerce companies of all times. As of now, it is the fourth largest company in China and the second-biggest e-commerce companies in China. Richard Liu Qiangdong had been interested in starting a business and becoming wealthy from a very young age, and it is what inspired him to study business administration from the China Europe International Business School after graduating from Renmin University with a degree in sociology.

Richard Liu Qiangdong knows what it is like to fail, and he failed several time before finally getting success out of He worked for a company named Japan Life, which is a herbal and nutrition firm from Japan, as director of computers for a couple of years before leaving the firm. Richard Liu also tried his hands with the restaurant business, but even that didn’t work out. However, the streams of disappointment he got before didn’t de-motivated him, but actually encouraged him to do better and search harder. When the retail business of his chain of stores in China wasn’t doing good during the SARS outbreak in China, Richard Liu decided to take business online. It wasn’t easy at the beginning, but in due course, he was able to understand how the e-commerce business structure and management should be like. Richard Liu made marketing and advertising plans accordingly, and it went on to give good results and profits eventually.

Richard Liu offers excellent advice to entrepreneurs looking to enter the e-commerce industry. Richard Liu feels that the competition in the sector is high and they need to set themselves apart from others by providing excellent service to their customers. If the customer is not happy with the customers, nothing else will is essential that the customers get value for money by shopping at your e-commerce website.

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28 Jun 2019

Sheldon Lavin and the Value of Vison  0

OSI is a company operating in multiple countries at 65 facilities, employing 600,000 people. OSI’s CEO is Sheldon Lavin, who the Vision World Academy saw fit to honor with the Global Visionary Award.

Under Lavin’s leadership, OSI Group became an international force in 16 countries, processing food to the tune of billions of dollars. This accomplishment took leadership qualities such as determination and consistent purpose, which are the type of qualities this award seeks to recognize.

Indeed, if it weren’t for Sheldon Lavin’s drive, OSI wouldn’t have expanded outside of the U.S. and consequently wouldn’t have started OSI-Vista Processed Foods’ locations in India. India is the country that offers the Global Visionary Award.

Sheldon Lavin knew he wanted to be in business since the time he decided to major in it at school. He started working in a financial management capacity at a meat processing company, and the longer he stayed the more advancement he got until he eventually became the owner.

His vision for the company was to hold high standards of quality that could be compared to the best in the industry anywhere. Now, his protein products, sauces, baked goods, and other products have a global reach.

Sheldon Lavin attributes the unusual success for a company its size to OSI’s family-like atmosphere. Rules and priorities still exist, but input is taken from workers at all levels. He makes it a priority to always listen and to eat with coworkers. The connection extends to a first name basis.

Lavin has partnered OSI with Ronald McDonald House Charities, as well as other charitable organizations. Lavin envisions continued growth for OSI even after he retires, because there is talent in the company to keep it moving forward.

Lavin is commited to the wellbeing of his company and its employees. He was humbled and honored to receive the Global Visionary Award. The company family continues to grow as OSI does business in more countries, creating more job opportunities.


His hope for the future is to enspire leaders to practice business in a way that respects employees instead of trying to leverage the most amount of work from them for the least compensation. OSI’s Sheldon Lavin receives Global Visionary Award

28 Jun 2019

Gustavo Martinez: Opening the Doors to Success  0

Very few have achieved the same success that Gustavo Martinez has. He has spent more than 30 years in marketing and advertising and currently serves as CEO of J. Walter Thompson Worldwide. His work has led to some of the most innovative, creative, and iconic ads of this time. Being the head of such a creative powerhouse requires certain traits that are forged with experience. As the head of one of the worlds largest marketing firms, he has a few things to teach aspiring professionals. Here are a few takeaways for anyone looking to one day walk in his shoes.



Active Listening


One of the greatest traits employed by Mr. Martinez on a daily basis is active listening. There is a huge difference between listening and active listening. The fundamental difference in the latter is to quiet the small voice in one’s mind when listening to others. Do not listen to hear what others are saying, but focus on their words and try to understand where they are coming from. Active listening is a trait that is strengthened with practice and is compulsory for a successful entrepreneur. When it comes to the arena of advertising and marketing the concept is doubly important. It is essential to understand multiple perspectives. One should approach problems like advertising in collaboration.



Creativity and Synergy


It goes without saying that marketing and advertising are fundamentally based on creativity. It is the ‘raw ore’ that it is built on, according to Mr. Martinez. The success achieved by giants, like himself, is built on diversity and eclectic backgrounds. Sometimes creative solutions are birthed from another’s experience, but nurtured by another’s vision. Putting together a team that works well together and plays on each other’s strengths is the key. The synergy that exists within his team is a direct result of his leadership. He spends ample time searching for the best of the best and only hires those who fit his personal standards. However, this sometimes results in even more creative solutions like hiring consultants. He believes that since creativity is such a large part of the job, it is important to account for everyone’s creative process. Consulting allows creatives to do the best work possible. It allows them to contribute their unique perspective to a synergetic partnership.





If synergy and active listening are the keys then recognition is the force that opens the door. Showing recognition for a job well done is a great motivator. Recognition can push people to new heights and inspire new ideas. Humans are instinctually drawn to this form of positive reinforcement.


So, remember to praise good work, encourage new ideas, and bolster synergism to achieve success.


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27 Jun 2019

Carsten Thiel Is A Leader In Pharmaceuticals  0

Carsten Thiel is viewed as a pioneer and innovator in the world of medicine and he is currently EUSA Pharma’s European President. Over the years, he has been able to impact the lives of thousands of patients who have used the medications that he helped to devel and market. Some of these medications that Carsten Thiel was involved with include Neulasta, Vectibix, Prolia, and Strensiq. His ability to lead these successful launches has garnered him a strong reputation and his expertise is often sought by different companies. When making decisions, he always puts medial ethics first in order to keep the best interest of patients in mind.

While Carsten Thiel may be known for his business acumen, he is also highly educated when it comes to science and has multiple degrees to show from it. While attending primary school, he was known as an excellent student and this continued during his college years at Marburg where he studied Biology before attending the University of Bristol. At the University of Bristol, Carsten Theil spent his time learning organic chemistry and biochemistry. He concluded his education with a Ph.D. in Molecular Biolpgy which was earned at the Mx Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry.

After graduating, Carsten Thiel decided to choose the pharmaceutical industry as his career path and he began to climb the corporate ladder after seeing a great deal of success early on. His first job in the pharmaceutical industry was with Hoffman La-Roche where he worked as a Product and Communication. Because of a combination of scientific knowledge, interpersonal skills, and innovative ways of thinking, he was able to flourish in his role at the company and began getting promoted to positions with more responsibility. He understands the importance of marketing and being able to maintain a good reputation with the media and patients.

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24 Jun 2019

Bennett Grabner – Successful in The Difficult World of Television  0

Everyone is familiar with television shows, and we all have the shows that we like, and those that we don’t. In fact, most of us can remember thinking that we might be able to create, direct and film shows better than the professionals. These are normal thoughts, but not very realistic. As in other aspects of the real world, success in the competitive world of TV production is very difficult. It depends on many different factors such as audience taste, budget, sponsorship, writing and more (Chronicleweek). 


To better understand, let’s take more of an in-depth look at the world of television production, and specifically let’s gain insight into the industry by looking at the career of Bennett Graebner, a successful producer of shows like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette:


This film director is a graduate of Vassar College with a degree of English. Bennett Graebner graduated Phi Beta Kappa and went on to attend film school at the University of Southern California where he received his MFA from the University in cinematic Arts. Upon graduation, he worked for a variety of different companies within the entertainment industry. He often worked in the role of production assistant and then ascended to higher positions along his career as a producer. However, Graebner also had an eye for framing and Lighting, and so took out numerous projects as cinematographer. This type of position helped give him a new perspective form film and television content.


Impact of varied roles


Because of his work in different areas of production, Grabner was able to understand all aspects of film development. It is this that has helped him get the results he needs from his team. 


Bennett Graebner Understands Entertainment.


Graebner success is largely in the field of reality television, and many people believe that this is different from other areas of production. When in fact, reality TV is similar to other forms of entertainment. The show formats deviate somewhat but as Bennett Graebner explains there still needs to be and the understanding of what compels audiences to continue watching, and there is a need to imbue reality TV with a similar level of intrigue as fictional narration.


To that end, it would be precise to say that Grabner understands story and structure. It is this that guides his production efforts. For him, it is important to create shows that have a beginning, middle and end as well as an important narrative Arc. This makes producing reality TV, in some ways, more difficult than traditional programs, says Mr Grabner. 

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24 Jun 2019

The success journey of Greg Blatt  0

For professionals seeking to make a name out there, it is always important for them to learn from the successful players in their fields. Analyzing these examples enlightens them on what it takes to build and maintain a business. Businesses should meet the clients’ needs and expectations while also making revenues for sustainable growth. Greg Blatt is a top CEO in the online dating industry. He has worked with popular dating companies such as Match Group, Tinder and IAC.

The rise of Greg Blatt.


Greg attributes his rise in the online dating industry to his enterprising and optimistic attitude to business ideas. He has held top-level positions in the Tinder, IAC and Match Group companies. The top positions include a CEO position for the three organizations. Also, Greg was CEO at Tinder and Match Group.  He has also held a vice president counsel position at AIC. The top range positions are only available for top executives, which proves his flexibility in working for different areas.


Before working for three top companies, he was a general counsel and business affairs advisor for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. He also held other top-level positions in the firm including that of executive vice president and secretary of the company. Before his ascension to the company, he served in many law firms (1995-1999). Blatt went to Colgate University for his Bachelor of Arts in English and literature/letters. He then proceeded to Columbia University for a doctorate degree and graduated as a doctor of law (Interview).


Part of the reason for his excellence in the business industry is his law background. A law background is necessary for anyone who wants a leadership position. Studying for law instills discipline in a person such as Greg Blatt since the course requires a lot of time and effort. This discipline is necessary for any venture and it the major reason for Greg’s rise. Besides his attention to the customer, satisfaction has made him popular among different clients.



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24 Jun 2019

Changing Representation in Business with Isabel dos Santos  0

Entrepreneur Isabel dos Santos is the first Billionaire in Africa. She has a focus on technology, which is her area of expertise. Women from all backgrounds are starting to take the business world by storm. Any woman can help this cause within their own circles. Even with all these changes toward a more balanced society, you still don’t often see many women in top positions in companies.


As a manager, Isabel dos Santos has made sure to nurture and encourage women to create a more balanced path for men and women. One huge advantage to this is higher productivity. Most companies want high productivity but the only real way to get that is to have an equally diverse team on the problem. Men and Women think differently about issues so this will create more complete solutions (Affiliatedork).


Dos Santos sees this issue as an economic issue, not just an equality one. The world bank said the global wealth would be about $160 trillion higher if women made the same as men in business. These changes aren’t new and this has been changing for a while. The way Isabel dos Santos handles being a manager is how she hopes all companies in Africa will eventually be handled.


When Isabel dos Santos became a billionaire she joined a club of 2,043 members. The landscape of business is changing slowly and there are 11 black billionaires and one of them is her. Power, in general, is usually distributed to those groups who already have it. It’s important that there are black individuals among the billionaires because it opens up possibilities to help struggling communities. She has used her wealth and position to not only help equality in business but the communities of Africa as well.


While Dos Santos has helped Africa by bringing opportunities to the country, her company has been making waves on the international platform. She went to school in Kent, England, and university in London. This upbringing allowed her to see the international platform outside of her home country. With the grounding in the international economy and technology field, she has the means to see potential economic growth in various sectors.

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23 Jun 2019

The Next Mission For OSI Group  0

Sheldon Lavin will direct OSI Group on their next mission as a company. The food supplier and logistics powerhouse is ready to take their company to new heights. They have so many achievements throughout their century of being in business. But they want Sheldon Lavin to direct the company to being in a position where they have sustainable business practices.

Sheldon Lavin is prepared to assume the executive role of propelling the organization to doing bigger and better things. His experience and history with the company proves he thoroughly knows what it will take for the company to continue to advance and be prosperous. Sheldon Lavin has made a promise to continue to fulfil his duties with the company by making sure they constantly develop, set new records and please their customers.

The evolution of OSI Group is remarkable. They are a billion dollar organization that rakes in tens of millions of dollars monthly. They have a massive presence on an international scale. They work with many other companies, supermarkets and private label food companies. It took a very long time for this brand to evolve into what it is today. Initially, the company was a small business run by a family in Chicago. It served as butcher shop to the city. Later the small business expanded into being a supplier of foods for other companies. Decades later leaders like Sheldon Lavin came onto the scene and watched the company evolve into being a massive brand that acquires smaller companies owns dozens of facilities and employes over twenty thousand people.

OSI Group will complete its mission of being a sustainable and socially conscious company by engaging with new technologies and strategies designed by Sheldon Lavin. OSI Group will powerfully rethink any business methods that they currently do or use that do not align with their new mission and vision. Business practices will be reconstructed to fulfil their new mission. The world will see the dominant food producer as a brand that takes being accountable for their actions as a serious act. In addition, the world will see what great leadership Sheldon Lavin lends to the company.

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