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31 May 2019 An E-Commerce Success Story  0

A true self-made success story, Liu Qiangdong is the CEO and founder of, the leading e-commerce company in China. Using innovative technology, intuition, and business acumen, Qiangdon has created an empire that is worth over $12 billion dollars. Serving more than 100 million shoppers, he uses his entrepreneurial talents to create solutions for the economic environment worldwide.

Experiencing a typical childhood among families in the Jiangsu province of China, Liu Qiangdon grew up in the town of Sugian. Witnessing hard work from his parents, Qiangdong was encouraged to study and do well in school. He attended The Peoples’ University of China earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology. It is here that he realized how important it was to broaden your horizons to become a competitive employment candidate.

After graduation, Liu Qiangdong’s began working at Japan Life, a large provider of natural supplements. Using the skills he had learned earlier in life, Qiangdong was successful in becoming the Director of Computers. Eventually, he chose to follow his entrepreneurial desires renting a small retail space where he sold magneto-optical products. He quickly set himself apart by exclusively selling authorized products and giving customers easy transactions with outstanding customer service.

After five years, Liu Qiangdong was able to turn his one store into a chain of twelve. After a change to the retail environment in China thanks to the SARS outbreak in 2003, Qiangdong’s found a need to adapt to changing shopping habits. He took this opportunity to completely focus on e-commerce.

Liu Qiangdong closed his retail stores within two years and opened his online store 360Buy Jingdong. Using an incredible customer service experience model, Qiangdong created the perfect user experience with a proprietary shopping platform that providing fast shipping options that allowed him to service the needs of his customers.

Eventually, grew large enough to provide high-end luxury items as well as daily essentials and brand names from the largest retailers in the world. The e-commerce site uses an easy to use interface and shipping services that include drones to deliver products to remote villages. became the first company based in China to be traded publicly on the NASDAQ and has also expanded into Europe and Thailand.

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30 May 2019

Michael Nierenberg: Head cheerleader of New Residential Investment Corp  0


  New Residential Investment Corp is a real estate investment company that’s situated in New York. It focuses on various opportunistic real estate investments, including mortgage servicing rights and non-agency residential mortgage securities. New Residential Investment Corp understands that there is active asset management as well as passive asset management as two of the main extremes when it comes to describing portfolio management.


The firm, therefore, is an excellent illustration of an organization that actively manages various investments, particularly ones that have been applied to mortgage assets in the residential department. Since active management styles, in addition to strategies, are always misunderstood by most investors, the article seeks to offer a guide over the significant challenges that affect such investments including finding effective resolutions to the business.


The success of New Residential Investment Corp is appended to the leadership of Michael Nierenberg, who also serves as the CEO. Before that, Michael Nierenberg was the MD of Fortress. Michael Nierenberg also served as the managing director of Global Mortgages coupled with securitized products at the prestigious Bank of America Merrill Lynch. He also served at JP Morgan where he oversaw global securitization of products. He was also a devoted member of the committee at the investment bank. Prior to that ,Michael Nierenberg held a series of leadership positions.

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30 May 2019

Dick DeVos is the Co-Founder of a West Michigan Charter School  0

For years, Dick DeVos watched as Michigan was torn apart about economic strife. Many of the cities, including Detroit, have been unable to recover, even with a number of new objectives to clean up the city and rebuild. In DeVos’ hometown, he saw the same thing happening and wanted to help the business leaders maintain their businesses in downtown.


He started to work with a group of business leaders known as Grand Action. Together, this group would be responsible for the building of a sports arena, convention center, and performance hall. DeVos would contribute the performance hall and convention, but he was guiding many other projects at the time as well. In the 1990s, he wanted to affect bigger change in the city and rapidly grow the metropolis in West Michigan. This meant also looking towards the airport nearby.


While Grand Rapids had always had an airport since the early 1900s, there had been very little updates to the airport since that time. He wanted to work with the airlines and CEO at the airport to see if they could bring in more traffic. The first step was adding new destinations.


DeVos organized with the CEO of AirTran Airways, and after one call, he arranged to have new flights added to the airport location. This would include four locations that were popular business and international locations, such as Orlando and Vegas. These were also locations for some of the biggest conventions and business conferences. DeVos wanted to capture the business traveler audience.


Now that DeVos has been working with the FAA, he has been trying to help the airport expand. After just two decades, the airport has completely transformed into an international airport with a business center, large food court, and technological upgrades. The airport has even one awards and continues to be the number one airport for business travelers in Michigan.


DeVos has a lot of influence in West Michigan. As a member of the Republican Party, he has also supported his wife, who is the newly elected 11th US Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. It has been difficult for DeVos to grow politically, as he was not successful in his run for governor in 2006. However, he continues to work with the FAA and help the agency with plans to renovate many airports across the country.


President Trump made a challenge to airports “to do better” than foreign airports, which seem to have more technology and convenience than America’s older airports. DeVos will continue to work with the Grand Rapids Airport and contribute to the discussions with the FAA as part of the Management Advisory Council. He joined in September 2017 and continues to meet with the council every quarter.


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30 May 2019

The Business and Management Team: Meet Lincolnshire Management  0

There is a private equity firm that is getting a lot of attention. Recently, Lincolnshire Management has been assisting business owners with producing their own portfolios. The portfolios help those in business realize what type of goals and objectives they are trying to reach. In some instances, they have a certain amount of time to work on their projects. They have to meet the deadlines before they lose a contract with another company. That can place a lot of stress on the leadership directors.


Lincolnshire Management assists with their clients with those goals along with working on their own company goals. For instance, Lincolnshire Management decided to sell a part of their company. They had first decided to invest into Holley Performance Products. As it turns out, Holley Performance Products are the largest manufacturer of automotive brands. These types of brands are stable for that particular business and industry. Although Lincolnshire Management sold Holley Performance Products, the company has still maintained its number one spot in the automotive industry. Lincolnshire Management has a great reputation for giving all business owners a chance to work with them.


Lincolnshire Management was founded in 1986 by Steven Kumble and Frank Wright. After years of working in the business and loan industry, the company was able to capitalize on making close to $2 billion dollars. The company produced many different types of private equity funds during the course of striving for the best. With 55 investments, the company has chosen to invest into Riddell, Prince Sports, and American Coach Lines. These investments have secured the company. As a result, the two founders decided to choose another CEO. Today, the company is ran by T.J. Maloney. As the CEO continues to recruit the best candidates for business transactions, Lincolnshire Management will still continue to invest and sell in the lane of business and equity. In reality, Lincolnshire Management has put in a tremendous amount of work in order to complete contracts or agreements.


Lately, the company managed to sell National Pens and rack in $218 million dollars in profit. National Pen is known for manufacturing writing instruments and selling those at bulk to other businesses. The New York based company will have other future investments take place. As long as the team that T.J. Maloney has place together stays together, there is no stopping this private equity company. In fact, Lincolnshire Management is becoming a household name to those who are in the business industry. With that in mind, there are plenty of negotiations that can take place because of Lincolnshire Management.

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26 May 2019

Hyland’s Infant Oral Pain Comfort Tablets  0

Hylands has been providing families medicine to homes for over 100 years. Since 1903, this company has created formulas for all ages, even newborn infants. Even though our bodies have there own defense system, sometimes its just not enough to fight out the battles we have whether its the flu, cold, allergies, body aches or overall pain. In fact, our defense systems are unfortunately the weakest when we are babies. The good news is that Hylands also has created formulas safe enough to help younger defense systems that need a little more help than those that are adults.

Common pain or irritation for babies and toddlers is when there first growing out there teeth. This is because they have softer and more tender gums, so the teeth making room in there mouth can cause the gums to begin swelling and become a painful process for children to experience.

Hylands is very aware of this, and that’s why they have created an oral pain reliever formula designed just for babies. It will help reduce the swelling while at the same time be gentle and friendly on there mouth. Hyland’s Teething Tablets is also all natural, so parents do not have to worry about harsh chemicals in there little ones mouth. No more need to worry about your baby having a fit, Hylands has the special recipe to keep them at ease.

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26 May 2019

JD.Com Working With Global Wine Producers To Offer Amazing Selection To Customers  0

Millions of people in China love a good glass of wine. Analysis of “big data” gathered by the China’s e-commerce giant, JD.Com, also found that people here vastly prefer to buy wines produced in other countries. Seeing opportunity and a win-win situation, JD.Com has been building a network that imports the finest wines from around the world so that people across China can have an amazing selection.

JD.Com, also known as Jingdong, recently formed a partnership with the Hungarian state-invested brand, Grand Tokaj. This venerable firm produces a unique kind of sweet wine grown in the Hungarian centuries-old Tokaj-Hegyalja Wine Region. The Grand Tokaj winery uses a formulation that dates to 1630 to create a wine unlike any other in the world.

In a recent initial offering, Grand Tokaj put 1,000 bottles of its signature product, Tokaji Aszú, on its JD platform. Those 1,000 bottles were sold out in just 10 hours! Even more exciting for the Hungarian firm, some 400,000 JD users followed the company in the Jingdong site. That bodes extremely well for future sales.

JD.Com has 300 million daily active users. Wine makers around the world are eager to tap into the selling expertise of the JD e-commerce team. They have mastered a data-drive “cold logistics” system with an unequaled ability to create the perfect match between a target customer with a product they are highly likely to buy.

A prime example of this when JD-Com used its data to determine that there was a specific demand for cognac sold in a smaller bottle. Jingdon teamed up with the Rémy Cointreau Group of France to produce and offer cognac in small bottles. It was rolled out during JD’s 2017 Singles’ Day Shopping Festival. Sales were enormous. Furthermore, the specially designed small-bottle cognac became Rémy Cointreau Group’s bestselling item through 2018.

Sales of alcoholic products are a fast-growing trend in China. Movement of this class of product has increased by a factor of 10 in recent years. Today Jingdong is working with wine makers from 50 nations to bring an unparalleled selection to its millions of customers.

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26 May 2019

Michael Nierenberg and Opportunity  0

Michael Nierenberg has had the opportunity of trading knowledge for value in more ways than one over the course of his career. Michael Nierenberg has focused on moves that will add overall value to his life. As such, Michael Nierenberg has stayed within the field of finance and has learned much in his time in finance.

Michael Nierenberg has not left the field as of yet. He is still involved in finance and continues to spend time and energy within this sector. Except with each batch of years in his life, he continues to kick his interests up to a notch.

He started out in mortgages at firms that were of large status and then he moved on to have his own firm after a decade or two. He worked with other who were interested in pursuing finance at a high level and has realized value from pursuing this strategy.

He has not traded his time for money all throughout and has been able to see the growth of finance in countries and states. He thinks about his goals and stays concentrated on these goals to hit them early on. By focusing on the long term, Michael Nierenberg has been able to calmly and thoughtfully move in the right direction. Click here to learn more

25 May 2019

Article Title: Successes Of Neurocore  0

Relatives and friends of people suffering from mental Illnesses tend to be in a fix as they do not know the best way to handle their loved one. It is essential to seek help from others on how to address a victim experiencing mental illnesses. By listening to such people with empathy and validation, things tend to get better with time and it also promotes their healing. A family member should understand the difficulties that their significant other is going through and encourage them not to despair in their hard moments. When a person living with mental illness notices that people appreciate his problems, they feel better and get to accept their nature.

Neurocore has handled many such cases by giving its clients tips to survive and recover from the illness. The team encourages clients not to take things in their hands but concentrate on handling matters that bring a positive attitude and happiness in their lives. The company also treats people suffering from other problems that hinder them from living better lives.

Neurocore experts also encourage family members not to focus on the myths surrounding mental illnesses but instead pay attention to valid things. The campaign that the firm has launched is believed to be effective in protecting people with brain disorders. Besides, the therapist in the venture knows that mental illnesses are not permanent as they can be treated adequately, with excellent results being achieved with time. People have amended the dedication and concerns of the Neurocore team as it serves as a mirror to the rest that undermines and mistreat those with mental problems.

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14 May 2019

Perry Mandera  0

Perry Mandera is the founder and CEO of The Custom Companies, Inc. incorporated in 1986 and headquartered in Northlake, Illinois, United States. He became passionate in the transportation industry while working as a marine in the motor pool department after graduating from high school in Chicago. While venturing into the transportation and logistics business, Perry Mandera worked for multiple transportation companies in the United States and later founded a company which he sold in 1985. He also served as the Republican Ward Committeeman for four years and established The Custom Companies, Inc. while in office (Dailyfoxreport).


During his time in the military and a leader, he utilized the knowledge and skills gained to grow his company during its early stage that led to its success today. The Custom Companies, Inc. began with a two-truck service offering local transportation amenities locally and grew into among the largest logistics company in the country. Perry Mandera utilizes customized planning strategies which have also made him to become among the top recognized individuals.


Planning and Personal Ability


Planning is among the crucial elements in a business which contributes to success as attributed by Perry Mandera at first steps in developing The Custom Companies, Inc. Similarly, personal capabilities of entrepreneurs such as being committed in undertaking company activities are also essential. Planning is beneficial as it is economical in spending additional resources and time as well as improving your focus to specific objectives. As s businessman, Perry also highlights how he maximized his abilities such as waking up early and sleeping late which substantially led to the growth of his company over time.


Philanthropic Work

Other than focusing on his career, Perry Mandera also values the need and gives back to the community through charity organizations and involving in donations. Besides, he spends much of his time with family and friends while away from work. Under Custom Cares Charities, Perry Mandera has managed to establish different charity organizations and to fund various institutions enabling him to be listed among the top philanthropist in the greater Chicago area. He supports sports such as baseball, athletics, and boxing through funding and donations, and development of disaster relief programs for affected victims.


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14 May 2019

Greg Blatt Talks About The Success He’s Had In The Business Of Online Dating  0

When it comes to online dating, Greg Blatt is one of the biggest names on the business side after years of experience in the Match Group, Tinder, and IAC. Over the years of working with these companies, he has learned that customer service is one of the most important things when it comes to any business, but this is especially true when it comes to online dating. By being able to attract and keep a large user base, Greg Blatt and his companies have been able to create a larger pool of potential matches for the users that are hoping to find someone special online.

One of the big reasons why Greg Blatt is so well known in this industry is his leadership style. It is something that many people see him as a role model as they look up to his talent and persistence. With a Juris Doctorate from Columbia Law School, some people may be surprised that he chose to go with a career in business and not one in the legal field. While his choice of education may seem off, Greg Blatt insists that it has met his needs in business and helped him for a strong foundation for his career. There is a sense of discipline that flows through each field along with many other ways that the 2 tend to intersect. The degree takes a good amount of time to pursue compared to other options and he has shown that he has the perseverance needed (Crunchbase).

There are a lot of people who like to emulate the success that one of the long-time leaders in online dating have had and Greg focuses on one sector that has a lot of potentials. By working for so long in this single field, he has been able to learn a lot about it and knows how to approach a variety of different issues that he may come across. It’s important to keep in mind that there are no guarantees to success in any field that you may choose which is why it’s important to keep going.

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