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28 Feb 2019

JD.Com and Rakuten Partner on Drone Delivery in Japan  0 is seeking to strengthen its reputation as a forward-thinking online marketplace by expanding its drone delivery services yet again, this time in Japan. Partnering with Rakuten, Inc., has announced that the two companies will share their expertise in drone delivery to advance autonomous delivery solutions and other supportive technologies, like dedicated mobile apps.

For three years, Rakuten has provided a line of drone delivery solutions in Japan and has collected experience that has made them the go-to provider of such technology for corporations and governments alike. Just last year, the company had its inaugural flight of an autonomous delivery drone, bringing this emerging technology closer to everyday reality for Japanese consumers.’s own drone delivery program started in 2015, making it the first retailer to reach rural china with drone deliveries. In that time,’s drones have flown more than 400,000 minutes. Their track record was so impressive that they started 2019 with a test flight in Indonesia, the start of drone deliveries in the region. For Chinese urbanites, the sight of drones dropping off packages at universities and at office parks is becoming more and more common thanks to this one company.

Koji Ando, Rakuten’s Group Managing Executive Officer, expressed the company’s interest in working with one of China’s biggest retailers and pioneers in drone delivery technology. This partnership, Ando went on to express, will expedite Rakuten’s ambitions in autonomous delivery and strengthen Japan’s logistics sector in ways that will convenience consumers and assist the country in meeting the demands of a more streamlined future.

Similarly, Jun Xiao, President of’s logistics lab, JD-X, boasted the company’s ability to reach remote locations in China with repeated success. This has made’s drone solutions more effective, both in meeting its delivery targets and in cost. Japan presents new challenges, such as remote islands and mountainous regions, giving Xiao new targets to meet in order to push the technology to act as a benefit for society as a whole.

The main goal of this partnership is looking to speed up the roll-out of Rakuten’s autonomous drones for delivery tasks across Japan, giving increased access to a growing customer base in the region, all while promoting the adoption of convenience wherever possible.

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28 Feb 2019

How the Neurocore Program Will Work for You  0

While traditional therapy is still widely used, lots of people are making use of the Neurocore program. These brain training centers are essential for getting the help that you need at your own convenience and without it being a true problem for you. There are a ton of different people out there right now who are making use of the Neurocore program and finding that this is something essential for their every need.

Make sure that when you want to utilize the Neurocore program, you are able to do this for yourself and see why this is something that is going to help a lot. You can visit the Neurocore site to see why this is something that is going to be beneficial for you. Before you know it, this is something that is going to help you out and get you the work that is needed right now.

You will enjoy being able to make use of Neurocore and will find that this helps you to feel confident in your decision to use this program because you are in need of some type of help that is specific to helping with a wide range of mental health disorders and conditions.

22 Feb 2019

Agera Energy Has You Covered  0

With Agera Energy, you will find that hassling electric and gas companies are now non-existent. They will keep you in awe with the amazing customer care and empowerment that they offer endlessly. Agera Energy knows “what’s up”. They have the down low on what needs to be done to be the best electric company out there. A few things you will find when you sign into Agera Electric’s super hold is that:

They never quit making sure that you’re connected into the flow of electrons. When power’s down, they make there way to the point of incident in unbelievable time. You will see that Agera Electric has no limits.

They take electricity to the sky. They are even considering setting up a wireless electricity structure that will work from waves produced from satellites. You will have a receiving device in your structure that is able to convert these wave forms from energized waves that are non-electrocuting in their raw form, that then picks up the waveform and through a mechanical process, converts the waves into energized power that excites the electrons in the wires of your home thus creating an organized and directed flow one way through your positive wires that passes through the outlets and connected devices in your structure, and then in the reverse direction through your negative wires that returns back to the receiver that dissipates the energy back into a non-electrocuting wave form with a difference of what was used in your electronic devices in your structure, and the small amount that is lost in the transmission of power through wires. There is still research into this as there are already lots of different waves being produced through our atmosphere that is not fully researched into as far as health concerns go.

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22 Feb 2019

Ara Chackerian Is An Investor, Entrepreneur And Philanthropist With Impressive Track Record.  0

Ara Chackerian is a well-known investor, entrepreneur and philanthropist who is involved in things like angel investing. Chackerian uses its liquidity and assets for large and small development projects that he thinks would be very successful. By supporting ventures that are based in local communities, Ara Chackerian wanted to provide essential benefits to all who are involved in the projects that Chackerian supports. Ara Chackerian believes strongly in what environmentalists do. Things like environmentalism and sustainability are important issues for Ara Chackerian.

Limonapa Teak was a company that Ara Chackerian invested in since he was interested in making sure that he and others leave earth in much better shape than how he initially found it. Limonapa Teak produces teak wood while focusing on sustainability. Ara Chackerian’s firm is situated in Nicaragua in a region called Chinandega. Limonapa Teak produces nearly one thousand acres of area that was once known for grazing cattle. And although a lot of grazing cattle have had a negative effect due to harmful practices and mismanagement in areas of Nicaragua like Chinandega.

Ara Chackerian, along with many industry leaders are currently looking for ways to reduce the harm and burden that has been put on the environment. The forestry industry has felt the adverse effects of deficient practices. These practices involved the slashing and burning of the environment that has caused a lot of devastation, especially in parts of Latin America where Ara Chackerian and Limonapa Teak has been solely focused as a company. Chackerian is both a wise entrepreneur and manager who has implemented some of the best practices regarding the forest management and the timber industry.

Ara Chackerian and many other firms, which are part of the forestry and timber milieus have put into place many programs that deal with things like forest management. Ara Chackerian and the company, Limonapa Teak is an example of a company that shows that sustainable farming is possible. Chackerian also revealed that the farming he supports is both profitable and beneficial.

18 Feb 2019

The Time is Now to Stick to the Natural says Dan Bethelmy-Rada  0

The Shift Away From the Fake to The Real

A growing list of customers all over the world are saying no to the past. They are leaving the past behind and heading on to a brighter future, a future filled with products that have a positive impact on their precious environment. This highly conscious group of individuals are seeking better processes, actions, and behaviors from their producers. They don’t want to see the destruction of mother nature on their behalf. They want to know that they have left the world with a positive impact, a world that will be better off for their children and their many great grandchildren. As such, these new “woke” consumers are turning to products and brands that are vibrating on the same frequency as they and brands are taking notice.

R.A.W is Coming To A Friend Near You

Smart brands such as R.A.W have seen this need in the marketplace and have started to address the needs of these unique and special group of individuals. The founder of R.A.W, Dan Bethelmy-Rada, is acutely aware of the need for an infusion of biodegradable ingredients that have eliminated aspects such as silicon, parabens, and sulphates, and other materials that are deemed to be harmful over time. Dan Bethelmy-Rada and his brand, R.A.W, use a variety of natural ingredients that range from Bulgarian coriander to Bolivian quinoa husk to provide economic stimulation to the people that they source their ingredients from. They go as far as making certain that their products are traceable, engage in fair trade practices, and possess the finest ingredients that the earth has to offer.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada knows the importance of not just talking the talk but walking the walk. As such, his organization pays close attention to each and every aspect of the supply chain from farm to consumer. The challenge is to make certain that they stick to their principles as they progress on their journey and continue to grow their organization. The higher they grow, the easier it may be to drift away from the principles as the culture of the organization may change. As such, Dan Bethelmy-Rada is paying close attention to how the organization progresses and the types of people that will be hired over the course of its progression.

15 Feb 2019

Sujit Choudhry Calls For Peace  0

Sujit Choudhry and three other experts wrote an open letter to the Spanish and Catalan governments. This letter called for much-needed peace and cooperation between the two entities. There has been a lot of tension between them due to the whole thing with Catalonia trying to be independent. Catalan is a region of Spain that has a very unique culture. Supposedly, a lot of Catalan people want to secede and operate as their own country. The only problem is that it has been really difficult to collect enough data to know whether the majority of Catalan people actually want such a thing to occur.

Just because it seems like they really want to, that does not mean that most of them actually want to. For example, there are pictures online of large banners in sports arenas that allude to a Catalan desire of succession. However, in reality, a small minority of people may actually think like this. Just because this opinion is strongly communicated, that does not mean that everybody has it. A good example would be the 2016 presidential election in the United States of America. People in the media, as well as various social and professional circles, were so anti-Trump. As a result, all types of media were saturated with anti-Trump opinions. However, the media did not actually represent the proportion of people in America with anti-Trump views. In fact, at least half, if not more than half, of Americans were pro-Trump. The major, most liberal cities had very pro-Hillary and anti-Trump views. These very large, very liberal cities have the loudest voices in them. However, outside of those areas most places were actually pro-Trump. There were many people who would have voted Democrat if Democratic Party did not come off as being unbelievably crazed and shady. This is why it is so important to put as much effort in as possible to figure out the true percentage of Catalan people who actually do want secession.

Sujit Choudhry has a deep knowledge of constitutional law. Sujit Choudhry has informed many different leaders all around the world.

15 Feb 2019

Richard Liu Business Acumen and His Enviable Business Smarts  0

Richard Liu is the founder of JD .com which is China’s top e-commerce and Retail Company. His business acumen has made his estimated net worth to be twelve million dollars. He heads a business that serves one hundred million clients and is a pacesetter in spearheading innovative technology in e-commerce and retail. Born in Jiangsu province of China, his coal mining guardians encouraged him to work hard, get proper education and pursue success in life. After high school, he enrolled at the People’s University f China earning his undergraduate degree. He studied Sociology at the institution. To make himself competitive for the job market he started learning coding and some computer science concepts. He landed a job after his graduation at a large scale natural supplement manufacturer where he climbed the corporate ladder to be the Director of Computers at the company.

Richard Liu Quiangdong left Japan Life to start his own business. He rented a small retail space where he sold magneto-optical products with an emphasis on excellent customer service, efficient transactions and harnessing technology to grow the business. In five years, the business had continued to thrive and had twelve retail stores which were not always the case for most business in their formative years. Now-Famous Jingdong is China’s largest e-commerce and retail business. 2003 was the year of immense change in China’s retail industry, and this seemed unfriendly to most small retail enterprises.

Richard Liu adapted to the new market shifts making the business survive that hurdle. He, however, made a radical decision to change Jingdong to entirely an electronic commerce company. This decision was informed by the change in consumer behavior especially with the advent of new technology. Two years after this radical move all of the stores closed. This made him rebrand the business to 360 Jiadong. This time he focused on customer service thus the idea customers get whatever they want anytime. He revamped the shipping procedure to ensure that client orders were delivered swiftly. This coupled with the dedication to come up with an e-commerce platform that caters for customers’ needs made the business come back to light again. The business is now a Fortune 500 company, and Richard Liu Quiangdong continues to be involved in operations of the company.

14 Feb 2019

Organo Gold Gives People Positive Coffee and Tea  0

Since Organo Gold started, they’ve been helping people get the coffee and tea they love. The company remains ethical and they do what they can to find the best coffee and tea for their customers. While they are interested in helping people with exotic options, they also know there are some things they can do to provide them with the same teas they’ve been using for a long time. It’s important to them to keep offering these coffees and teas so they can help their customers know they have a company that’s stable and knows what they’re doing.

Between working with the company and helping people with these options, Organo Gold knows what people want to do. They feel they’re pushing to make sure others have a chance to help themselves to this coffee and experience everything they want with the different tea and coffee flavors. It’s important to Organo Gold to always let people know they know what they’re doing and they have different options that can help them. The company also spends a lot of time focusing on how they can help people in the future and that’s what makes them one of the best businesses.

There were a lot of things that went into making sure they did business the right way, but Organo Gold knew what they were pushing for. They had a lot of time to focus on positive experiences and they felt they were pushing to make things better. It was their job to always let people know how they could create change and what they would need to do to make a difference in the industry. It was important to the company to know how to help people and focus on what they were doing. They also used their teas and coffees to connect with customers.

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12 Feb 2019

Jeffry Schneider`s Road to Success  0

Jeffry Schneider

Jeffry Schneider is the founder of Ascendant capital company based in the southern part of the United States. He currently resides n the Austin, Texas City where he lives with his family. Over the years Jeffry Schneider has worked in many companies including in Manhattan where he served at the Axiom Capital. Working in this company gave him the interest to start his company; there was also the need to give investors a place they could seek advice hence established Ascendant Capital to provide significant financial services. The other reason why Jeffry Schneider started Ascendant company was the desire to get involves and associated with both investors and their businesses. He has the interest to help them be successful and make the right decisions that will not cost them but bring profit.

Jeffry Schneider is a creative thinker, committed and passionate to find out the needs of the market; he, therefore, sets aside time to research the market to understand the financial decisions and investments for the market. He has hired a group of employees with extensive experience to ensure that all clients are served as needed and gains trust in the company. After starting the company, Jeffry Schneider established customer base to provide he had reliable clients and supporters of the Ascendant company.

Jeffry Schneider has established a marketing strategy that involves investing in the employees and trusting them to do their work well without maximum and strict management. When employees are given the opportunity to work freely, they establish new strategies that contribute to the success of the business. He ensures that there is transparency in the business; Jeffry Schneider ensures that when a deadline date is set, he is very responsive to meet it as well as complete various projects. He has transformed the lives of many entrepreneurs over the years.

11 Feb 2019

Guilherme Paulus Reveals Secrets to Entrepreneurial Success in Brazil  0

Guilherme Paulus was recently featured on the Inspirey website in an interview titled, “Guilherme Paulus—Founder, CVC Brasil OPeradora e Agencia de Viagens. S.A.” The interview reveals the tourism king’s key to success and the several failures he met along the way. He provides advice for people looking to become entrepreneurs and how to succeed.


Guilherme Paulus is one of the leading entrepreneurs in a country known for the difficulty of running a business. He runs CVC Brasil Operadora and GJP Hotels and Resorts. He started working for CVC when he was only 24 and he continued to expand the company until they had more than 1,200 storefronts in the company. His success allowed him to sell 63% of the company for more than $750 million. He then invested $600 million of his own fortune into his new company, GJP Hotels and Resorts. They own three different hotel chains across Brazil. They own fourteen different hotels and resorts and provide employment for 5,000 people. For more information about Guilherme Paulus , view his Crunchbase profile.


Guilherme Paulus reveals that he started CVC because of another’s vision. He met the government state deputy Carlos Vicente Cerchiari when he was 24. Cerchiari was looking for someone to invest in his vision to promote tourism around Brazil and they decided to open the first CVC store together behind a movie theatre. Cerchiari provided the funding while Paulus oversaw the day to day business of the enterprise. He revealed a knack for entrepreneurship in his choice of location, which allowed them to target an audience primed for tourism. After four years of partnership, they decided to split ways while Paulus continued to dream of tourism in Brazil.


Guilherme Paulus reveals that one of the biggest keys to his success is staying grateful and optimistic. A successful organization tip he completes every day is to write his daily schedule to keep him productive and organized. He is excited by the expansion of technological advances in the tourism industry. He is attracted to the speed of information alongside the ability to provide for the needs of the customers quickly. Technology has allowed companies to provide both the customer service and the information quickly and efficiently.


Paulus believes that his habit of staying close to the day to day operations of the business has allowed him to expand rapidly. Understanding the needs of the customers and the employees has allowed him to learn and continuously improve the company.

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