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27 Aug 2018

Robert Ivy Received A Lifetime Achievement Award For His Work In Architecture  0

Robert Ivy received a Lifetime Achievement Award for his work in architecture. The award was presented by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters. This is the first time that this particular award was presented to an architect. There have been other notable recipients such as Morgan Freeman and artist Walter Anderson. The award is designed to recognize people who have made a significant impact within the industry and are connected with the state of Mississippi.

Robert Ivy has received many accolades as an architect. He is known for putting his craft in a position to be discovered by a variety of communities. Ivy has used his abilities as an author and as a commentator to spread the influence of architecture around the world. He has led several organizations to international recognition.

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Robert Ivy was named the CEO of the American Institute of Architecture in 2011. The membership at the organization has since grown to the highest in the 160 years of its history. Ivy also took over as the editor-in-chief of the Architectural Record. The Architectural Record grew to be the most widely read journal of its kind in the world while Robert Ivy was the leader. He also accepted the responsibilities at McGraw Hill Construction Media.

The Architectural Record thrived under Ivy’s leadership. It was recognized with the American Society of Magazine Editors National Magazine Award for General Excellence. It is an award that is not normally given to a professional journal.

Robert Ivy continues to collect certificates of excellence. He was honored with a Craine Award, which is not normally given to an individual. Ivy also earned the title of Master Architect from the Alpha Rho Chi Architectural Fraternity. He will be one of only seven members to receive the honor in the 100 Year history of the fraternity.

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27 Aug 2018

Dick Devos Looks to Improve His Hometown  0

In 1991 Dick Devos helped shoot down a plan for a multi-purpose sports arena outside of downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan. He had learned the lessons from Detroit’s downfall after the Pistons and Lions built arenas. This lead to his creation of Grand Action, a group of business leaders who came together to better the community and build hospitals, parks, and schools.


Since then, Dick and Betsy Devos have not given up on creating better opportunities for people in their community. It has largely taken the shape of charter schools, which are aimed at providing parents with local decision making and choice regarding their childrens’ education without paying tuition, just like public schools.


In fact, the couple have given over $1 billion to various causes in their lifetime. In 2013, Dick and Betsy gave over $90 million to education causes, as well as health services, community services, faith based groups, and arts causes. More recently the couple have started an aviation academy in west Michigan to allow kids to train to be pilots without paying costly tuition.


The Devos family seek to better their family and their community with their giving. For instance, they have helped develop training in teaching, which cut down on the amount of absentee students in those schools who are often minorities in low income areas by 30%. Dick believes that schools are the first places that communities need to change from the inside out.


Other ways they have helped to improve their small town is by getting people basic needs like drivers licenses if they needed to drive to get to work, have access to social programs, and even sometimes just meals and showers. One recipient of their kindness, Mel Trotter, was able to get a job in just over a month and cease being homeless.


The Devos haven’t always been successful in pushing their educational agenda. Their “Kids First!” campaign sought to give more tax credits to parents so they could choose where their children went to school. Ultimately, voters shot down the initiative. But that hasn’t stopped Dick and Betsy Devos from making education a priority.


They continue to use Grand Action as a way to get education to young people and entrepreneurs so that Michigan can continue to transform. The group provides scholarships and other opportunities such as internships to underprivileged kis who get certain grades. Among chairing the FAA and his own company Windquest, Dick Devos stays busy finding ways to better the world around him now and into the future.


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23 Aug 2018

Robert Ivy  0

The current CEO of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), Mr. Robert Ivy is set to receive an award for his achievements in the industry. This accolade is called the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement. The award is given on a yearly basis to top achieving artists and actors who hail from Mississippi. Winning of this award is a rare fete given that Mr. Robert Ivy is the first architect to come on top in a shortlist that was dominated by other high achieving professionals. In the past years, the award was given to artists and actors like Morgan Freeman, Leontyne Price, and Shelby Foote. Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters issues the award. Visit to know more about Robert Ivy.

Following the announcement of Mr. Ivy’s win, the American Institute of Architects president, Mr. Carl Elefante was quick to hail his achievements. He praised his works in AIA for the extended period that he had served in the firm. Mr. Elefante pointed out that Robert Ivy had set the benchmark of what was required to achieve in the architecture industry. He further said that it was a great blessing for Mississippi to have such a dedicated professional who was ever willing to supersede set targets.


This accolade is one of the numerous ones that Mr. Robert Ivy has received in his illustrious career. Alpha Rho Chi gave Mr. Robert Ivy the title Master Architect. This is an association of architectures that also identified the works of renowned architects such as Mies Van der Rohe and Richard Buckminster Fuller. It was, therefore, an incredible fete to share a title with the big names in the industry. The other major award that Mr. Ivy has won is the Dean’s Medal that was presented by the University of Arkansas’s architecture school.

Mr. Ivy will be presented with his latest award on June 2. The ceremony is scheduled to happen in the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters’ premises. The other individual who will be awarded alongside Mr. Ivy is Andrew Carey Young. Mr. Young is a stained glass designer, and he works for Pearl River Glass Studio. Follow Robert Ivy at Twitter.

21 Aug 2018

Matt Badiali: Including Information on the Early Years and Freedom Checks  0

Matt Badiali serves Banyan Hill Publishing as Chief Resource Investment Expert. He’s from Delray Beach in Florida. For college education he got a bachelor’s degree in sciences at Pennsylvania State University from 1987 to 1992. From there, he went to Florida Atlantic University where he obtained his Master of science in geology. That lasted in 1998 to 2000. He kept his academic career going to Ph.D. He stopped in 2004 when he got an introduction to the area of finance. He got introduced by a friend with Ph.D. In that field and had recolonization of the possibility that Matt Badiali contained with his experience of geological science. Badiali currently has two jobs. In July of 2005 he worked at Stansberry Research where he was a Geologist and Analysist. In 2017 he began his job as Chief Resource Investment Expert.

In the educational history in science Matt Badiali was simple to establish an idea for a newsletter. This would be about venturing in natural resources. He usually helps people seek opportunities in investment. One’s that concern with natural resources like metals. There is also a way in which Badiali brings his ideas alive. He utilizes what he has encountered to lead him in advice he gives to others. He puts himself in their situations to his ability before he guides htem.

Matt Badiali established to the world an introduction to something called “Freedom Checks”. He gave an explanation to everyone that they can done well from these checks regardless of their age. Other factors could be on how much money they have right now in the bank, or the amount they make. There is an opportunity of investment Badiali institutes to the public. It’s called MLP which stands for “Mastered Limited Partnership”. They are known as “business partnerships”. However, they publicly traded limited partnerships. That lets them have benefits that partnerships are qualified to have. What that means is the profits won’t get taxed till the investors get paid. Something else this means is these companies have the cash flow that those companies who went public have.


18 Aug 2018

Global expansion of OSI Group  0

OSI Group has its head offices in Aurora, Illinois. The company is the world leader when it comes to providing value-added protein items including other food types. The company has other 65 facilities operating in 17 nations. For the last two years, OSI Group has been aggressively enlarging its operations. In the summer of 2016, the organization bought a food processing facility as well as a storage warehouse in Chicago. The warehouse was under the management of Tyson Foods. The plant involves 20,000 square feet and is located at a convenient place near another OSI property.

This purchase makes OSI continue expanding into the future.The demands and needs of OSI customers keep changing at a high rate. The additional space that the new facility brings in will help the company to meet these needs, senior executive vice-president of OSI North America, Kevin Scott says. The company was so excited to have the facility as part of it. Tyson had been using the facility for preparing its food operations, but they will be closing it in 2015 as well as another one in Jefferson, Wisconsin. Tyson is closing up these facilities to concentrate on improving its productivity.

Baho Food

In its quest to increase the number of facilities, OSI Group in 2016 acquired a significant stake in Baho Foods which manufactures deli meats. In addition to this, Baho produces convenience foods that offer products to food service companies and retailers. Baho foods will help OSI Europe to increase its visible presence in Europe according to the chief operating officer and president of OSI David McDonald. Currently, Baho foods produces the kind of foods that OSI can process, but Baho will assist OSI to improve its expansion of the products that clients expect from OSI. Baho Foods has five subsidiaries, and the five have processing plants located in Germany and the Netherlands. The subsidiaries include Bakx Foods, Q Smart Life, Vital Convenience, Gelderland Frischwaren, and Henri van de Bilt. OSI Group plans to utilize the expertise of the managers of the plants to expand its operations including the managing director, John Balvers.

05 Aug 2018

The Rise And Success Fortress Investment Group  0

Three business moguls Wes Edens, Rob Kauffman and Randal Nardone established Fortress Investment Group in 1998. It has over 1,570 clients and manages assets worth $65 billion. Fortress asset-based investments operate in the line of real estates, capital, and other long-term cash flow. The financial institution also has a portfolio of different companies it owns and manages across the world.

During its establishment, 20 years ago, Fortress Investment Group managed assets worth $400 million. After five years of operations, they were managing almost $4 billion. In a decade of its operations, Fortress was managing assets worth $32.6 billion. In 1999, they launched their first mutual fund called Fortress Investment Fund. For 20 years of operation, Fortress has expanded to debt securities and hedge among other alternative assets investments. Its primary strategy is investing in high risks that offer higher returns.

Fortress Investment Group also has huge investments in undervalued assets. The investment team under the helm of Peter Briger and Dean Dakolias has invested in profitable ventures. This has enabled Fortress to build a successful track record in the world of investment. The best financial institution has over 100 professionals that manage various assets in 14 different locations. It also has over 950 executive personnel and 2,400 employees across the world. The Fortress credit team has experienced expertise to see value in undervalued assets.

Fortress Investment Group areas of expertise include operations management, capital markets, corporate mergers and acquisition, and asset-based investing. Its asset-based investment is composed of credit funds and private equity firm. The broad arrays of assets enable Fortress to have long-term cash flow. The company is widely recognized for its expertise in financing owning, pricing, and management of financial and physical assets.

Fortress has been able to develop a niche in mergers and acquisitions of corporate organizations. Its employees have a close relationship with the management professionals, customers, corporate board members, and other corporate stakeholders. During its recent merger with Softbank, it showed an excellent resilience that is keeping Fortress ahead. The best financial institution has also vast expertise in mobilizing capital through strategies such as equity market and debt. Fortress has optimal knowledge about financial institutions and financial markets.

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03 Aug 2018


Graeme Holm is a man with integrity. He has worked in the financial services for over 17 years. While working in a banking environment that allowed him to push just one brand, he decided to call it quits. Graeme worked in a Big Four banking environment and learned quite a bit. He realized that many Australian families were receiving very poor deals from many of the big financial institutions.


It was because of this that Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker decided to start their own financial company. Rebecca Walker is not just the business partner of Graeme Holm but also his life companion. They decided to join forces because of their passion for finance and desire to help people. It is for these reasons that they founded the Infinity Group Australia.


While conducting research for their new company, Graeme Holm noticed that there was many problems within the Australian mortgage market. He found that there was a surprising lack in the support, advice, guidance, and services for families. Because of this, Graeme and Rebecca decided to found a company that actually helps their clients to pay off their loans. They do this by providing the clients with their own personal banker that helps them in the most efficient way possible.


Infinity Group Australia has what they call a “client first approach”. The results of this approach have been exceptional. All of their clients have been able to pay off more of their home loan in the first 3 months with Infinity Group Australia than they did in 12 months within the previous banking structure. The clients of Infinity Group Australia have been reported to being able to eliminate an average of $41,000 in debt within a year.


Graeme Holm became inspired to start his own company because of his desire to help as many Australian families as possible. Even if it’s just one at a time. He has a strong desire to alleviate non-tax effective debts so that his clients can live a financially comfortable life. The Infinity Group Australia has been recognized as MPA Top 100 Brokers across the nation.


Graeme Holm’s advice is to stay true to your passion and dream because you never know how close you are to ultimate success. Graeme starts his day off early at 5:30am and proceeds to exercise his body. He follows this up with supplementing his brain by reading a book or listening to a podcast. Learn more:

01 Aug 2018

Surf Air Releases New Exclusive Membership Benefits for 5 Year Celebration  0

What better way to kick off summer than exclusive brand new membership benefits? In collaboration with Surf Air’s 5 year anniversary, these hot new summer deals will not be going away anytime soon! In order to thank its members for continued loyalty, surf air has decided to offer permanent benefits for its valued members.

Due to a new partnership with All Roads North, members can now experience luxury California road trips catered by the company. Each of their exciting customized adventures are complete packages that include the finest travel accommodations and dining. Members can find this partnership convenient for exploring the great state of California and wanting to see the best of everything she has to offer!

That’s not all! Surf Air has also partnered with The Private Suite LAX. Members will get a full year of pampered treatment when traveling by air. Annual membership for this private suite is valued at $4,500. Furthermore, Surf Air has also partnered with FoundersCard and is offering unique benefits from their company including VIP travel perks and other great treats.

Surf Air cares deeply about the relationship with its loyal members, and that is why they wish to offer them nothing but the best. The company offers various exotic destinations and recommendations. This ensures that the traveler does not get overwhelmed by his or her choices when traveling. By keeping the customers in mind first and foremost, Surf Air plans to keep offering value to their customers by taking the time to listen and understand what they want and where they want to go! Download the Surf Air mobile app today!