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29 Mar 2017

Some Striking Advantages of Stock-Based Loans from Equities First Holdings  0

Equities First Holdings is currently dictating the pace when it comes to providing individuals and business organizations with much needed alternative financing solutions. EFH is now a leading provider of stock-based loans with over a decade in operation. Many people are beginning to understand the benefits of taking a stock-based loan. The awareness is spreading rapidly and so is EFH, which has spread from its headquarters in Indianapolis to major cities, the likes of London, New York, Bangkok, Sydney and Hong Kong to mention but a few.

It is a known fact that most lending institutions in the world are placing insurmountable hurdles before borrowers. They demand collateral of all sorts which many business persons cannot afford. This is why a loan with stocks as collateral will, to a large extent, alleviate the horrible challenges borrowers are made to face. Stock-based loans such as the ones provided by Equities First Holdings come with fixed and negligible interest rate, something in the region of 3 to 4 percent. The fixed nature of the interest rate makes for proper planning and certainty on the part of the borrower.

Stock-based loans from Equities First Holdings possess an appreciable high loan-to –value ratio, something within the range of 50 to 75 percent. This simply means you get loans closed to the value of whatever you want to use it for. Also, you are free to choose what you want to expend the loan upon. Not all types of loans have such flexibility and contact this company.

Another good thing about stock-based loan is that they are non-recourse in nature giving the borrowers the privilege of walking away with no extra obligation if he or she could not pay back. The borrower only stands to lose the stock use as collateral and nothing more. It is important to point out that stock fluctuates in value, and the borrower may choose to walk away when the value of stocks falls leaving the lender to shoulder the consequences.

Equities First Holdings understands all the risks involved but chooses to be a helping hand to people in dire need of funds with stocks collateral.

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06 Mar 2017

Nationwide Title Clearing Benefits  0


When a person is registering for the mortgage, they definitely need a partner who will walk with them. It is important to get all the explanation and answers to questions a client may be having. This is what most people miss when they are registering for the mortgage. However, a game changer is finally here. Nationwide Title Clearing Company offers post-closing services, expert research, and document services. It was founded in 1991 in Florida. The focus of the company is to provide accuracy in research services and documentation. The company offers different document services, which include lien release, assignments, retrieval of lost documents and abstractor services.



In the process, clients are sure they are protected from any mistake. It is also helpful to the country at large because it preserves the land records nationally. When it comes to reports, the company helps clients in lien verification, deriving and checking the tax status and auditing. Over the years, the company has also been offering remediation such as collateral file audits. In 2015, the company was ranked number 3,081 on the list of America’s 500/5000 fastest growing companies.



Rewarding Clients



Nationwide Title Clearing values its customers and has now introduced Assignment Verification Xpress (AVX). This will be a faster service that will leave customers happy and proud. In the end, the customers will spend less and be assured the quality of research is high. This is an improvement of the Assignment Verification Report, which was being used previously. Over the years, clients have highly relied on research to survive in the real estate business. However, due to the high number of search results, the customers are now assured of using a platform that will customize their research. There are different documents in the AVX, which include the copy of mortgage, lost assignment affidavit, recorded rescission, target mortgage, corrective assignment and pertinent document.



Supporting Communities



Nationwide Title Clearing is spreading the love by supporting different courses in the community. One of them is to cook and share a meal with families with sick children. The company has also been on the forefront in supporting cancer centers. It is also supporting athletes making it easy to connect with the society and help eradicate different problems. It also organizes different events, which are open for public participation through volunteering. In the process, it is able to connect with the public and understand their needs. Therefore, it becomes easy to fine-tune their services to what they believe will be effective service to their clients, currently and in the future.


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02 Mar 2017

The Service Of Timothy Armour In The Investment Industry  0

Timothy Armour is the Capital Group’s sitting chairperson and CEO. He succeeded the leadership of the firm from Jim Rothenberg who died in 2015. Mr. Armour is one of the company’s longest-serving employees since he has worked for it for more than 33 years.

His first job appointment at the enterprise was to serve at its Associates Program. He was offered the job in 1983 after graduated from the Middlebury College with a degree in economics. Timothy worked at the Los Angeles office as an equity investment analyst for many years.

Mr. Armour has gained sufficient experience as a portfolio manager. He heads the Capital Group Companies Management Committee and also serves as the chairperson of the Capital Research and Management Company. Timothy understands a lot about the business and culture of the enterprise since he has been serving it for long. His experience at the Capital Group supported him to be appointed as its head. He will be working with all the senior managers of the enterprise to form, transfer, and execute different business policies to the company’s units across the globe.

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Besides his appointment at the Capital Group, Mr. Armour has been working with various institutions that need his talent, skill, and experience. He offers them useful knowledge, and they consider him valuable. Some of these organizations are Capital World Growth and Income Fund, The New Economy Fund, AMCAP Fund, American Funds Target Date Retirement Series, and the Capital Income Builder.

Capital Group has been striving to provide long-term investment services to clients across the planet. It makes sure that its goal is achieved by mobilizing it associates and staff to offer excellent services. Approximately 7,600 associates currently work for the Capital Group. The enterprise has an outstanding track record of providing reliable investment products for more than eight decades.

01 Mar 2017

If You are Needing Cash Fast, Contact Equities First Holdings to Obtain a Loan with Low Interest Rates and Great Terms  0

There are a myriad of reasons why people need to obtain capital as fast as they are possibly able to. Unfortunately, not many necessarily have the means of doing so. If you are wanting to obtain cash fast and without hassle, please feel free to contact one of the representatives who are able to assist at Equities First Holdings. They are a lending solutions institution that exists to serve people’s needs in a way that they are able to achieve their goals in a very short amount of time if that was their plan.


Should you find a reason to want to borrow money from a reliable and well-reputed source, then know that Equities First Holdings is one that exists and holds such attributes to its name. You will not be making a bad decision by choosing their services as they truly care about the applicants’ welfare. Everyone has their own reasons of why they obtain a loan, thus, they are nonjudgmental in every elements of their business dealings.


A group of people who often find it difficult to obtain loans are high net-worth individuals. They often find it difficult to obtain loans because many lenders who they apply through find that they’re not necessarily in need. Why should anyone judge who is in need of a loan or not? Everyone has their own goals and Equities First Holdings knows this fact. This is why they are willing to help Equities First Holdings in reaching their financial goals as well. They provide non-purpose loans for high net-worth individuals as there is an assumption that they will be able to pay it back within the specified terms that they sign up and apply for. Be sure to contact one of the representatives if you’re not sure about whether you qualify to obtain a loan that is offered by Equities First Holdings or not.