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19 Oct 2016

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Helps Target Breast Cancer  0

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics line of fitness apparel, including sports bras, is all too familiar with the importance of supporting breasts and now the company is taking that commitment to a whole new level. The Council of Fashion Designers (CFDA) recently announced that they are partnering with Fabletics for Fashion Targets Breast Cancer (FTBC), a U.K.-based campaign designed to raise money and awareness for the fight against breast cancer on Facebook. In addition, Fabletics co-founder Kate Hudson has been named an FTBC Ambassador for this year.

In keeping with these honors for Hudson and her company, Fabletics has revealed a new FTBC-branded outfit. The Passion Pink three-piece set, called Hope, features the Sebastian Seamless capri, Samana Seamless sports bra, and Neema tank and will benefit the campaign and honors National Women’s Health and Fitness Day, September 24, and Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. All proceeds will go to support Fashion Targets Breast Cancer.

The partnership is an ideal fit for the fashion athletic line at whose mission is to inspire everyone to stay active and therefore healthy. Serving as an ambassador for FTBC blends perfectly with Hudson’s mission to support and inspire passion in women.

This desire is also what motivated her to co-found Fabletics in 2013 after she saw a hole in the market for fashion-forward yet functional workout wear. The line features not only athletic wear but also practical, fitness-inspired casual wear including dresses and rompers and accessories including bags and scarves.

Fabletics now has over a million subscribers. Each month the website offers members personalized outfit suggestions based on their lifestyle and fashion preferences. It also features “Kate-approved” outfits from which customers can choose their favorites. In 2015, the company added a men’s line, known as FL2, and retail locations. The athletic wear is now available in stores in 16 cities in the United States. The website also features the FabKids line for busy, fashion-forward kids on the go.

Millions of dollars have been raised by FTBC since its inception in 1996. Legendary designer Ralph Lauren founded the organization after losing a close friend to the breast cancer. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the campaign that looks to use fashion to help fight the disease.

17 Oct 2016

How To Choose The Right Online Reputation Management Tools  0

The mood present in people’s lives today determines to a large extent the kind of choices they will make in the next instance. This in many ways reflects how the reputation of a business at any instance affects the choices customers make. It follows that having a well-coordinated online reputation management campaign allows a business to avoid some instances that may bring about losses or conflict with customers.

To make the process easy and a success, one can choose several tools that are able to deliver results within a short period since the online business world is complex and there are virtually no guarantees a campaign may work without some backing.

The first step when managing online Reputation Defender is to understand what people are saying about your business. This should guide you to choose tools that can alert you whenever mentions of your business are made online. Having instant feedback allows you to understand what problems could be underlying so you can respond immediately before the case grows beyond your means.

Social media monitoring

Social media monitoring, as a Biz Community publication explains, is a vital part of any business that aspires to beat competition and remain relevant in the market. Social media holds some power that can either elevate your business or kill it in few days. What you need to understand is how to respond to any issues that come up because this is what will determine how potential customers will view the business.

Why you should never ignore ORM

People take what others say seriously and this explains the reason someone is likely to trust a product after getting referrals from others. Therefore, if the reputation of your business is tainted by anything chances are you will need to spend a lot trying to erase the notion that you don’t offer value for money, which could take a long time.

Poor reviews and comments can damage the reputation of a company, something that comes with low sales in the long run. Therefore, every business needs an online reputation management strategy to ensure bad mentions are watered down before they explode into huge problems.


06 Oct 2016

Kabbalah Centre Is Often Open  0

Study is something that people often find to be a lifelong passion. When people are able to immerse themselves in study, they find that it helps them think better and see the world through the eyes of sages who know things well. This is a task that those at the Kabbalah Centre want to help others accomplish. They know that studying things like Kabbalah can help any person who wishes to learn expand their mind and learn to see the world in a new light. They also know that ancient texts can offer surprisingly modern insights that can be hard to come by in any other way. Such study can almost be a form of meditation that helps free the mind and the soul to function as one better.

Busy People

While studying can be wonderful, it can also be hard for people who hold down a full time job to study each day. They may have all kinds of commitments making it harder for them to concentrate on meaningful study during the day. This is something that those at the Kabbalah Centre know very well. They have decided to help make it easier for people to study Kabbalah in a way that is convenient and useful for the person seeking an engagement with the world of the texts of the Kabbalah.

Longer Hours

With their help, it is easier than ever to find the time to engage in meaningful study. The Centre is open a lot of hours each day as well as on weekends. During the week, someone who wants to immerse themselves in Kabbalah can find a space at the center where they can concentrate on texts for as long as they have time. Even a small amount of Kabbalah study can be useful and help the knowledge seeker feel better about their lives. The same is true of studying on weekends and during certain holidays. During the High Holy Days, when the world of Judaism turns inward for contemplative thought, the center offers even more hours for those who wish to reflect during this busy time.