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26 May 2016

Brian Bonar Receives Recognition For His Exceptional Experience In Finance  0

Brian Bonar has spent over three decades in the industry of professional and financial management. This exceptional level of experience and knowledge has earned him the Who’s Who honor from Cambridge. Brian was nominated for the award for his upstanding work and dedication at the Dalrada Financial Corporation
The Cambridge, Who’s Who award is traditionally awarded to four different recipients. The top two female and male executives for the year. Brian has spent more than a decade of his career working at the Dalrada Corporation, and it is his work that attributed to the overall success of the company. Nomination for the award is proof of his strong leading ability, academic achievements, and professional accomplishements. He currently holds many degrees from the prestigious Stafford University.

Brian Bonar is the current Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board at Dalrada Financial Corporation, and he is responsible for seeing the benefits of aftermarket effects through a wide variety of employees.

He is also responsible for the variable product distribution provided to customers in order to increase business efficiency. He made sure Dalrada Corporation protected employees and ensured benefits with risk managements insurances. Many of his fellow professional employees give remarks on his exceptional diligence and leading ability and that fact that he actively pursues action instead of waiting for things to happen. He shows great concern for the well-being of his employees as a financial manager.

Brian Bonar received his bachelors in Engineering as well as his masters from the University of Stafford. With his exceptional marketing abilities, he managers to supply printers around the globe while working at the company he founded, Bezier Systems. He came up with the idea for a special printer named the SCSI, which was the first one of its kind.

On top of his current position at Dalrada Financial Corporation, Brian is also a chairmen at Truceps Technologies, where he is in charge of handling staffing as well as products and services related to insurances. He has been involved with a wide variety of different companies, all adding to his experience in the industry.  Read more: Brian Bonar – and Brian Bonar | Whitepages

He is currently the owner of a prestigious hotel in Escondido, which he named Bellamys. Currently, the hotel is rated as 4-star and provides some of the very best cuisines from around the world. Brian spent time to outsource work from master chefs for his hotel in accordance with the famous reputation in Escondido. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

His exceptional industry experience and knowledge in marketing and finance earned him a title as a renowned entrepreneur. Even though his background in engineering, Brian has used his marketing skills to help many different firms in the past.

On top of his successful career in business, Bonar is also a humanitarian who is devoted to giving back to the community. He has partnerships with the organization Lions Clubs International.

23 May 2016

A Trade-Based Relationship Between Venezuela and India  0

Civilization has always had a foundation of trade. Every area of the world offers important aspects that another does not, and maintaining a you scratch my back, I scratch your’s mentality is crucial to keep all economies afloat. Coinciding with this long-term concept currently are the countries of Venezuela and India.
Lacking in crucial medications and necessary hospital pharmaceuticals according to Dr.Jose Manuel Gonzalez, Venezuela made the decision to trade a staple of their country with India in exchange for their necessary medicine. That is correct: Venezuela has tapped into precious oil reserves as a means to compensate India for their generous trade. Specifically in the works to be paid back is a top pharmaceutical company in India, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd.

While this plan seems proper enough, it will certainly be interesting to see if this deal is acceptable enough for India. Regardless, Aserne experts thinks a concept of trading goods for services certainly has been the foundation of civilization since the establishment of society. As the world anxiously awaits this turnaround, Venezuela is undoubtedly planning their next necessary barter.

10 May 2016

NutriMost is Helping Customers Lose Weight and Keep it Off  0

NutriMost is making waves in the nutrition sphere. The dieting system was launched in Connecticut in 2014 and is already helping people lose weight. One woman lost 80 pounds while on the system and, after looking into the program’s strategy, it is clear why she found success.
How NutriMost Works
Every customer is analyzed on an individual basis with A plan is derived from personal preferences. Customers are then taught how to use the strategy to lose weight and maintain success. The “reset phase” evaluates how much weight has been lost and challenges individuals to stay within two pounds of their weight goals.

What Makes the System So Great?
Nutrimost technology is founded on the concept of everyone being different. Makers of the program understand that weight loss is different for every person. The system is, therefore, unique to each customer and not a cookie cutter diet that is ineffective in the long run.

Another feature that makes it great is its “reset phase.” Instead of setting unrealistic weight loss goals for a customer, the “reset phase” tailors aspirations according to the individual’s starting weight and physical ability. Goals are revisited on a continuous basis so that the program never gets old.


07 May 2016

Facts Which Point to the Reason Behind Nutrimost’ Success in Weight Loss  0

Weight loss has been a struggle among most people around the country. This is due to the unfruitful programs and medications that are numerous in the market on Luckily, there has been a program that has helped people lose weight successfully and maintain it henceforth. Nutrimost has been gaining popularity constantly due to its success.

Dr. Rob Vasquez, who is based in San Antonio, used Nutrimost to overcome various chronic medical conditions on he had been struggling with and lose weight. He used the technique to overcome headaches, asthma and allergies. Vasquez explained how he had struggled with weigh loss in his adult life by engaging in every imaginable weight-loss program on with no success. He said that he only found a long lasting solution after engaging in Nutrimost.

Vasquez said, “I found Nutrimost, did it, and I lost 35 pounds in 40 days. The best part is that I lost over 60 pounds, and that was a year ago, and I’ve been able to keep it off.” He sought to use his experience to help his clients live a healthy life. Vasquez has used Nutrimost to help the people in San Antonio. People who have enrolled in this program have reported higher energy levels, better control of chronic illnesses such as Diabetes Mellitus especially Type 2, hypertension and chronic pain.

Nutrimost Mechanism

Nutrimost has been successful because of its strategy in tackling the various causes of weight gain/ obesity. Each person has a different cause of weight gain and this system targets the individual cause to fight this condition. The goal of Nutrimost is to help its clients achieve a healthy lifestyle. Generally, it balances hormones on, increases metabolism level of a person and balances neurotransmitter. More uniquely, it sets the weight point of a person such that they won’t struggle with weight gain again.

Information on this article was published originally in KSAT12 news site ( and The Grand Island Independent site (

03 May 2016

A New Website Ushers In A New Era For The US Money Reserve  0

US Money Reserve announced its new and improved website,, which correlates with their status of being top in the precious metals industry. The website has new features that are true reflection of the core values of the company which are trust and commitment to an excellent customer service experience. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

The redesign of the website has exquisite new photography of Philip N. Diehl who is the former US Mint Director and the current president of the company. There is also an impressive photo gallery of a new coin. The redesigning of the website was aimed at informing consumers more on the benefits that accrues to them because of owning bullion issued by the government and also enhance their experience of purchasing precious metals with gold coins.
Through the website has increased the company-client interaction and this translates in the best services to its customers. Ryan Buchanan is the Vice President of Brand and Creative and he is the one who oversaw the entire redesigning of the website and you can read more:US Money Reserve | LinkedIn.

He made sure that the redesigned website included the incorporation of new features and applications. The website has increased the user experience and has made transactions with the company very easy. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

The company also offers dealers in precious metals coins that have been certified by the PCGS as well as other products. The website has many features that increase the user experience. You will get the latest updates concerning precious and the market generally. The website is generally very interactive and it has all the information that the users need to know about precious metals market.

US Money Reserve can now easily contact clients to inform them on several issues regarding the precious metals market. All this has been facilitated by the new website. The company now boasts of the best return policy in the name of BuyBack Guarantee which provides a customers with full refund if the certified coins do not satisfy their expectations. The fastest shipping methods in the industry which are insured, and the excellent new programs ushers in an exciting era for US Money Reserve.

More About US Money Reserve

US Money Reserve also trades as the United States Gold & Silver Reserve and it is among the world’s leading private distributors of gold, silver and platinum coins issued by the US government. It was founded in 2001 by dealers in gold market who realized the necessity of the best customer service, expert market knowledge and trustworthy guidance for customers when buying precious metals.

Hundreds of thousands of clients looking to purchase precious metals rely on the company to be able to own precious metals. They provide the exceptional services go their customers. Read more: US Money Reserve Inc. Review – Coin Dealers, Supplies

Originally reported in CBS 19