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29 Dec 2015

Pet Nutrition Making the Headlines  0

The dog food industry is trending toward fresh, high-end pet foods for the family Fido. More and more pet owners are feeding their pets foods that contain only the freshest ingredients, with no preservatives or additives. According to a recent article, which can be found at, owners spend $23.7 billion per year to feed their dogs and cats. The premium food market has grown by 45 percent since 2009, and is now a $10.5 billion market within the U.S. alone. Finicky pet owners apparently want their pets to eat as they do. Freshpet, produced in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, is a leader in the fresh pet food industry. Its foods are produced from only fresh chicken, turkey, and other meats, and must be refrigerated so your pet can have the best dining experience possible. Many manufacturers have been adding fresh lamb and salmon to organic foods for a number of years. Other popular high-end pet foods are Blue Buffalo, Nutro Farm’s Harvest blends, and Mars’ Cesar Home Delights. More commonly recognized on facebook is the Beneful line of dog foods. Beneful is a moderately-priced choice for your dog’s diet with a wide spectrum of products. They offer a variety of dry foods, with different blends targeted toward your dog’s needs. Wet foods and treats are also available in all sizes, to please even the most particular pet. The Beneful family of foods is formulated with 100% complete nutrition, as set out in AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient profiles. Your pet can get a good, nutritiously sound diet for a reasonable price that will not empty the wallet. Responsible pet owners should read labels to ensure their pets are eating correctly. According to the afore-mentioned article, Richard Thompson of Freshpet says your pet deserves the same health and wellness benefits that you give your family.

22 Dec 2015

Denver Native Jon Urbana Is Turning Cat Protection Into A National Concern  0

Millions of cats become homeless every year for one reason or another. There are not enough cat shelters to handle the amount of cats that roam cities and towns across America, so many of those cats are killed each year and every year. There are cat protection programs in most cities, but they are usually underfunded and understaffed. Cat lovers try to find homes for some of the misplaced cats, but cats aren’t like dogs. Cat are misunderstood animals. Their finicky habits and quiet demeanor work against them when it comes to adoption. But one Denver native is trying to change that perception of our feline friends. His name is Jon Urbana.

Urbana founded the Denver non-profit, the Animal Rescue and Adoption Society to solve the cat euthanasia issue. Urbana’s organization is protecting cats in the Denver area, and he wants other cities to recognize the importance of feline protection. Jon started A CrowdRise Fund to spread the word about cat abuse and cat homelessness.

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Mr. Urbana isn’t just a cat lover. Jon was a star Lacrosse player at Villanova University. After graduation, Urbana started the Next Level Lacrosse Camp so Denver kids could learn how to play the sport. The Lacrosse players that help Urbana at the camp are all dedicated to bringing Lacrosse to kids that never thought about playing the sport. According to Urbana that is the main goal of the camp.

Directing a lacrosse camp for kids, and managing a non-profit for cats are not the only enterprises Urbana devotes his time to in Denver. He is also a photographer and pilot with special FAA certification. Urbana tires to combine those passions with his business endeavors. Jon earned a degree in economics from Villanova, and he is currently putting what he learn to use by helping a Danish company grow their business in the United States.

The list of Jon Urbana’s work is a long one. Jon is a leader that wants to bring awareness to worthy causes while he enjoys a fruitful life. Urbana is making a difference with his music, and that difference is helping the world change into a more caring place to experience life.

09 Dec 2015

Relocating To NYC – The Real Estate Market Is Good  0

Town Residential Real Estate offers services to people that are either looking to buy real estate or sell it. They will be treated well from the Town Residential Real Estate agents, and this will lead to a trusted bond during the process of either finding a home or selling their own.

When dealing with the Town Residential Real Estate agents, a person should be sure that they approach the process honestly. Develop a rapport with the agent so that they are able to freely about what they are looking for in terms of a house, price and other information that is necessary to begin.

The Town Residential Real Estate agents are trained professionals. They have a lot of experience at what they do. They will make sure that a person enjoys the experience of buying or selling a home as much as possible. It is a lot of work, but it can also be a lot of fun too.

With Town Residential Real Estate, a person will feel comfortable and able to express their wishes freely. Many people that are moving to the NYC apartments for sale area may feel a bit uneasy at first. The agents are capable of helping with all the necessary things there are to know about the area, like public transportation, the best places to eat and visit, as well as many other types of things specific to the area that a person is moving to. For this reason alone, the agents are knowledgeable and able to give out the information that will be pertinent for the person that is relocating to the area.

In the Real Deal, the real estate industry is reported as doing much better than it was. In NYC, people are seeing that their homes are selling quicker than before, and they are finding homes at a faster pace than before. The upswing should continue into the future for the real estate industry.