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27 Oct 2015

A Look Into the Inspiring Life of Doe Deere  0

People tend to think of business and technology executives as rather stoic people. A smart business suit, a reserved demeanor, and never a raised voice or hint of intense passion in the eyes. And of course for the businesswoman one might also expect that same reservation in her choice of makeup. And to be fair, there is some reason for this sterotype. Meetings are often filled with people who seem cut from the same cloth. But there’s an important distinction to be made between people who’ve inherited power and those who’ve generated and claimed it for themselves. The latter are far more dynamic, colorful, and frankly a lot more fun to be around. They’re the kind of people who found the companies rather than those who are given it. The people who inspire people to be their best and follow in their footsteps rather than try to diminish them or get them to stand in line. And one of the best examples of a person like this can be found in Doe Deere.

To understand what makes Doe Deere the woman she is it’s important to first look into her past. And one of the important things to understand about her is that she’s always had a foot solidly set in multiple different worlds. One of the first examples of this can be found when she began to find herself interested in artistic expression beyond her academic background. She’d been classically trained in high fashion. And she had some pretty amazing ideas of how to apply that to the world. But when she was offered a chance to join up with a rock band it proved to be an offer she couldn’t refuse. And joining up turned out to be one of the most important decisions of her life. Not for any kind of musical experience, though one might imagine that did make some impact on her life.

The most important thing was the chance to really see a vast array of people. She had an opportunity to see how people dressed, and how they reacted to how other people dressed. And she had a chance to see people’s makeup and how they reacted to the same. This led her to investigate some more experimental ideas for her own makeup application. It also led to a growing disappointment in the choices available to her. The makeup options simply weren’t living up to her needs.

But the woman who’d one day be a powerful and charismatic CEO wasn’t going to be stopped by a lack of makeup options. Instead of giving up she decided to follow her daydream. Which is also advice she’s been heard to give other people on more than one occasion. In this instance it meant a grueling process of learning and experimentation. But in the end of it she emerged as someone who’d learned to not only create makeup but to create some of the best makeup around. Other people realized the high quality of her work as well. As people begged for some of her limited supply, Doe Deere realized that she had to go bigtime with it. Doe Deere turned it into a brand, Lime Crime. And in the process she’s created one of the most dynamic and exciting companies around.

27 Oct 2015

Alteration of the Landscape in New York City Real Estate  1

The leading firm in NYC real estate checks is Town Residential. It was founded in the year 2010. The firm was created by Andrew Heiberger and Joseph Sitt. It deals with house sales, hiring and marketing. It offers the best services to their clients which makes it to stand out as compared to other companies.

The success of the Town Residential estate comes from hiring the best professionals. They possess the required skills for the business because of their experience and knowledge. It is considered as one of the best companies where any realtor would wish to work.

There are a number of methods which show how the amendment is affecting the realty countryside. One of ways is the increased competition, diminishing quantities and high charges. The tech companies are making more money due to the increased demand which makes the charges to have a record of increase over the past years. Rising trend of modifying the offices is another technique. The tech industry approaches the landlords and convinces them to adapt the new trends in their constructions. These modified techniques attract more clients and endorse a good environment.

The tech boom has grown as compared to the past. The city has new talent which works towards the same goal of giving clients the best services. The once old city has now been filled with creative constructions giving people many opportunities to explore the business field. This is one of the advantages that the tech corporations have brought to the city. Another way is the creation of good inhabited neighborhoods. People cannot live in the same place. This is because of the difference in income generation. The large percent move to the less developed areas which gives the rich residents the ability to develop the land. The people who take part in this activity are highly educated. The developed neighborhoods offer individual a chance to their own businesses.

Individuals should embrace change in order to make major progressions in life. The changes always have an impact on the society. Real estate is not different. There have been enhancements on the industry over the years. The tech companies have a great influence on the real estate. They have brought the amendments in the landscape which proves the impact of tech on the business.

22 Oct 2015

Handy Becomes Social: Is Mobile Cleaning The Future?  1

Handy’s keeping up with the face-paced social world. With its modern home cleaning service marketplace available on tablet and mobile, on-demand ordering is a breeze. It’s remarkable how the creators Mr. Umang Dua and Oisin Hanrahan has kept ahead. Home maintenance isn’t the easiest job, but with the right professionals, it’s definitely not as time-intensive and expensive. Handy has become the go-to provider, given its reputation of expert matching.

It’s celebrating three years of industry success since inception back in 2012. Everything started from the confines of a Harvard dormitory where Mr. Hanrahan and Dua became roommates. Amazingly, Handy has consistently made $1 million weekly in home maintenance bookings after just two years. Users need not venture elsewhere since it’s a fully integrated marketplace. Handy handles everything from scheduling to processing payments. With investors such as Highland Capital Partners and General Catalyst Partners supporting the home maintenance phenomenon, it’s raised over $12 million. Profit margins show impressive appreciate as much as sixty percent according to Handy’s principal.

Based in New York, Handy has a workforce of about fifty. Impressively, the marketplace provides regular home cleaning gigs for a vast Freelancer population. The masses complete multiple gigs monthly and remain active throughout the year. A recent study revealed that freelancing home cleaners complete 10,000+ gigs monthly. The Handy marketplace has expanded across thirteen U.S. cities and recently confirmed four new outlets. Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco and Chicago are the newest addition.

Last year, Handy acquired Exec Cleaning, another home maintenance champion. Reports revealed that Handy bought it for less than $10 million. It’s since rebranded the company and continues to extend excellent cleaning services. The greater cleaning service population aren’t concerned about quality, reliability and added convenience. Handy’s setting the trend by incorporating the said features as standard requirements. It’s maintained an edge in doing this and encourage freelancers to embrace the culture. The platform boasts a simplified interface allowing freelancers and customers connect easily.

Customers that use Handy app from crunchbase aren’t concerned about being overcharged. Additionally, it allows secure, convenient online transactions for home cleaning services. Freelancers always get paid for a gig completed satisfactorily without delay. With a feedback rating system in place, Handy can track each freelancer’s progress and ability. It has a high regard for quality, thus giving relevance to its tough screening/hiring policy and criteria. Successful candidates survive comprehensive background checks, in-person interviews, and reference scrutiny. With the website receiving a high influx of applications monthly a mere 3% of the said are successful.

Handy Money-back guarantee policy is fair. Should a freelancer fail to produce quality cleaning service or has damaged valuables, Handy charges 20% penalty fee which is quite reasonable. Initially, operating costs was a mere $3 million, but it has increased to $52 million after just two years serving the industry. Housecleaning gigs generate the highest revenue while plumbing and handyman services represent a lesser value. Mr. Hanrahan and Dua are already focusing on maximizing productivity efforts to optimize the home cleaning side of the business.

19 Oct 2015

Purchasing Beneful Kept Me From Buying Every Dog Food In The Store  1

Taking a look at the different dog foods that I currently have on my shelf, it makes me think back to how I came to have five different kinds of dog food in my home. I only have two different dogs, but one of them can be the biggest pain when it comes time for me to feed him. The other dog will eat anything that I put in front of him, so there’s no problem there, but the smallest dog always gives me a problem. I will pour a bowl of food for each of them, and the smallest dog will always have some problem with his food.

The dog nudges his food around in the bowl, and he’s even kicked the bowl over a few times, which doesn’t sit well with me. I got the hint very quickly that he didn’t like his food, so I went and bought another brand of dog food. I still wasn’t able to get him to eat the new dog food. The next week I went to the store and bought another brand of dog food, and this continued for a few weeks.

After having five or more different brands of dog food, I decided I was taking charge, and he had to eat anything I gave him. I’m foolish to have thought that my dog would obey me when it comes to what he eats, and every single day I had the same problem with him every time I fed him food. The other dog eats all five kinds of dog food that I had the closet, but I was still very worried about my smallest dog. A veterinarian visit still couldn’t pinpoint the reason why the dog wouldn’t eat the food that I gave him.

I decided to take the next approach and buy another dog food that is more popular, and I was hoping that it would be the last dog food I ever needed to purchase. I went with buying Beneful because I read enough about it to feel that it was a good dog food for my pet. Although I ultimately bought it for the small dog, the food ended up becoming a staple in the diet of both of my dogs. Not only does the small dog finally start eating all his food when I fed him Beneful, but he was always begging for more.

I was so impressed with the fact that my dog loved Beneful that I made sure to buy several bags of the dog food, and I even bought some bowls of Beneful wet dog food as well. Although I am planning on keeping all five bags of dog foods until I can find where to donate them or give them away, I definitely have embraced Beneful for my pets. Beneful is low in cost, my pets enjoy it, and my pets get nutrition from the food. I only wish that I had thought about buying Beneful a long time ago.

15 Oct 2015

FreedomPop’s Entry Into the UK Gains A Quarter Million Subscribers  1

FreedomPop, a United States bases cellular service provider recently began offering their services in the United Kingdom gaining about a quarter million new subscribers. The company offers a plan that gives its customers 200 voice minutes, 200 texts and 200MB of data all for free.

To be able to offer its services for free, FreedomPop relies on some customers upgrading and purchasing additional services. According to the company, the average user purchases one to two additional services every month including unlimited calling, or data, device insurance, international calling plans and anonymous privacy features. While some handsets are compatible with the new FreedomPop SIM cards, device sales are also a source for revenue.

One way FreedomPop on fortune can offer the free service plan is that unlike traditional cellular providers, FreedomPop is a mobile virtual network operator or MVNO. Instead of having to invest billions in towers, switching equipment, and other back-office gear, FreedomPop buys capacity from other carriers like Clearwire and Sprint at wholesale prices. Without the operating cost of owning and maintaining the infrastructure, FreedomPop is able to mark up the wholesale rates slightly to cover its overhead, which in turn it keeps to a minimum. An example is marketing cost which is practically nothing compared to other carriers since FreedomPop relies on word of mouth advertising for its growth.

The idea of MVNO’s is shaking up the established market for cellular services. It has also allowed FreedomPop to attract a number of investors strengthening the company’s financial position. Recently, another round of funding has provided the company with $59 million since its inception.

The quality of phone calls over the network is consistently very good. Data uses the 4G network providing high speeds for watching video, querying the internet, or streaming music.

To enhance the service, customers can earn free extra data by completing surveys and downloading coupons from affiliated marketers. After installing the FreedomPop app, customers can easily see the number of minutes, texts or data that is left during the billing cycle.

13 Oct 2015

Yeonmi Park Works to Make an Impact in Human Rights  1

A lot of the basic human rights that we have, we take for granted, and most of us don’t even realize it. Yeonmi Park didn’t even realize that she had those basic human rights though, at least not while she was living as a citizen of North Korea. It wasn’t until her family was persecuted in their country, for what were considered crimes against the state, that she began to understand freedom and human rights.

Yeonmi Park is now an advocate, speaking up for the basic human rights of North Koreans and all humans in the world. Not only does she speak out about the atrocities that she and her family had to live through in order to gain their freedom, but she speaks out about the human rights violations that people all over the world are facing despite global sanctions and moral values that global citizens all hold. Park has spoken to audiences big and small on youngvoicesadvocates, global and local in an effort to raise awareness about the human rights violations that are being committed across the globe every single day.

During a speech to an international congregation, Yeonmi Park was able to reach the world, gaining an audience that was ready and willing to hear her story. In this brave speech, she spoke about the defection of her family from their country, their status as refugees trying to flee, and the crimes committed against them as they tried to reach safety and political asylum. All of these aspects play into her story of her fight for freedom and global understanding, because until those moments she didn’t know that these things were available to her, nor that there was any denial of her rights being committed.

In order to further promote her message and reach even wider audiences, Parks has penned a memoir, describing in detail her families trials and tribulations in fleeing North Korea. Even more important is the detailing of where she has come since then, the impact her story, and bravery in telling it, has made and the new role she has taken on. Parks didn’t have to step up to the global stage and be an advocate for the rights of others, but she has and its a role that she has done well. Her voice and story has made an impact in the human rights of other individuals that have, or are still in, the same place she was in when fleeing North Korea.

At a time when the world is seeing more refugees fleeing their homeland due to war, crime, and poverty, the experiences of this young woman remind us of the ways in which we can help people fleeing. Whether refugees are fleeing to work towards a better future or to save their lives in a country where the past no longer includes them, Yeonmi Parks is there to speak up for these vulnerable people that no longer have voices of their own. As the world focuses on North Korea more and more, Park’s fight for her people and their rights gains more attention worldwide.

09 Oct 2015

Stephen Murray in the World of Business  1

Today there are many people who want to be involved in the business world, but with its growing success and competition, those who want to pursue a business career are faced with many difficulties. Since a good business includes a good strategy as well as a good approach, people need the right role models who will be representatives of what a successful businessman looks like. This is the case with Stephen Murray, who was one of the most prominent businessmen.

Stephen Murray was the former President and Chief Executive Officer of CCMP Capital, which is a private firm that focuses on growth equity transactions. He graduated in 1984 from Boston College and spent the best part of his career in private equity, thus greatly contributing to the success of Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. In 1984, Mr. Murray became a part of the training program at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. After that, he joined JPMorgan’s merchant bank in order to build an equity business, and during this time he proved to be a terrific investor. He was named its CEO in 2007, thus helping the firm establish a new identity with its investors. Last year, this firm raised $3.6 billion fund thanks to Mr. Murray.

Apart from this, he was a philanthropist who supported the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Metro in New York, Columbia Business School and Stamford Museum. He died this year at the age of 52, leaving behind a great work and accomplishments.

CCMP Capital represents a private firm that focuses on growth capital transactions and leveraged buyout. It was founded in 1984, and since then, it has changed several names. The first name was Chemical Venture Partners, and it was later changed into Chase Capital Partners. After that, it changed the name into JP Morgan Partners.

In 1984, Mr. Murray was hired as a trainee at Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co, which became a part of JP Morgan Partners in 2000. Five years later, Mr. Murray was named the head of the buyout department the bank, and he invested in middle-market deals, which contributed to a great success. However, Mr. Murray had to leave this firm due to his health problems.
This firm has now won support to continue investing from the latest fund, and a certain number of partners supported a reinstatement of the fund.

Taking all these things into consideration, one can conclude that a good strategy and leadership are necessary in order to succeed in this competitive business word, and that was something that Stephen Murray surely possessed, which is not a surprise why he now serves as a role model to many individuals who want to pursue this career.

07 Oct 2015

Highland Capital Management Is Focusing On Liquid Alternative Investments In 2015  1

Highland Capital Management is on a roll. A roll in the investment business means the company is increasing the number of assets it has under management. The 2014, number was $21 billion assets under management, but that number grew to $28 billion thanks to a merger with another investment firm in 2015, according to co-founder James Dondero. Dondero was a high-profile executive with Protective life before he teamed up with Marc Okada and formed Highland Capital Management in 1993.

The company has grown substantially since then, thanks to Dondero’s experience in the investment industry as well as his unique ability to surround himself with competent people. His partner and CFO, Marc Okada of Highland Capital Management is a good example of his people skills. Dondero and his team have diversified their investment strategies and all of those strategies have been successful. The latest strategy, liquid alternative investments is a big deal for the company. Dondero is devoting manpower and a lot of investment knowledge to that strategy. Liquid Alternative investment funds are now functioning as a separate unit within the company.

The new unit started with $5 billion in alternative assets under management, so the company has a firm foundation to build on, according to Dondero of Liquid Alternative assets are one of the fastest growing segments of the investment industry. There are 500 alternative mutual funds in operation, and the combined total of assets under management in that group is more than $200 billion. There is a lot of interest from investors, and Highland Capital wants to turn that interest into returns.

Dondero has put Chief Investment Officer, Michael Gregory in charge of the liquid alternative investment platform. Gregory says the new platform is not about expanding the product line of alternative assets. Gregory thinks the current products are good enough to attract more investors, but he isn’t ruling out expanding the liquid product mix in the future. Gregory sais currents funds are the top priority this year.

Company president Brad Ross said the main objective of this new unit is to expand distribution. Ross went on to say that the current distribution through independent broker-dealer channels has been a good one, but the company wants to build a hybrid group that will do nothing but concentrate on independent financial advisors. Ross thinks that this new group will meet the changing demands of their clients.

The internal restructuring of the company will not impact current investors in Highland Capital’s mutual funds, but it a definite change in focus for the company, according to Ross. Highland Capital has six liquid alternative investment funds now. The funds are a mixture of healthcare and other key industries that compliment Highland Capital’s investment foundation.

03 Oct 2015

The World Of Skout  1

Finding true love can be a hassle for some. Many people wish they can just walk down the street and find the love of their lives but unfortunately, it does not always work that way. Many people look to different ways to start dating and hopefully finding a person that they can grow to like and love. One of the most popular ways currently to find love is by partaking in online dating on Online dating has its pros and its cons but for a significant amount of people, it can and does work. With online dating, there are many things people looking for love should consider.

Online dating has proven to work for many people. Individuals have been known to find love that led to a dating relationship and even marriage. There are many online dating websites out there, so it can be difficult to find the one that works the best. Online dating websites that allow individuals to make a profile to figure out compatibility usually work the best. These compatibility tests allow individuals to express their likes and dislikes, their interests and their personal and professional pursuits. These compatibility tests work because they match people together based on the results.

There are also online dating apps that make finding matches easier. These online dating applications are catered to young people and young professionals.

There is an online dating application called Skout. Skout is an interactive dating and social network that allows individuals to create a profile, interact with other individuals and find a dating match. Skout works as an app that individuals must download it unto their mobile device. Once downloaded, the individual must create an account which includes information about themselves, their likes and dislikes, their interests and what they are looking for in a partner. The profile is complete with a clear photo of themselves. Skout allows individuals to find prospective mates by location. The application is a location-based software that uses an individual’s GPS on their phone to find a match close to them. Individuals also have the option of turning off that capability to maintain their privacy.

In 2013, Skout introduced a travel feature within their application that allows individuals to meet people while traveling. This feature gives individuals the ability to meet people that are different than themselves and learn new cultures and new things about the world.

Finding love may seem like a challenge but with social networks like Skout, a person’s romantic life can improve with a few swipes and a few clicks on a screen.

01 Oct 2015

Home Cleaning Services On Demand  1

More and more our society is becoming automated in ways that were not even thought of only five years ago. One of the new-found on-demand services that have emerged is personal home cleaning services. There are many home cleaning services to choose from, but they usually come with a lot of strings attached. Now, there is a way to get your home cleaned by dependable people while you are away at work, you just need to know where to look for those people.

Handy, Home Cleaning Services offers a versatility to customers that they had not experienced prior. Handy got its start in New York, and now has offices in over 25 cities, two of which are in Canada. They employ over 50 individuals plus have an undisclosed number of freelancers working for them. However, Handy does not hire just anyone to fill their freelance positions. All of the freelancers are screened with full background checks, verified references, and an in-person interview before they are hired. The company has jokingly stated that it is harder to become a Handy freelancer than it is to get into Harvard.

Now when someone needs cleaning done all they need to do is pull up the Handy app on their smartphone and order it to be done by an on-demand professional. By entering your zip code, the specific rooms that need to be cleaned, and an exact start time, you can get a quote relatively fast compared to other home cleaning services. Should you accept the estimate, the cleaning would start at exactly the time you specified and the cost would be billed to the credit card you have on file with Handy. Your home of office would be cleaned at the touch of a button.

Sometimes when you need more than a cleaning service, it is nice to be able to locate one quickly. Now you can accomplish this task without the need to screen every handyman within a ten-mile radius. Handy also offers handyman services to their customers who might need them. Handy uses the same rigorous screening process on to pick their handyman service providers the same as they do their cleaners. They are all thoroughly vetted prior to working for Handy, so you don’t need to worry about the quality of professionals working for you.

In the future when you are in need of cleaning services, you will not need to look any farther than your smartphone. By automating their services, Handy, Home Cleaning Services have joined the personal on-demand service industry that is revolutionizing the way we live. Now you can order a handyman, home cleaning services or plumbers with the touch of your finger. The Handy services are coming to a city near you soon.